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Tem nhan mac, in an hiep phuoc

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  • 1. HIEP PHUOC Labels & Printing

2. CONTENTS INTRODUCTION1 PRODUCTS2 TECHNOLOGY3 TYPICAL CUSTOMERS4 3. INTRODUCE ABOUT DINH THIEN GROUP DINH THIEN Group was established in 2005, consist of two companies: Dinh Thien Trading & Technical Services Co. Ltd. : The trading company is business professionally supply about : Barcode , POS equipment and materials. We are a authorized distributor in Vietnam of the well- know brands : TOSHIBA, CASIO, OPTICON , POSIFLEX and MOTOROLA Hiep Phuoc Labels & Printing Co. Ltd. : The manufactory product and print all of labels, stickers, tags for the domestic market and export . 4. Company Logo INTRODUCE ABOUT HIEP PHUOC Established from Oct. 2009 Employee : 30 staffs ( with 25 workers). Total the factory's area: # 2000 m2 Include 02 workshops : - Flexogrphic Labels printing workshop. - Converting the blank labels and finished production lines. Supply for : - Domestic market : 90% production - Export : China (DHL ) , Cambodia ( Post Office Department) Turnover : # VND 16 bilions per year (2013) . - Processing the ISO Certificate during Q1 2014. 5. ORGANIZATION CHART OF HIEP PHUOC Board of DirectorsBoard of Directors AccountingAccounting Production ManagementProduction Management WarehouseWarehouse WorkshopWorkshop PublishingPublishing FinisherFinisher Workshop 2Workshop 2 Workshop 1Workshop 1 R&DR&D 6. QUALITY INSPECTION PROCESS CONTROL InformationInformation Cutting & AssemblyPacking QC Check QC Check QC Check QC Check Customers QC Check QC Check QC Check QC Check QA Check QA Check NoYes Yes No In Out Warehouse Product ManagementPublishin g Printing Varnish UV coating OPP Gloss Flute laminate Hot stamp Embossing Delivery Suppliers 7. Company Logo FACTORY Flexographic labels printing workshop : Address : 85/140 Bui Minh Truc street, 5th ward, district 8, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam 8. Company Logo THE IMAGES OF FACTORY Flexographic labels printing workshop : 9. Printing workshop 10. Finishing 11. Labels Printing Machines SANJO Letterpress Printing Machine Rotary 04 colors printing, Max web width 250mm, Flatbed die- cutting, Slitter, Laminator..... Max speed 30 mpm. 12. Labels Printing Machines 02 INTERFLEX Flexographic Printing Machines Anilox full rotary 4 & 8 colors printing, Max web width 340mm, IR & UV Dryer, 03 Rotary Die cutters, Laminator, Punching, Slitter... Max speed 250mpm. 13. Labels Printing Machines GALLUS R250 Letterpress Printing Machine Full Rotary 6 colors + 01 UV Vanish, Max width printing 260mm, Flatbed Die-cutting, Rotary Die-cutting, Slitter, Laminator..... Max speed 150mpm. 14. Labels Printing Machines LINTEC LPM-300 Letterpress Printing Machines : Rotary 6 colors + 01 UV Vanish, Max web width printing 300mm, Flatbed Die-cutting, Hot-Stamping, Screen, Slitter, Laminator.....Max speed 30mpm. 15. Labels Printing Machines Other Machines: 16. Company Logo THE MAIN PRODUCTS Blank labels, barcode labels, stickers, tags Color printing labels, foil & lamination labels, roll labels. Process barcode labels for companies, manufactories Production for all materials : paper, PVC, PE, synthesizer which accommodate for object, trading food, chemicals, electronic, garment Protect labels, warranty labels 17. Company Logo LABELS FOR FOOD, BEVERAGE, COSMETIC INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTIONS LABELS PRODUCTS 18. Company Logo PRODUCTS BLANK LABELS, COLOR LABELS, BARCODE LABELS LABELS, TAGS, STICKERS, WARRANTY LABELS 19. MAIN MATERIALS Printing Ink: TOKA(Japan), TOYO (Japan) , EDSON (Singapore) Decals & papers 20. Typical Customers 21. www.dinhthien.com.vn www.eposmart.com.vn www.hiepphuoclabels.com