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An Official Publication of the City of Pompano Beach

Transcript of Tradewinds :: Vol. 14, #2

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    Municipal ElEctionsElections to be held November 4th

    strEEtscapE & DunE EnhancEMEnt projEctPompano Beachs new oceanside destination

    BarEfoot MailManThe unconventional means of delivering mail during the 19th Century in South Florida

    YourE GoinG to lovE our DoGGiE upDatEsCanine Corner Dog Park expansionand low cost rabies vaccinations

    Baca BuilDinG now opEn!Come visit this historic Old Pompano building restored to a gallery and artist studios

    www.pompanobeachfl .gov // October 2014 3

    WriTEr/EDiTOr: SaNDra KiNg, PuBliC COmmuNiCaTiONS DirECTOr | graPhiC DESigNEr & PhOTOgraPhEr: JaCquEliNE BarrETTTradewinds of Pompano Beach is published twice a year by the Public Communications Office of the City of Pompano Beach for the benefit of residents. This publication is made possible by the Pompano Beach City Commission. If you have questions or comments concerning this publication, please call 954.786.5552, write us at P.O. Box 1300, Pompano Beach, FL 33060 or e-mail All advertisements are paid for by the advertisers and are in no way an endorsement of the advertiser or their products by the City of Pompano Beach or its employees.






  • 4 October 2014 // pompanobeachfl .gov

    in the past, the City of Pompano Beach held general elections each year in march, however,

    starting this November 4th, the City will hold general elections in November on even numbered years along with countrywide general elections. The reason for the change is due to the substantial cost associated with holding a standalone election in March.

    it is also more convenient for residents and brings more voters out to the polls when municipal elections are held at the same time as county elections.

    On November 4th, the electors of Pompano Beach will be voting to elect a qualified candidate, for all five district seats to serve a two year term. The

    term of office for the Mayor-At-Large seat will expire on

    November 1st, 2016. At that time, an election will be held to elect a qualified candidate to fill

    that position for a four year term.




    24 City of

    Pompano BeachCommission Districts

    City Municipal Elections Now Held in November a representative from the Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office will be giving a presentation about the upcoming

    election at the October 14th City Commission Meeting at 7:00 p.m.

    Broward County has one of the largest voter populations in the state of Florida. It has 1.7 million residents and well over

    1 million registered voters. When

    voting at a polling place, Florida law requires voters to present a picture

    ID with signature. ID required and

    checked at the polls is used solely to confirm the voters identity, not to verify the voters iD number or address. The photograph on the ID

    is compared to the person standing before the poll worker and the signature on the ID is compared to the signature on record.

    Please contact the Pompano Beach City Clerks Office at 954.786.4611 for additional information regarding the upcoming November 4th election.


  • pompanobeachfl .gov // October 2014 5

    The City of Pompano Beach has a new webcam with

    a beautiful real time view of the surf, sand and Hillsboro Lighthouse.

    The City installed the webcam in July, which faces north from the Pompano Fishing Pier along the water line,

    so residents and visitors alike can check out the beach conditions or visit Pompanos beautiful

    beach virtually from whereever they may be!

    Check out the City of Pompano Beach live webcam on the home page of the

    Citys website under Hot Topics at

  • 6 October 2014 // pompanobeachfl .gov


    The City of Pompano Beach

    Community redevel-opment agency Streetscape

    and Dune Enhancement Project was nominated as a project finalist for the prestigious urban land institute (uli) Southeast Florida/Caribbean Vision Awards. The Vision Awards honor individuals and real estate projects from our region that exemplify the mission of uli and demonstrate a proactive commitment to excellence.

    The Pompano Beach City Commission, Cra, East Community redevelopment agency, and passionate residents developed and implemented plans to restore the Citys municipal beachfront. The Pompano Beach Streetscape and Dune Enhancement project changed the blighted beachfront into a beautiful family Oceanside destination. With the

    assistance of EDSA, Inc., the landscape architect, they jointly created and executed a new vision for a three-quarter of a mile beachfront corridor. The purpose of the project was to stimulate activity along

    the beach, restore the dune, and craft an oceanfront pedestrian promenade for residents and tourists.

    Key initiatives included beach dune enhancements, pedestrian improvements along the east and west side of Pompano Beach Boulevard, an exercise trail and fitness park, passive parks and playground upgrades, landscape beautification, light-ing, beachfront parking and pedestrian plazas. Enhanced plantings and native vegetation re-established the primary dune.

    If you havent been to the beach lately, it is the perfect time for you to see your citys new Oceanside destination!

    a streetscape program expanded the narrow sidewalk into a promenade, and cre-ated a great lawn plaza with an interactive water feature. The roadway was reconfig-ured with angled parking and 10-ft. wide

    lanes that transformed the cor-ridor into a pedestrian friendly environment with a focus on walking and strolling. With car speeds along the corridor dra-

    matically reduced, the family atmosphere and social interaction has been greatly en-hanced. Metrics already demonstrate dra-matically increasing property values around the project, with significant energy conser-vation and reduction of water use and runoff.

    Additionally, a 1.2-mile walking trail was in-corporated with markers and an outdoor fit-ness area, which is located next to the completely refurbished playground designed for small children.

  • 7are you frustrated about being stuck in traffic or a long wait for the bus? Traffic congestion and a lack of funding are two of the biggest problems facing trans-portation today. We lose time and money every day waiting at traffic lights or for the next bus.

    revenues from the gas tax, the primary means of funding our transportation system, have been

    declining since the early 1990s. If nothing changes, services and improvements will likely have to be cut in the fu-ture, causing things to get worse instead of bet-ter. If Broward Countys residents want more from

    our transportation system in the future, we need to have a discussion about how

    we should pay for these improvements.

    The Broward metropolitan Planning Orga-nization, the county agency responsible for transportation planning, launched Speak up Broward to engage the community

    A Discussion About Our Transportation Future

    in a discussion of our transportation choices and funding. We invite you to add your voice to the discussion by participat-ing in our online engagement tool and a series of televised eTownhall events that will run through mid-October. Upcoming events hosted by local journalist Jade alexander are October 9th and 15th and can be viewed on BECON TV and the website All eTown-Hall events are scheduled to air from 7:00

    p.m. to 8:00 p.m. If you would like to participate in one of these live events via telephone, please call 1.877.353.4701

    between 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. on one of the scheduled air dates.

    pompanobeachfl .gov // October 2014 7

  • In the late 1940s, Mr. H. J. McDonald of New York was delivering a large boat to Mr. E. W. Beye of Pompano Beach. The two

    men had a hard time finding dock space for the boat, and finally had to settle for a spot in Fort Lauderdale. They discussed

    their problem and agreed to work together to develop a boating facility in Pompano Beach.

    They located a strip of land on the east side of the intracoastal, just north of the atlantic Boulevard bridge (which at that time was still the old hand-cranked turn bridge). Construction followed, and in 1950 the Pompano Beach Yacht Basin and the

    Sands Yachtel opened with 40 docking spaces, a 12 unit motel

    and a shopping center that catered to both visiting sailors and local residents.

    One of the earlier modern hotels on the beach, the Sea Garden, opened on January 13, 1951. Designed

    by Miami architect Carlos B. Schoeppl, the new hotel opened with ceremonies that attracted

    three hundred guests and included Pompano Beach Mayor G. Ted Hull and Broward

    County Commission S. C. Fox, as well

    as the 1951 Orange Bowl queen,

    Mary Davison.

    Developers could not build hotels and motels fast

    enough; by the


    In 1947, the City of Pompano and the beach area merged to

    become the City of Pompano Beach. With this action came

    a realization by many that big changes were in store for the lands east of the Intracoastal Waterway. By the early 1950s,

    people were streaming into South Florida from throughout the united States, leading to two decades of growth that would see Pompano Beachs population swell from about 5,000 residents to over 38,000. Likewise, tourism became a

    major factor, challenging agriculture for economic primacy in the community.

    Obviously, the big tourist attractions were boating and the beach, and in the immediate post-war period, Pompano Beach had little to offer o