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    GSC Graduates 172 In Friday's Ceremony The Glenville Mercury

    Vol. XXXVt!I No. 15 GLENVILLE STATE COLLEGE, GLENVILLE, W. VA. \\'ednesdn~. ~lay :;1, 1967

    The Most Reverend .Joseph Howard Hodges

    Catholic Bishop Hodges Will Present Sermon

    Most Reve rend Joseph Howard Hodges. Bis hop of the Catholic Diocese of Wheeling, since 1953, will deliver the Baccalaureate Sermon to Glenville State College graduating seniors on Thursday , June 1, at 8:30 p.m . in the College Physical Educa tion and Health Building.

    Bishop Hodges who was or -dained to the priesthood on Dec. 8, 1935, in Rome, Italy, is a na-tive West Virginial'!, having been born at Harpers Ferry and re-ceiving a high school education at Martinsburg's St. Joseph's High School. He a lso a ttended St. Charles' Co II e g e, prepara tory seminary at Catonsville. Md. and North American College of Rome.

    When Bishop Hodges addresses

    Summer Students Should Complete Tentative Form

    Mr. Beryl Langford, GSC Regis-trar has announced the starting date' for the 1967 summer term as June 19. Anyone planning to e nroll should obtain a form at the Registrar's office. The fol'm is only a rough idea as to the num-ber of students wishing to partici-pate and the interest in classes.

    Students in good academic standing may enroll for nine se-me~ter hours. and a student on academic probation may car r Y s ix semester hours.

    Forms hould be returned to the registrar's office as soon as possible .

    This year 's s ummer session will cons ist of only one term in-stead of the twoterm semester of previous years. Beginning June 19, the program wiii last nine weeks and close August 18. Some courses, however. will be sched-uled for only six weeks.

    the 173 seniors, he will speak with long experience ga ined through his church work in Danville, Roanoke, and Richmond, Virginia.

    In 1952, he was consecrated Auxiliary Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, and was appointed Coadjutor Bishop of Wheeling with r ight of s uccession to Archbishop John J . Swint on May 30, 1961.

    Additions Proposed

    Preside nt D. Banks Wilburn announced this week that three more recommendations will be made to the West Vir ginia Board of Education for faculty appoint-mt-nts to Glenville State Coliege. These include Dr. B. E. Ross. Mr. J err y Milliken, and Mr. Joseph Hickman.

    Dr. Ross wiU become chairman of the division of education and psychology. He is presently chair-man of the division of education and psychology at Wayne State College, Wayne, Nebraska. Dr. Ross i~ a West Virginian and holds his doctor's degree from the University of Tennessee.

    tl\'Ir. J erry MiUiken wiU replace J . W. Douglas as instructor in physical education and coach of baseball. Mr. WiUiken received hts master's degree from W. Va. Un. vers ity.

    Mr. Hickman will be an assist-ant professor of education. He holds his master's degree from l\farshall University and has done additional course work there . Mr. Hickman is presently working with the West Virginia Depart-ment of Education. and he has served in Tyler County schools as a junior high school principal.


    Dr. Anne Gray (Mrs. Hene ry Clifton ) Pannell, president of Sweet Briar CoUege, Va., will be the s peaker for Glenville State College's S3rd commencement to be held Friday, June 2, at 10 a .m . in the Health and Physical Edu-cation Building.

    Mrs. Pannell received her A.B. education a t Barnard Colege. M ter receiving a Ph.D., she did graduate work at St. Hugh's Col-lege. Oxford. She holds honorary degrees from the University of Alabama, Western Reserve, Uni-versity of North Carolina , Uni-versity of Chattanoga, and from the French Government in 1966.

    Former history instructor at Alabama College and University of Alabama from 1939-49, s he servf'd as academic dean and professor of history from 1949-50 at Goucher College and professor of history at Sweet Briar College from 1950.

    Mother of two sons, Henry Gary and Clifton Wyudham , Mrs. Pan-nell is the author of three books, Julia S. Tutwiler and Social Prog-ress in Alabama; Political and Economic Relations of Engl ilsh

    and American Quackers, 1750-85 ; and Canada : Our Northern Neigh. bor. She has a lso contributed sev-e ral articles to variol)S period icals and s he bas been named to Who's Who in America: Current Biography, Nov. 1950.

    President Pannell has been


    D an 1Delmer K. Somerville has announced GSC's college calendar for 1967-68 as a pproved by the Administrative CounciL

    First Semester-196768 Freshman tests and freshman

    or ientation will begin on !Monday, September 11, and all f reshmen will r egtster for classes on T ues-day, September 12. Upper class regist r ation will take two days, Ser>tember 13 and 14, and on Fri day, September 15, classes will begin. September 21 will be the las t day for changing classes or for late r egistra tion, and Septem-ber 28 will be the last day for dropping any classes. The first term officia l1y ends on Friday, November 10, a t 5 :00 p.m .

    Mid-Semester Second term will open on Mon-

    day, November 13, and Novem-ber 17 wiU be the last day for changing classes or for late r egis-tration for the second term. No-vern her 22 will be the last day for dropping classes, and at 12 :15 p.m. Tha nb.-sgiving recess begins; classes wiU resume on Monday, November 27 at 8:00 a .m . Christ-mas recess wi11 begin on Wednes day, December 20 at 5:00 p.m ., and classes will resume January 3 at 8:00 a.m. The first semester will officially end on Friday, Jan-uary 26. at 5:00 p.m.

    Second Semester-1967-68 Registration for the s econd se-

    mester wiU be February 5, 6, and 7. and classes wiU begin on Thurs. d ay, February 8. The last day for changing classes or for late registration will be February 14, and February 21 will be the last day for dropping any classes. The

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    Dr. Anne Gary Pa nnell

    named to numerous r ecent com-mittees and posts, including Vir-ginia Foundation of Independent Colleges of which she is trustee; Church Society lor College Work, and Council of Protestant Col leges and Universities. both of which she -serves as chairman; State Committee on Fullbright Scholarships and senator-at-large of United Chapters of Phi Beta Kappa. She is a member of Amer ican , Southern and Alabama Historical Association, in addition to many other professional and social r.>rganizations.

    Assembly Marks End of Old SGA, Founding of New

    The Awards Assembly held on tMay 11 a t 1 :25 marked the end of the 196667 Student Government Association's ad ministration . A r eport of the events of the year was given by pr esident Page Shanklin .

    President D. Banks Wilburn presented certificates to those sen-iors who wer e elected to Who's Who. Bowling awards wer e pre-sented to those with the highest averages in the independent and Greek leagues.

    Spirit awards were given to those organizations having the highest number of points . First place trophy in the professional classification was awarded to AI pha Delta Epsilon, business fra-ternity; Wesley Foundation re ceived the second olace trophy. In the Greek classification, third place was awarded to Alpha Sig-ma Alpha Soror ity, second place to Theta Xi Fraternity, and f ir st place to Tau Kappa Epsilon Fra-ternity.

    Next year's council members were insta lled by President D. Banks Wilburn. They are Larry Pa rsons. pr esident : BiU Frost, vice-president : Bi11 Hairston, sec r etary; Dave Adams, treasurer : Da le Sheets. sergeant-at-arms ; Dan Gooding, senior class presi-dent; Jim Ross, junior class pres -ident: and Jack Albert, sopho-more class president.

    14 Graduates Earn Honors

    GSC's graduat ing class for 1967 will total 172 students: 159 wiU receive Bachelor of Ar ts degrees and 13 will r eceive two-year As-sociate in Arts degrees.

    Fourteen students are honor graduates. Dar rell Edward Gan-dee will graduate Summa Cum Laude which requires an aver-age of 3.8 or better. Those grad. uating Magna Cum Laude which requires a 3.5 to 3.79 average in elude Linda Blackwell Koch, Twi-la Gayle Co IIi n s, Eleanor B. Quick, Sharon Foglesong, Sharon Bumgarner Meade, and Charles Dewayne Duffy.

    Cum Laude graduates which have a 3.2 to 3.49 average a re Grace Howard S talnaker. Janet Ver le Sprouse. Janet Lynn Lips-comb, Mary Eva Wright Hennen, Janet PauJine Green, Lula Gene vieve Reynolds, and Carolyn Ann Hudkins.

    In add ition, Darrell E. Gandee has been awar ded the First An-nual Chi Beta Chi Scholastic Award.

    P rospective gr aduates include: Thomas W. Ables , J r .. Weston ; Connie Lou Allen. Stumptown; Hazel Clystia Anderson, Spencer; Charles Wayne Ankrum, Evans; Robert Houston Arbuckle. Lewis-burg; Dencil Keith Backus, ~ft. Nebo: Gary Hickman Bailey, Arnoldsburg: Richard W_ Bar-bone, Claymont. DeJa .: Grancis Karl Bargeloh, Mineral Wells ; Dem er Ross Barnett , J r .. Wes-ton : Doyl Bea ll, J r. . Norman-town: Wilma Gay Bell, Webster Springs .

    Anna Hughes Benn~tt, Park-ersburg; Cynthia Ann Bennon, Pa rkersburg; Philip H. Be r ry,

    Craigsville ; Gary Lewis Blake, Glenville; Charles Walter Boso, Parkersburg Ra lph David Boso, Weston; Deloris Ann Braley, Ivy. dale; John Thomas Brown, Glen-ville; Lois Kav Burgess, Park-ersburg; 0 avid Leo Butcher,

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    '66-'67 Year Ends; Students Reminisce

    As the 1966-67 school tenn comes to an end, it is only natural to reminisce about the year's events. A quick look at the nine months shows an amazing number of outstanding happenings.

    With the beginning of this school year, two new f loors in Women's Hall were ready for occupancy, and the TKE and DZ houses op