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Transcript of PROJECT: TR2-02-26 220KV HIEP BINH PHUOC (BINH …€¦ ·  · 2016-07-15220KV HIEP BINH PHUOC...




    RP317VOL. 4

    PROJECT: TR2-02-26




    HCM CITY, March, 2005

    FllIF COPY


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    PROJECT: TR2-02-26




    Prepared by : Nguyen Long Hung

    Head of Bureau : Nguyen Van Vuong ! :

    Vice Director ofSGIE : Dinh Van Bong


    Ho Chi Minh City. March, 2005 Ho Chi Minh City. March, 2005



    :~~~~~~~~~~~~ -NI

    V- n hVAd

    ~- Le V~nhLf~C .~\~4T~Akj .

  • Uy ban nhan dan CONG HOA XA HOI CHU NGHIA VIET NAMThanh pho Ho Chi Minh DUc la.p - Tir do - Hanh phuic


    SJ:] 13 /TC-HDTDDB-BVG Tp. Hi Chi Minh, ngayG thang 04 nam 2005.V/v Y kien ve dutoan chi phi

    ' boi thuong va tai dinh cu cuia du iantram bien ap 220KV Hiep BinhPhLrac (Binh Trieu) phuang HiepBinh ChAnh quan Thu D*c va Trambien ap 220KV Tan Binh, phu6ngBinh Hung H6a A quan Binh Tan.

    Kinh gai: Uy ban nhan dan Thanh pho.

    Tiep nhan Phieu chuyen so 1543/VP ngay 20/01/2005 cuia Van ph6ng Hoidong nhan dan va Uy ban nhan dan Thanh pho kem theo cong van so058/EVN/TVD2/KSTH ngay 14/01/2005 cuia Cong ty Ti van Xay dung dien 2de nghj Hoi dong Tham dinh den bui giai ph6ng mat bang Thanh pho c6 y kienve du toan chi phi boi thu6ng va tai dinh cir cua d,r an tr,am bien ap 220KVHie.p Binh Phuoc (Binh Trieua) phuafng Hiep Binh Chanh quan Thui DOuc vaTram bien ap 220KV Tan Binh, phua6ng Binh Hung H6a A quan Binh Tan.

    Ve viec nAy, H6i dong Tham dinh den bu giai ph6ng mat bang Thanh ph6c6 kien nhu sau:

    1/ Dtr an tram bien ap 220KV Hiep Binh Phutc (Binh Trie.u) qua.nThu DOc:

    Ve ca ban, thong nhat voi bao cao ke hoach den bui vA tAl dinh cu ngAy25/11/2004 cuia Cong ty Tu van Xay dirng dien 2. Tuy nhien, can cur vAo cac duyan boi thuang dang trien khai tren dia bAn phua6ng Hiep Binh Phtr&c, quan ThiuDuc mA cu the IA du an dau tux xay durng cau dutng Binh Trieu II c6 don gia boithuo&ng ve dat cu the nhu sau:

    + Dat a mat tien du&ng Quoc 16 13: 4.000.000d/m2 .+ Dat nong nghiep: 200.000d/m2.Nhu vay, gia dat du kien tinh boi thuang cuia dur an thap so vai th,rc te

    dang Ap dung (dAt a: 2.100.OOOd/m 2).Tuy nhien, can cur Luat dAt dai nam 2003, Nghi dinh so 197/2004/ND-CP

    ngAy 03/12/2004 cua Chinh phui. Uy ban nhan dan ThAnh pho da ban hAnhQuyet dinh so 316/2004/QD-UB ngAy 24/12/2004 ve gia cac loai dat tren diabAn ThAnh pho thi giA dat & vi tri mat tien dUi&ng Quoc 1 13 (doan tur cau BinhTrieu den cau Ong Dau) IA 2.800.000d/m2 vA khi xac dinh m*rc gia dat o de tinhb6i thuong se c6 cong voi muxc ho tr,a them de tuang ung vai muc gia dat ' tinhboi thuong dang ap dung & cac du an tren cuing dia ban.

    NgoAi ra, c6 bo sung gia cua loai dat nong nghiep xen ke trong khu dan cu(tinh b6i thuo&ng bang 30% gia dat & lien ke) -

  • RP of Hiep Bmnh Phuoc (Binh Trieu) 220KV Substaticn



    E-XECUTIVE SUMMAR. .......................... ,.S

    I . INTRODUCTION ......................... 7

    I1.1 The subproject ......................... 7

    1.2 Objectives of Resettlement ......................... .

    2. LEGAL FRAMEWORK ......................... 8

    E. EFFORTS IN MINIMIZING L.AND ACQUISITION .............................................................. ,.,. 9

    4. SIOECONONIIC CONDITION. CENSUS AND INV'ENTORN ................................................. , 9

    4.1 The socio-economic condition ot D's .94.2 Land acquisition impacts ............................................................... 9


    | 51 Prnnciple.1152 Displaced Persons and eligibilit .1 2

    5.3 Impact Categories.1 2

    S .4 rntitlement Pol ic .13

    (. RFI-OCATION AND) EC(N(O)NOMIC i(l.'IS(kAV 110N PROGIRAIS..... .. . 19

    .ONSU TAION AND P.ARTICIPATION ...... 2..........20

    S. INSTFITUTIONAL ARRANGENIENTI .................................... 21

    8.1 Institutional Arrangements ................................... 21

    S.2 The functions, tasks and responsibility ................................ , . : . , ., 2]


    9.1 Task forces ........... 2..................................................................... 229.2 Basic actions of the project .............................................................................. 239.3 Implementation schedule . .............................................................................. 24

    10. COMPLAINT MECHANISMI .............................................................................. 25

    1 1. COST ESTIMATE .............................................................................. 26

    Ho Chi Minh City Pow-er Project Management Board

  • RP cf Hiep 6inh Phucc (Einh Trieu) 220KV Substar ton


    ARP Abbreviated Resettlement Plan

    CSRC Compensation. Support and Resettlenment Committee

    D\IS Detail Measurement Survey

    DOC Department of Construction

    DOF Department of Finance

    DP Displaced Persons

    ICM\CPC Ho Chi Mtinh City People's Conmmittee

    IHCNMCPC Power Companv of Flo Chi M inhi City

    j H H Household

    EVN Electricitv of Viet Nam

    GOV Government of Viet Nam

    PMti Project Nlanagenent Unit

    RIB Resettlemllenlt Information Booklet

    ROW Right of Way

    VN D Viet Nam Dong

    USD US Dollar

    WVB World Bank

    PECC2 Power Engineering Consulting Company 2

    Ho Chi Mtfinh City Power Project fManagement Board 2

  • RP cf H:ep Binh Phuoc (Binh Trieu) 220KV Substation


    Iii 'oliuitarv Resettleteiit : irbpacts of a development project may result in unavoidable

    | resettlemiienit, losses that people affected have no option but have to rebuild their lives,

    incomes and assets elsew%here.

    Resettleittenit Plai is a time-botund action plan with resettlement strategy, objectives,

    impacts. entitlement, socio-economic survev, policy framework, legal framework.

    measures to minimize impacts, resettlement sites, compensation, income restoration,

    resettlement implemiientation arrangement, resettlement schedule, participation and

    consultation, grievance redresses, monitoring and evaluation, monitoring and evaluation,

    and possibly indigenous people development plan.

    Project .AffectedI Personis (PAPs) or Displacedl Persons (DPs) indicates any juridical

    persons wvho may be an individual, a houselhold, or a private/pubic firm on account of the

    | execution of a project, or any of its components or sub-projects or parts thereof would

    have their:

    * ( i) rigzht, title or interest in any house, land or any other asset acquired fully or partly

    ii) business, OCCupIatioi, work, place of residence or habitat adversely affected; or

    ( iii) Standardi of living adversely affected.

    C ompLe'nsation imeans payment in ca;shi or- a kIild to replace losses ot land, hIoLusine(s.

    inicome, and other assets caused by a project.

    Entitle,nelit defines a right to receive mitigation measures such as compensation, income

    restoration, relocation assistance, and other supports.

    In coin e restorationt/Livelil,ood restoration/Reh:abilitation means the process to restore

    income earning capacity, production levels and living standards in a longer term.

    Replaceielt cost is the method of valuation of assets that helps determine the amount

    sufficient to replace lost assets and cover transaction costs.

    (i) For agricultural land, replacement cost of an affected plot is the value to buy a

    plot which has an equal profitable potential and is located in a vicinity of the

    affected plot plus the cost of preparing the plot to a level similar to those of the

    affected plot, plus the cost of any registration and transfer taxes.

    (ii) For land in urban areas, it is a pre-displacement market value of a plot of equal

    size and use, with similar or improved public infrastructure facilities and services

    and located in the vicinity of the affected land, plus the cost of any registration

    and transfer taxes.

    Ho Chi Minh City Pow er Project Afanagerzeni Board 3

  • RP of Hiep Binh Phucc (Binh Trieu) 220KV Substaticn

    (iii) For houses and other structures, it is market costs of materials to build a

    replacement structure wvith an area and quality similar to or better than those of

    the affected structure.'Or it is the cost to repair a partially affected structure, plus

    the cost to transport building materials to the construction site, plus the cost of

    any labor and contractors' fees. plus the cost of any registration and transfer


    In process to determine replacement cost, depreciation of asset and value of salvable

    materials are neither taken into account nor the value of benefits derived from the


    Censuxs is a data collection techniquie of completing enumeration to all PAHs and their

    assets through household questionnaire. Objectives of the census are (i) to prepare a

    complete inventory of PAHs and their assets as a basis for compensation, (ii) to identifv

    non-entitled persons, and (iii) to minimize impact of later influx of "outsiders" to project


    Socio-eco,iomzic survie' is carried oLit in order to collect profile data of PAHs and to

    prepare for Resettlenment Plan .A sample about 20%/O of PAHs is surveyed through a

    h1ouselhold CLuestionnLaire. The survey result is used (i) to assess incomes, identify

    pnrodLIctiVe aIctivitiCs, anld plan t'ol income restoraitioni, (ii) to develop relocatioll options.

    a1n1d (iii) to develop social preparationl phalse for vulnerable groups.

    Cut-offdttie deter-miiines eligibility for entitlement. The cut-off date could also be the date

    the project area wvas delineated, prior to the census, provided that there has been an

    effective public dissemination of information on the area delineated, and systematic and

    continuous dissemination subsequent to the delineation to prevent further population


    Vulnerable -roiip is defined as indigenous people, ethnic minorities, the poorest, women,

    children, the aged, the disabled, and other socially/economically vulnerable groups who

    could be adversely affected from a project. ' - -...

    Grievance Redress procedures are set out the time frame and mechanisms for resolutions

    of complaints about resettlement from PAHs. Grievance redress can be carried out

    through informally-constituted local committees with representation from key

    stakeholder groups. Grievances can also be addressed through formal channels. With an

    unresolved grievance, it will be dealt with at progressively higher levels.

    Ho Chi. inh City Poi-er Project Management Board 4

  • RP cf Hiep Binh Phuoc (Binh Trieu) 220KV Substation


    1. Thle Project aniii ReseLtlem eut Plalt

    The sLibstation 220 kV in Hiep Binh Phuoc is a subproject of the Transmission and

    DistribuLtion No.2 project that would be constructed to meet the demand of power

    consuLmlption of Ho Chi Mlinh Citv in the period of 2006-2010. This subproject includes(i) Hiep Binh Phuoc 220 kv substation: (ii) Access road to the station; and (iii).%lanaaement office. To carry out the subproject, it would acquire land from five

    families only and therefore only an Abbreviated Resettlement Plan is prepared.Accordiniz to the World Bank's OP 4.12. an Abbreviated Resettlement Plan mainlycovers the following minimum elements: ( 1) a census survey of displaced persons, andvalluation of assets: (2) description of compenisation and other resettlement assistance to

    be provided: (3) consultation wvith displaced persons about acceptable alternatives; (4)

    institutional responisibility for implementation and procedures for grievances redress,:and (5) a timetable and budget.

    2. Objectiv'es of Resettlem cil t Plait

    The mIIain objectives of resettlemllenit plani are (i) to mininize adverse impacts on land

    aICuiUiSitiOn,; anId (ii) in Unavoidable caise, a resettlemillent plan will be prepared in order to

    maike sure that DP can improve or otherwise will be at least restored their livelihood as

    pre-project implemiientation

    3. Legalfrainework

    Abbreviated Resettlement Plan (ARP) for this project is based on laws and relevant

    Decrees of Viet Nam related to compensation and resettlement and OP 4.12 oninvoluntary resettlement of the World Bank. Eligibility for compensation and/orrehabilitation entitlement and other assistance includes all individuals, households andinstitutions who will be affected by the project, either temporarily or permanently.

    4. Project impacts

    The project will impact on:

    Permanent land acquisition for the substation, access road; connection towerand under cable line .Permanent houses, structures, trees, crops and other assets.

    a Temporarily acquired land required during construction of the project.

    The survey results are shown as follows:

    Ho Chi tMinh City Pow er ProjectAlanagement Board 5

  • RP cf Hiep Binh Phuoc (Binh Trieu) 220K V Substation

    There wvill be a total of 05 affected households witlh 2 persons, of which, numberof households to be fully affected on houses is 03 families.There are no impacts on natural preserving zones, vestiges, and pagodas orscnsitive areas.There are no impacts on ethnic minorities.

    I 5. E,ititlenzenttpolick

    All of the project affected individuals, families, institutions in the project area will becompensated for their lost assets and will be assisted with allowances and subsidies in atransition period to make sure that they could at least restore their livelihood.Compensation costs and allowances will be based on decision of FICMCPC and at thereplacemllent values.

    6. Participation aI on consutltatioaw

    Consultants have carried out consultation with the DP. The consultation include askingDP with soIlme formal questions in the questionnaire (such as options for compensation incash or in klinds, option to be resettled to resettlement site or self-relocation with cashcomipensation etc.,). Survey teamiil has also asked PAPs about the proposed economicrestoration programis an(l any special nleeis required cfor resettlenment in order to shortenthe transition period.

    .7. Coiniplaint azill niIonitorinl-

    During the project implementation, the DP's complaints will be dealt with according tothe regulations of Vietnamese laws. The complainant will be treated fairly and to beguided by related agencies on the order, procedures. In addition, no fee will be chargedfor their complaints.

    The implementation of RP shall be constantly supervised and monitored by the ProjectManagement Unit under the Power of Ho Chi Minh city and all relevant local authoritiesto make sure that RP will be implemented smoothly.

    8. Institutionial arrangeirients

    The Power of Ho Chi Minh city and its Project Management Unit will be mainlyresponsible for all of operations on investment guidelines, investigation and design,project construction as well as supervision of compensation and resettlement of theproject. The Project Mianagement Unit is also responsible for directly guiding the wholeimplementing process of the project including RP implementation to all relatedinstitutions. To successfully implement RP, PMU will be assisted by HCMPC city,district and ward authorities.

    Ho Chi finh City Powuer Project Alanagenient Board 6

  • RP of Hiep Binh Phucc (Blnh Trieu) 220KV Substat;cn

    9. Schediule

    RP will be implemented in a close linkagze to civil works. Detail schedule of RPimplementation wvill be planned later at the detail design phase of the project. The projectaffected personis wvill be clearly informed about the quantity of their loss assets,entitlemiient policv, compensation unit cost, compensationi amounts and RPimplemiienttation schedule.

    I 1(). Ctost estioJiate

    Total compensation cost is estimated at about VND 6,663,897,438 equivalent to USD423.104.600. This cost includes costs for compensation, rehabilitation activitiesaillow%ances, as wvell as administrative mnanagement.


    1.1 The sub)project

    I lo C'hi NhIinh (0itv is the bigtzest one of \'iet Nam. Its power consumptioni is at a high rateand increasing rapidly trom timc to time. Accordin- to a forecast by the Ener-v Institute.the total capaZcitt ot substationis needs to be increased about 70o up to 2010 to meet withdemand of industry, domestic use. Its current power network needs to be upgraded andexpended through many programs such as national program, city program and programsof some international donors such as the World Bank and Asian Development Bank.

    A substation 220 kV in Hiep Binh Phuoc is a subproject of the Transmission andDistribution No.2 project that would be constructed to meet the demand of powerconsumption of Ho Chi Minh City in the period of 2006-2010. This subproject includes(i) Hiep Binh Phuoc 220 kv substation; (ii) Short access road to the substation; and (iii)Management office.

    1.2 Objectives of Resettlement

    Principles and objectives of this RP are defined in accordance with Vietnamese laws andthe OP 4.12 of the WVorld Bank on involuntary resettlement.

    o Involuntary resettlement and loss of means of livelihood are to be avoided wvherefeasible through exploring all viable alternatives. But when, after examined, if it isproved unavoidable, then effective measures to minimize impact and tocompensate for losses must be agreed with the people who will be affected;

    Ho. Chi .linh City Pouiter Project Aluuangernent Board 7

  • RP? cf H:ep Bmnh Phucc (Binh Trieu) 220K V Substaticn

    o People to be resettled involuntarily and people whose means of livelihood will behindered or lost must be sufficiently compensated and supported by the projectproponents, etc. in a timely manner;.

    o The project proponents must make efforts to enable the people affected by theproject to improve their standard of living, income earning opportunities andproduction levels, or at least to restore them to pre-project levels. Measures toachieve this include: providing land and monetary compensation for losses (tocover land and property losses), supporting means for an alternative sustainablelivelihood, and providing the expenses necessary for relocation and the re-establishment of a community at relocation site; and;

    o Appropriate participation by the people affected and their communities must bepromoted in planning, implementation and monitoring of involuntary resettlementplans and measures against the loss of their means of livelilhood.

    To achieve these objectives, Resettlement Plan should be designed so as to follow theinmprovement or at least a maintenance of the PAP's pre-project living standards.


    This Abbreviated Resettlement Plan is prepared in accordance with the projcctresettlemient policy. This policy is developed based on the relevant laws of Viet Nam andOP 4.12 of the WVorld Bank on involuntary resettlement. Key laws, decrees ofGovernment and Circulars of line Mlvlinistries, policies of HCMCPC on compensation,support and relocation are as follows:- Land law issued on November 26, 2003.- Decree 181/2004/ND-CP on October 29, 2004 guiding the implementation of the

    land law 2003.- Decision No. 153/2004/QD-TTg of Prime Minister on August 17, 2004 promulgating

    the strategy orientation for sustainable development in Viet Nam (Vietnam's agenda21).

    - Decree 197/2004/ND-CP on December 03, 2004 on compensation, support andresettlement when land is recovered by the State.

    - Circular 116/2004fTT-BTC on December 7, 2004 guiding the implementation of. compensation, support and resettlement when land is recovered by the state.

    - Decree 188/2004fND-CP on November 16, 2004 on methods to determine land pricesand assorted land price brackets.

    I - Circular 114/2004/TT-BTC on November 26, 2004 guiding the implementation of theGovernment's Decree No. 1S8/2004/ND-CP on methods to determine land prices andassorted land price brackets.

    - Decree 198/2004fND-CP on December 3,2004 on collection of land use levies.- Compensation and resettlement policies of HCMC:

    Ho Chi ,inh City Poswer Project Afanagement Boardl 8

  • RP cf Hiep Binh Phucc (Binh Trieu) 220KV Substaticn

    (i) Compensationl unit costs for lands (Decisions no. 316/2004/QD-UB datedDecember 24, 2004);(ii) Compensation units cost for building and other structures (Decision no. I IS/QD-L'B dated April 2S, 2004);



    Thie site of Hiep Binlh Phuoc substation wvas selected based on the considerations oftechnical, environmental and social viewpoints. These issues were carefully studied bycheckin- at the site and through consultation with local people, Thu Duc districtauthorities. There are several alternatives studied. The site was selected with a shortestdistance to connect to the existing grid so that it wvould minimize impact to people underthe right ot waV and in a thin populationi area. Thanks to this consideration, only 05 HH

    'iI be affected by all dit'ferent cate orics (ocrops and tres tc.).


    4.1 'I'lTe socio-econoilic coniditioni of DPs

    Thlie socio-econoniC SUIVCe wvas carricd out for all of DP (05 households). Avera.Te ot'famnily size is 04 persons . Of which, wooman is 49 O, man is 5 1%. iMlost of the DPs aredoinm" busin1ess and tflhrminu. The a\'erage inlcomile of affected f1ailies is about VND 7211imli on pcr year. Most of' the DLPs have electricity. runniiw water or drilling \well.television, telephonie, motorbike, refrigerator arnd ftlrniture .\lost of thieCIm mlalillho1Uses of more than I 00 mr and good sanitation facilities.

    A summary of socio-economic survey results is slhown as in table 1.

    Table 1: Mlainly socio-economic condition of the DPs

    No. 1 Amenity | Number ofHHI. 1 with telephone 052. with electricity 053. with motorbike 05 HH with 09 motorbikes4. with running water 055. with television 056. with refrigerator 047. With washing machine 02

    4.2 Land acquisition impacts

    Ho Chi .inh City Pow er Project r.Management Bourdl 9

  • PP cf Hieo Binh Phucc (Binh Trieu) 220K1V Substaticn

    Impacts on land include temporary ones in the construction time and permanent landacquistion for constructing the substation, access road and pole foundations. There are03 HH \vho wvill be fully affected on houses and have to be relocated. Land acquisition issummnarized as in a table no. 2, 3 and 4 below.

    Table 2: Land acquisition by the project

    No. Itemii Number of HH Pemianent PermanentI l l impact on impact on

    residential and I agricultural land_________________________ ,___,_____________ ,arden land (m ) ' (m 2)|I1. Substation and 03 1,S50 4,3S2

    Inmanagement2. ' ,oftice

    Access road 0 400Connection I O i Otower 0

    Total J 03 i 1,850 | 4,782

    There is 03 1111 losing more thanii 20%/'O of total productivc land holding.

    T1ahle 2: Ininpacts oni bUilding aind otheri struICture-S

    No. Itu7 ll Fully aff'ected on building and Fully affected on hoLusecan rebuild newv houses on and have to be relocated to

    reminic,land new_places ______

    | Area Type HH Area TypeHH Mr 2Type

    Substation 0 0 03 553 Type 3and 135 Type 4mangement

    __ _ _ o ffic e__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _

    2. Access road 0 0 0 03. tower 0 0 0 0Total 0 0 03 381

    Table 4: Impacts on other assets

    ! | No. Asset Number of affected|_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ f | a sse t1. 1Drilling wells 02.____ |Water meter 033.____ |Power meter [ 03

    Ho Chi linh City Powser Project Afanagement Board 10

  • |RP of Hiep BEnh Phucc (Binh Treu) 220KV Substation

    4. iTelephone ! 035. i Crops, trees

    - Orange | I- Mango 0- Coconut- Damson 10l- Long an 14l- Eucalyptus 125- Cork I 108S- Others 102


    5.1 Principle

    | Resettlemlienlt Plan should be designed to achieve an improvement or at least amaintenance of the PAlI's pre-project living standards.

    a) Both Resettlemllenit and land acquisition must be minimized as muchI ;ISpossible

    (b) Resettlement distance must be minimized. If the agyricultural replacementland needs to be given, then it should be as close as possible to the landacquired.

    (c) Cash compensation for land, houses or structures shall be given at thereplacement costs free from depreciation cost of the salvage of the oldconstruction materials. Trees shall be compensated at replacement cost (thecost of a seedling plus annual income from the tree multiplied by thenumber of years that it takes for the seedling to be harvestable). Cashcompensation for crops shall be given at market price rates.

    (d) Resettlement transition penrod must be minimized and compensation shouldbe paid to PAHs at least one month before the start of constructionactivities. No land clearance if a full compensation has not been done.

    (e) Resettlement and land acquisition plans and all replacement alternativesshould be carried out following consultation with the affected populationand it should have popular acceptance of PAPs. The plans are also requiredto be approved by local Authorities.

    (f) Resettlement and compensation programs must provide adequatelyinstitutional arrangements to xvarrant effective and timely implementationand proper monitoring.

    (g) Financial and technical resources for the resettlement, land compensationand subsidies should be available when and where required.

    H-1oCloi hMinh City Pouier Project Alanagenent Board 11

  • RP of Hiep Binh Phucc (Binh Trieu) 220KV Substaticn

    (h) The previous level of community services and resource should bemaintained or improved in the new sites.

    (i) Once approved -by HCNMC People Committee, what stipulated in this RPwill be enforceable as an official legal document.

    5.2 Displaced Persons and eligibility

    The DPs include the folloxving persons to be identified by the baseline informationcollected for the Resettlement Plan:

    (a) persons whose houses are partly or fully affected (temporarily orpermanently) by the project;

    (b) persons whose residential and/or agricultural partly or fully affected(pemlanently or temporarily) by the project;

    (c) persons xvhose businesses are partly or fully affected (temporarily orpermanentlv) by the project; and

    (L) Per-sons whose crops (annUal and perennial) and trees are partly or fIllyxafitfected by the Pre;ct.

    The displaced or project-affected people eligible for compensation will include: (a)thosewho have formal legal rights to land or other assets; (b) those wvho currently do not haveformal legal rights to land or other assets but have a claim to legal rights based upon thelawvs of the country; upon possession of documents such as land tax receipts andresidence certificates; or upon the permission of local authorities to occupy or use theproject affected plots; and (c) those who have no recognizable legal right or claim to landthey are occupying.

    Persons covered under (a) and (b) are provided compensation for land they lose, andother assistances. Persons covered under (c) are provided resettlement assistance, inlieu of compensation for land they occupy, and other assistance, as necessary, to achievethe objectives set out in this policy, if they occupy the project area prior to the cut-off

    * dates defined in RPs. Persons who encroach on the project area after the cut-off datedefined in the RP are not entitled to compensation or any other forms of resettlementassistance. The cit- off date of this RP is Juilv 02, 2004.

    5.3 Impact Categories

    By the nature of the project impacts based on the survey of the DPs, the impact categoriescould be classified as below:

    Ho Chi .MIinh Ciry Postwer Project Management Board 12

  • PP of Hiep Binh Phuoc (Binh Trieu) 220KV Substation

    Teimporary, Imtipact

    All persons have land, crops. trees or structures to be temporarily affected only during theconstruction period.

    Perizi znentt Iin pact

    All persons owvn lands and properties on it, which will be permanently acquired for theproject implementation. All persons have houses, other structures, trees and any kinds ofassets in the project area, xvhich need to be removed, demolished or to be cut.

    5.4 Entitlement Policv

    Based on the land law and Decree on compensation of GOV, the proposed matrix forentitlemlent is as table 5 below:

    H-Io Chi Minh City Power Project Afanagement Board 13

  • RI' of llip Bii,il, P'huoc (Binhi *'riceu) 220K 'Substafioli.

    Table 5: F ttitlenlenit M I atr ix

    N" Tvpl)e of loss Application Comp)enlsation Policy Iiimplemeitatioin Issuies

    I Temporary All DPs have - Casi compeilsation lfor aifllccte(l trees and - I-Llll Comnpensationll alt least 01 Illonilil

    acquisitioni of trees, crops, nuiLber of annual crop platcnis to be before land clcaranicc, payment to I)Dlsproductive land othier assets compensated basc( on tle tilmc of' tcniporarily wvill be delivered by PMl-J U and

    in tile periiod of in the acquired lanid. Resettiteeniit Committees (IRCs).

    the project temporary - No comilipesation ior land - Financial availability for-COI1StrLICtiOI1 acquired StieS...- l1aCI ,VIaIItIO

    - Rehabilitate land aifter thc project conCstruction. conilensaltion1 amid;

    - WVell in f0rmatioll dlisc losc/ disseminate

    2 lemporary All DPs hiave 13tuiltdinig: - Full Compensailtion to D) Ps imlpacted onlimpact onl buildings and - Compensation loi- lost part of buildings. hoouse/l)uil(ling It leIast 02 mnonltils

    resideintial and trees in the No compensation fbr- land. before land Clearance.

    or gairdleni land, affected areas. - Rlihabilitate land altcr tih le)roJect - Payment to l)lDs wvill be delivered by

    impact more constructionl by contractors. P1MU and RCs

    thiani 20% or Tree and( fruiit tree - i a

    less tliaii 20% .- F liltlicl;ll ;livallablility l`oxof total - Compensation IfM- alfected trees and fruit compensation and;

    house/building - WVell inform0latioll disclose/ disscillillite

    area but thedemiiolislhed area

    willsignlificanitlyimpact oil the



    l1o Clii Ai/i Cinh 0 '01Pwer Prolject Afanag,e,tnei Board

  • RP of Hiep Biinh Plhuoc (Binhi Trieu) 220KV Substation

    N' 'ype otfloss Application Compensation Ilolicy' Imlll)lemiletittloln Issues

    3 Temporary All DPs havc 13uil(linig: FUll COiIlI)eClsdtlioll fo0 tr1eeS anld f iLitimpact oni buildings anid -Cash compensation boi lbll hbuilding. trees to I) Ps at lealst t)I nmonitli brct;lcresidenitial and trees in the - No compensation for land. lalid clearance.or gairde land, affected areas - Rehabilitate land(i after the pcrojcct conistruictioni - Ful colip,ns;tio, 1br impacteimpact imore by conitractors. buiI aillcopenallownces to 1111s atthan 20% or buildings and allowances to 1)1 s at

    less than 20% Tree aii(i fi-ijit tree ~~~~least 03 mioniths before land( clearance.lcss thlan 20% Tree andl fruit treceI;s() ollslzorladca;lc.of total - Compensate for af..cted trees and fruit trees. - Payment to l))s \vill he delivered blyhousc/building AllownPces I'MU and RCsarea but theC Financial availabilAllowances:rIcileolislied arca - Relocation allowance equivalent to 30 kg rice - oinncialt avanilailitywill per person per mionithi in six mionithis. consation and;significantly - \VellI in formation dlisclose/ dissemlinateimpact onl theremaininghiousc/structure.

    4 Permannciitly All DPs are For DP losinlg pirodlucdii e IiaiIn: - Consultation r l)l" 's options on landacquired land acquired land a. Land is lost Iess than 20% of tlhcir total area compensation;

    and properties - Cash compensation lbr the lost area if thlc - Full coMIpenIs1tion lr assets on lanassociated wvith reimaininlg plot is still economicCally viable to M)Is at least 01 monlthi bcfore landlanidcerneperlmhanently - Cashi compensation IOr the wvhole impacteCd c}Culearce;Oi

    plot if the remaining, plot is lnot conoillically - ull compensation fIO impacted hOusviable andl( allowaliccs to [ ls at lealst 06

    _ _ ._ . . . _____ .mlllonlthlS be Chr1C hIlad clear.ancc

    l/o Cli Ab Cily l'oai-er 1'rojeetL AI'nagemLentI lBoard i (

  • RP of Hiep Binh Phuoc (Bmnti Trieu) 220KV Suibsia horn

    No rypc of loss Application Compensation l'olicy InijplemIelIta tion lssuies- Cash compensatioll on 0 properties Issocialtd - No award civil work couitralct hc loeC

    with land comupletio 0n of comipensationl and1(1b. Ian1d is ioSt C(ILual or mlorc thian zi20% ol' tilir reorganizing oielIsCS 01 rCelocatioln.

    total laid area;: - layneilint to l)Is vilI be (Idlivered byDl' can opt for the followings: I)MU and RUsi)"land ior land'' w itIl the same arca aIndl - Financial availability io1productivity of im1paCctd aeCa if thle rcmaining comlpcnsation and,plots arc still economIc-\ lable and flOr the wlhole I i inatcimpacted plots if' tllc remaininLg plots are o nOteconomic-viable. - l)NI U COIISLIltS With DI)S Wh0o ale

    eligible to rehabilitation folr thirlli) Caishl for land alt the replClacement cost.proposal for- Coiilpciis.ltioll 1,01 tr-CtS ;andt affctedl II-tilt ti-ces optlionsltol and g;Ill prear proosa ) liO( 0at- i Co eplaeenainfrt rcst ada.ece h i re rehabili tat ion programis inl thle period of'at the replacemenCllt cost. R P im)lementation.- Relhabilitaitioni assistance. - I )ls will he gralntcd with Land UseFol DP losinig Resdenltial az,i, gadeni l,, il,, Riglht Ceirtificalte- If remaining land is sn fficient for rcoranizinILg WVithout payment of al(diinin istriative fecs.(imiore thaniii 40m2 ill urban1 areas and 100 m2 inrural areas): Caslh compensation fior lost area andasscts associated with land.

    - If rcmaining land is niot suttlicient forreorganizillg:

    DI) can opt for (i) cash compensation iOr land andasscts on land. or1 (ii) lantdl fr loland"coMlpensation for the w\hole residential area

    _____ ________________ Ewhich tilCi land1bC is aCLllruicd (n1ot OnlINy for the

    Ih, Ch'l, Alli liv City P'owr l'ro.iecj Aflaiinagetment lhoard 17

  • RP of Hiep Binhi Phuoc (Binti Trieu) 220KV Substation

    N0 T pe of loss Application CompiensationH Policy I iimplemieitation lnsstUesimpacted areas) and proPertics associated withoccLupied landl(J. 1o 0l c11c'1'tCd hIOLISe and building,the sanme cntitlemnciit to D1)1 ofcaltcgories 3 or 4 or5.

    5 D)1 impacted on All DPs (a) Temporary inmlpact on btisiness or otllel- - [lill comp1 )ensation ltor incollmes lost to I)lDsbusiness or other impacted on scrvices, at least 01 iilontl beforc land clearance.scrvices business and icesscr-vices buisiioess and Compensation lor incomc lost in theil alfcted - PMlJ consults vithi l )ls xv0o a1c eligible to

    ot ler services timcie rehabilitation for thecir Opt ions and p]i'-parieproposal for rchabilitation programlls in the

    (b) Permanent inipact on business or otlher period of RllP

    Rehabilitiationi assistance.

    I/o C(i Ali,ilh C'itiv P'otwer Project ana,gzl(,e,iiemeit Board

  • RP cf Hiep Binh Phucc (Binh Trieu) 220KV Substation

    Besides the direct compensation for the losses, the DP also entitled to subsidies/allowancesfor restore their livelihood as, stipulated in the Decree No.197, 2004 of GOV. These* allo0Wances: subsidies are as below:

    (a) Subsidy for moving to new site (transport allowvance)

    This allowvance is for DPs who have to be relocated to newv sites: i) PAPs who have torelocate within the Citv wvill be entitled to an allowance from VNND 1,000,000 toVND 3,000,000; ii) PAPs wvho have to relocate out of Citv will be entitled totransport allowance of VND 3V000.000 to VND 5,000,000. This subsidv allowance isftor the transportation of their salvagzeable materials and living facilities from affectedsite to the relocating sites.

    (b)) Relocation Subsidy for Resettlemlent

    This subsidy allowvance is a food allowance for DPs wvho xvill be relocated orreorganized in remainin- land, and therefore they have to reconstruct their newhouses. Each memiiber PAHs will be equivalently subsidized 30kg rice per month insix months.

    .c) Rehabilitation Allowance

    V1ulnerable groups (thle elderly, woman-headed househlolder, disable etc.,) and D1sw\ho are permianently affected mlore thani 20 % of total productive land area and or lostpermanently more than 20%'o of their incomes will be entitled to training with5,000,000 VN'D/ person.

    (d) Bonus for self-relocation

    DPs opting for self-relocation will be received a bonus package of VND 20,000,000per HH


    - As described in (4) above, there are only three HH have to move to new site, and therefore,relocation site development for the DP is not necessary. Through consultation with the DP,

    . all DP agreed to receive compensation in cash to manage relocation themselves. In theimplementation period, the DP will be assisted by PM%IU and local authorities in purchasingand constructing their houses.

    Ho Chi .Mlinh City Powi er Project Managenment Board 19

  • ,P cf Hiep Binhi Phucc (Binh Tneu) 220KV Substation

    'I'here are three l-IHs losing more than 20% of their total productive land. These families wvillbe entitled to an economic restoration assistance It is VND 5,000,000 per HH. And thesefamilies will be assisted wvith vocational training or any activity of economic restorationwhich they prefer.


    Information dissemination to, consultation with and participation of the affected people andinvolved agencies are to (i) reduce the potential of conflicts, (ii) minimize the risk of projectdelays. and (iii) enable to design the resettlement and rehabilitation program as acomprehensive development program to fit needs and priorities of the affected people,thereby maxinizing economic and social benefits of the project investment.

    The oh1ectives of the Public Information Campaign and PAP Consultation Program are asf'ollows:

    - To ftully share information about the proposed project, its components and itsactivities associated with the affected people.

    - To obtain information about needs and priorities of the affected people as w ell asinifor-nation about their reactions/feedback to proposed policies and activities.

    - To obtain cooperation and participation of' the affected people and communllitieswhen implementing the rcsettleniciit plan.

    - To ensure transparency in all activities related to land acquisition, resettlement andrehabilitation.

    Thu Duc district authorities and the DP were consulted through surveys and for the RP onissues such as (i) alternatives of substation site, route of access road and cable; (ii) DP'schoice to modes of compensation (in cash or in kind); (iii) compensation units cost recentlyissued by HCMCPC; and (iii) implementation arrangement (payment flow, complaintmechanism, monitoring etc.)

    Feedback of district authorities and the DPs on the proposed project sites and relocationpreference were taken into account by engineers and resettlement planners.

    The consultations were carried out through questionnaire of survey, meetings and individualinterview. The consultation and participation will be continued through the whole period ofthe RP implementation.

    Ho Chi ,Mfinh City Power Project Mfanagement Boardl 20

  • RP of Hiep Binh Phuoc (Binh Trieu) 220KV Substation


    HCMICPC, its power company of HCNIC, PMIU and other administrative levels will beresponsible for implementing the RP. The co-ordination bet-ween the project developer andlocal authorities should be made closely in order to implement the RP smoothly andeffectively and to minimize a delay of the project.

    8.1 Institutional Arrangements

    Thle following institutions/agencies xvill be involved in implementing RP:- People's Committee of Ho Chi Mlinh City and Thu Duc authorities- HCNIC Power and its Project MNanagement Unit- Departments of Finance, constniction and Natural Resources and Environment- District Compensation council- \Vard People's Committees

    8.2 Thlec funlctionis, tasks andl responsibility

    I HC.IC PC:

    HC.NICPC is responsible in directing compensationi anld resettlemenit to Thu Ducconlpelnsationl. support and resettlement couLncil. It w.ill be also responsible for approval ofcompensation plan and involves to comiiplainit redlresses.

    | Power company of -IC.NIC and( its Project 'Management Unit:

    Power company of HCIMIC and its Project Management Unit are responsible forimplementing the RP, including impact survey, payment of entitlements, implementation ofrestoration program, resolution of complaints, internal monitoring.

    City Department of Finance, Department of Construction and DONRE:

    The city Department of Finance is responsible for researching and issuing unit prices ofcompensation and then proposing to City PC for approval. At the beginning of the RPimplementation the Department of Finance will closely co-ordinate with the Department ofConstruction, DONRE, and People's Committee of the district in order to evaluate the

    I * applied unit prices in the RP and propose to City PC for adjustment if necessary. It is toensure that the compensation unit costs are at replacement values at the time of compensation

    L payment to the DPs.

    District Compensation council

    Ho Chi minh City Posw er Project Management Board 21

  • RP of Hiep Binh Phucc (8inh Trieu) 220KV Substaticn

    The District Compensation. support and resettlement council is mainly responsible to:' Assist PMU in preparing detailed plans for compensation and resettlement.- Conduct inventorv of impacts. prepare detailed implementation plan for

    compensation and resettlement. pay compensation to PAP and help them inmoving out of the project affected areas.

    - Solve complaints at the district level.

    W ard People's council

    Ward People's Committees wvill be responsible for- Contributing to census and inventory surveys.- Co-coordinating with Compensation. Support and Resettlement council of districts

    on issues related to RP implementation such as public meetings, informationdisseminlation. compensation/ allowance pay-ment to DPs.

    - Transferring all feedback by DPs to District authorities and settle the complaints atthe ward level. Suggest the solution for the outstanding issues (if any).

    - Assisting DPs in overcoming the difficulties during the construction period.

    Displaced l'ersons (Project Affected Persons)

    The DPs are responsible tor carefUllvly checkiiz on theil- lost assets in the DMNS form andrespective entitlemlents in the Entitltemnldt fonn before signing in these forms.


    9.1 Task forces

    1. ,lnnouncenment to PAPs

    All DPs shall be fully informed about rights and policies of the RP includingeligibility, entitlement policy, modes and rates of compensation, schedules andcomplaint and grievances rights. In addition, a Resettlement Information Booklet(RIB) will be prepared by PMU and then delivered to all DPs or informed at meetingsin districts and wards; hung in public places such as ward people's committee and

    ' school etc. The public announcement tasks shall be implemented immediately afterCity PC approval of project is obtained.

    2. Corn peizsatioti deadliines

    Ho Chi AM inh City Powt er Project .1anagement Board 22

  • RP of Hiep Binh Phuoc (Binh Trieu) 220K V Substation

    Compensation for affected assets will be paid before land clearance. For DPs whohave to be relocated, local authorities and PMU will make everv effort to assist themin purchasing land and reconstructing their houses and to be sure that, no landclearance if these DPs haven't completed the reconstruction of their houses at newsites vet.

    3. Resettlemzenit anld clearantce lea(1linie

    The impacted DPs on houses and land after receiving full compensation and subsidiesare requested to move out of the affected portion of the houses for cleaning land atleast 1 5 days before the wvork commenced.

    -. RP imiplemi entation process

    RP implementation wvill include tlhree major actions as below:a) General action Just at once wlhen beginning the project implementation work.b) Separate action at several times, once for each component of the project.c) Continuous action: Continuous action for stages of RP implementation.

    9.2 Basic actions of the project

    1. .A ction 1: Estahlish CoinmpeLatioln, Suipplort an(d Resettleiielit Comit:izitteee.

    Just LIfter the investment approval of the project, Thu Duc districts wvill establishC ompensation, Support and Resettlement Committee. The Power Companv of HCMCand its PMvIU sets up Compensation and Resettlement team.

    2. A ction 2: Detail Mleasiuremnzenit Survey

    District Compensation, support and Resettlement Council carries out the DetailMvieasurement Survey of affected assets and together with other related agencies, carryout an evaluation for the applied unit prices in the RP and propose to City PCs forreadjusting these prices (if it is necessary). It is to ensure that the DPs arecompensated at replacement costs at the time of RP implementation.

    3. Actioni 3: Prepare compentsation plani

    Immediately the ends of final inventory survey, Thu Due Compensation, Support andResettlement council wvill inspect and define the official number of DPs, impactedproperties and total compensation amount for each HH.

    4. Actioni 4: IniformJationz campaign

    Ho Chi Minh City Power Project Management Board 23

  • RP of Hiep Binh Phuoc (Binh Tneu) 220KV Substation

    Thu Duc Compensation, Support and Resettlement Committees officially announcesthe policy, schedule of the RP implementation to the DPs at public meetings includingissues related to compensation, resettlement and land clearance.

    5. Actioni 5: Coompenisation paytienit to DPs

    Compensation and assistance are paid for DPs affected on houses, and then for DPsaffected on other properties. The DPs are permanently lost more than 20% of totalproductive land area or incomes will be entitled to rehabilitation assistance.

    6. Actioni 6: Mllonitorinig

    During the project implementation, PNU v will monitor all actions of RPimplementation and rehabilitation programs. Because of small scale of landacquisition impact, independent monitoring might not be necessary or only individualmight be hired by the Power Company of HCMC for this task.

    Monitoring includes the following issues:

    M) Monitorina whether the implementation of resettlemlient and compensation tasksare carried out is stated in this RP.

    b) Mvlonitoring the availability of budget for compensation and compensation unitcosts to make sure that DPs are paid at the replacement costs.

    c) Mlonitoring if compensation to DP is in a timely manner.

    d) Investigate and fairly assess each case of complaint and grievance.

    e) PMU will prepare a quarterly detailing report on progress of RP implementation.The report should be sent to relevant authorities.

    9.3 Implementation schedule

    One of RP provisions is that, RP will be carried out to meet safety purpose of land clearanceand implementation of civil work. The RP implementation schedule will be with the mainfollowing steps:

    (1) Preparation work, definition of scope and amount of project investment(2) Survey work for the RP : June-July, 2004

    Ho Chi Mtfinh City Power Project Afanagement Board 24

  • RP of Hiep Binh Phuoc (Binh Trieu) 220KV Substation

    (3) RP reviewed by relevant authorities and approved by EVN, cleared by theWorld Bank: February- April, 2005(4) Establishing Compensation, Support and Resettlement council of Thu Ducdistrict: May, 2005(5) Infornation campaign: June, 2005(7) Compensation Payment, land clearance for the project construction: About 05months before the beginning of civil work (according to bidding plan)(S) Implementation of economic rehabilitation programs: In the same time ofcompensation delivery.(9) Monitoring of RP implementation and evaluation: Through whole period ofimplementing RP.(10) Commencing with Civil works of the project: After full compensation andcompletion of house construction of DP at new sites.

    ,-I RP activities iuiust be satisfactorilv coilipleted before PMlU -ive a nio objectionfor awvard of conitract for the sib-projects.


    To ensure that the DPs have opportunities to express their grievances related to anyaspect of compensation and resettlement, detailed procedurcs of grievances have beenestablishied for the project. Its objective is to respond to grievances of the DPsspeedily and transparently. Actions of the mechanism must be convenient, transparentand fair. By resolving grievances at the project level, implementation of the projectwould be more effective ascertained. The procedures of grievances are as follows:

    Stage 1: At *vard level

    If any person is aggrieved by any aspect of RP implementation, he/she can lodge anoral or written grievance to ward authorities. Ward People's Committee will resolvethe issue within 15 days

    Stage 2: At district level

    If a complainant is not satisfied with decision in stage 1, he or she can bring thecomplaint to district PC. Within 15 days from the date of the receipt of his/herpetition, district will reach a decision on the complaint.

    Ho Chi Minh City Power Project Management Board 25

  • RP of Hiep Binh Phuoc (Binh Tneu) 220KV Substation

    Stage 3: At city or district court level

    If the PAP is still dissatisfied with the decision, he/she can appeal to the Districtl * People's Court (DPC) in accordance with the "Civil Procedure Act" or to HCMCPC

    wvithin 15 days of receiving the decision of the district without being charged. No feesw ill be charged to complainant.


    Compensation cost estimate for house, structure, residential land, agricultural land, trees andcrops etc., are based on Compensation and resettlement policies of HCMC:

    - Compensation unit costs for lands (Decisions no. 3 16/2004/QD-UB datedDecember 24, 2004).

    - Compensation units cost for building and other structures (Decision no. I 18/QD-UB dated April 28, 2004.

    Cost for the RP consists of:

    - Compensation for permanent land acquisition- Compensation for trees and crops- Compensation for houses and structures- Subsidy, allowance for rehabilitation consist of relocation subsidy, transport

    allowance, training subsidy etc.- iMlanagement cost, and- Contingency cost.

    Cost estimate is summarized as in table 6

    Table 6: Total cost for Resttlement Plan

    No. Item Quantity Unit Unit cost Total (VND)

    1. Compensation 5,855,479,000

    1.1. Residential land 1,850 m 2,100,00 3,885,000,0001.2 Agricultural land 4,782 m 200,00 956,400,000

    I : 1.3 uilding 553 m 1,540,000 851,620,000135 990,00 133,650,000

    , 1.4 rops, trees- Orange 15 Tree 150,00 2,250,000- Mango 10 150,00 1,500,00C- Coconut 22 150,00C 3,300,000

    Ho Chi Minh City Power Project Management Board 26

  • RP of Hiep Binh Phuoc (Binh Trieu) 220KV Substation

    1 j - Plum I10 - 100,000 0,0001000-Lonaan 1 4 -150,000 2:100,000

    - Eucalyptus . 125 25,000 3,125,000- Cork 108 - 50,000 5,400,000, | -Others 1 102 - | 17,000 1,734,00011~~~Ohr I 02 0

    1.5 i%Vater meter T 03 T meter 1,000,00( 3,000,0081.6 IElectricmet er 3 meter _1,300,00 3,900,000

    1.7 fTelephone re-installment 03 meter 500,000 1,500,000IRP Implementation 1 85,500,001

    I I ,Fransport allowance 03 HH |2,500,00I 7,500,0002.2 Relocation allowance 1 03 1 HH j ,000,000 3,000,0002.3 Economic rehabilitation 03 HH 5,000,000l 15,000,0002.4 Incentive for self- 03 HH 20,000,0001 60,000,00

    | elocat'ion 03. RP implenientation, bu %o 117,1 09,5801

    :including nionitoring A I%()j

    Sub-total of 1+2+3 | | 1 6,058,5805. Contillnency 1 109o of! 605,808,8581

    Grandl Total 7 6,663,897,438

    Total RP cost is estimated about VND 6,663,897,438 equivalent to USD 423,104.600 (Therate of exchange is VND 15,750 per USD).

    Ho Chi Minh City Power Project Management Board 27


    Project: Hiep Binh Phuoc (Binh Trieu)220KV substationCost to investigate and survey : 3,960,223 VNDCost to establish the reports: 15,657,732VINDSumming up and rounding: 19,618,000 VND

    COST ESTINIATE TO ESTABLISH THE RP AND EIA REPORTProject: Hiep Binh Phuoc (Binh Trieu) 220KV substation

    , , , .~~~... .... ...................- _. ..... ..... ....... ............. _. .. .......... ... -.-. ....... .. ..... .. .. ........ . ........... _......... -- ............. ........ ... ................. .. ........ ...... ...... .................... ....

    No Contents of works Unit Quantity Unit price Cost... ......... ...... .. ............. .......... ..... I...... ..... ..... ....... ..... ... .. .............. -- ............ . ..... ............. ........... .. .. ... ......... ...-....... ............. ........... ..... ....... ...... ..... .. .............. ....:COST TO ESTABLISH THE REPORT:l I 1+2+.. -5 .. 8,013,504Remuneration to establish the report: 7 70,048 5,113,504

    I. I Remuneration to establish the RP report Person day 4 11.2 Remuneration to establish the EIA report Person day 322 Cost to take photographs ( film + photos) Roll I 100,000 100,0003 . Translation V-E of RP and EIA reports Pages 50 36,000 1,800,0004 Printing documents VND 1,000,000


    Time taken for the task ( 01 working day,1 6 back and fornt traveliln days with 3

    persons1.1 Car from the oflice to the project site km 60 3,000 180,0001 .2 Cost to reserve the car overnight Night 1 80,000 80,000I.3 WN'age of consultants 6 70,048 420,2881.4 Hotel cost Person day 3 60,000 180,0002 Workshop Person day 20 100,000 2,000,0003 . Cost to work with experts VND 1,000,000

    Sub-total I +II VND 11,873,792III .MIANAGEMNT COST: (8% cost) VND 949,903IV NORMI PROFIT: (11% cost) VND 1,410,606

    Sub-total cost before tax: I+II+III+IV VND 14,234,302V .VAT: 10% cost . VND 1,423,430

    Cost estimate after tax (1+... + V) . 15,657,732


    Project: Hiep Binh Phuoc (Binh Trieu) 220KV substation

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. .... . ................ .. -- --- - - -------- -- -- -............. ., .,............,.,..... _...... -- -- ----- -- ........... .. .. ..... .. . . .. - ----- .. . .. . . .. .. . .. . .. .

    No Contents of works Unit Quantity Unit Cost.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, ,....................... ............ ............... .,...... ...... .............. ... .... ............ ,.......... .. s.... .. ...... ....... ..... -.. ..... ... .. .. ... ....


    Traveling to survey:- 02 days for surveys- 01 day back and forth traveling- 06 persons( 4 consultants+ 2 locals)

    1 I . Car from the office to the project site km 60 3,000 1 S0,0001.2 Car cost in the survey days Day-night 2 300,000 600,0001.3 Wage of the consultants Person day 12 70,048 840,576

    1.4 I-lotel cost Person day S 60,000 480,000Synthesizing cost and multiplying

    2 .documentsRemuneration to synthesize survey result

    2.1 based on areas of communes Person day 2 70,048 140,096

    2 2 Remuneration to type documents Pages 50 2,000 100,000Cost to photocopy these documeniets into

    2 3 10 sets Pa,zes 500 125 62.50Remuneration of PAHs and local cadres

    3 participated in the survey3.1 Establishing attestation of householders I-HH 5 20,000 100,000

    Remuneration of participation of local3.2 cadres Person day 2 50,000 100,000

    Cost to work with people's committees of Communes3.3 l localities where to build the substation. districts 2 200,000 400,00011 MANAGEMNT COST: (8% cost) VND 240,254III NORM PROFIT: (I 1% cost) VND 356,777

    Sub-total cost before tax: I+Il+IIl+IV VND 3,600,203IV VAT: 10% cost VND 360,020

    Cost estimate after tax (1+... + IV) . VND . .3,960,223_ ._._._._ .............. ~~~~~~~~.............. ...__ . ...... .,. ...... ,,,,..... .,,........ __ .......... ........ ._._.......___.. ___.. , ..,__,,. ._,.....


    | f ~~~~ ~ ~~~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~~~TinHL tDiuZ T i

    DLng Minh Chau

    B6n Uu BhnatU DihQu6n

    LEGEND:KC ,g BeHo-XunoXunTbg,|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3 Diuwa P.,Xn n" I2Hu r K 4,H6ngNgLf~~~~~~~~~~~r~g

    ||igjs fRoP06csoawrLK AnLong \ PhuLi) \ .F ,/TCanN. -hnho T.H6C i/nhuTah

    u EDo1t3IhEEr~TPUNT =; ChaLc G h; gnTaO


    N NamW-s1 / 'An ThH Ig _hn Than An \ h


    Ta rau Binh

    _~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~hn Ho .'Chau Than Gi,Lo

    [ PROPOSED20/IHYDR RIEUSnSa TI /'o.5 Ca\ Ca

    . . .. .. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tk


    TRU 38 0 0 0 TR 37 EXISTING I1 0 Kv THU DUC


  • Tong C'ng ty Dien ltfc Vi6t Nam M1au BCo n tv T! v. a"n X Ai dnCfnD tDizn 2


    H6m nav, nprvy ... 2. thang.'narm 200 9T ai vft!) pho ng- U B N I-) ....... .aA ..... 7 5 .C ............ '..u... ........ ... ......... .......

    NI),,i'iu n : phM bien thk`na tin xc dif an, MLIc tieu cia cC)ng tac dieU tra phuLc VU 1lI.p c ->caKc hoach TLij dinb cur RP ), danh -ia tac d6no cia m6i truying (EIA) v' ahi nhan x- 'ien.D f an . ..(.>.. ....2 ...-..... '.......r- / ^

  • T6ng CUn_ iv D-ien 1ic Viet Nam NIau B

    UCng Tv Tuf % an Xay difng Eien 2


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    - _. . -_- -- ----.- -- 1-

    1 ~ ~------ ---- - - --. - - --L ---- - -- = . 1-

    1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-- ----------X _1

    | ~ -_ -__ -_._ -_- _ _ -v -., HANH VAN PE ONrG _

    ;_______ d,C

    l~~~~~~~~~~~~'5 - . -----

    _ ~ ~~~~~~-___ ___

    1 _.......I-

  • ----... - - - - ........... . ..... .. .. .................................................. ... . .. ... ... ..... __.__

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    .-~ ~~~ ~ ~ ........ I...... .................................... ;........................................................ . .. . . . . . . . . ....................... ............ ,.. ..... -................................................................. ........ ......................................... L

    ...... ..... .................................... - -- -- ~ ~ ..... ..... . ...........

    ~~~~~~~~~~.......... . ........ .....---------- : jjr --v;*- , 7---

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~............... ....... ......................... ............ .................... ... . ........ /.



    Anh: Cd c da i bie'u diu hop TVCD ta i UBND Qudn Thid Dt?c

    Anh: Cdn b6 Cty TVXD Dien 2 trinh bay Dit dn TBA 22OkV BinhTrieu vti cdic chinh sdch dWn bi~ GPMB


    So: 51{ /IUB-QLDT Thu Dc, ngav 06'thdng -r ndrn 2004

    V'v TJzoa thmin dia die'm xav diatg tram TBA 220 Kfinh gogi: CCin', lT Tu V an X X v DI1" Dirn 'KVBinh Trieu va h46ngrutvn DZ220KV -

    I I OKV d'au ni(i t vo tramT

    INi\y 08 thang 04' nam 200'1 C6ng Tv Tu V5~aL X^v Duin Diet 2 c6 v.n bC-so0492/EV.NI/TVD2.19 V/v th6a thuan Gia die.n TB. 220 KV Binh Tri7h va huvr6rtuven D2 220KV - 110 KV dau noi V20o tram.

    Sau Lkhi xem xet h& so c6 liTh qua:-. U Ba:- NhL Dan Qt^n Thi DU'C ::thLv ! hLe san:

    C L ''C.- . -_ ' \ ! ', :1;_:.ziu .:n.U ..:... .::: .i J_'u ;....1i u'm _'._ ' .i: _i> .ini Lv,_ i \. :. X..~l ................... , ,i ,n ~.................... . .

    T.;. . . ~-~ ' ~- A ' l-.u. -X?7- -. ; 1->-. - .... .... ~ ~ ~ ~ N L.. ..'n ,lifi . ....

    KM , ir.h Trieu theo (phui'cin an 2 ) c nh k;e. ban v-

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    Th6no nhat thoa thuan cu~a Con- Tv Xa.v Di'na Va Phat Tri.en Kinh TeQuan 6 va C6ng Ty Tu' Van Xay DVng DiWn 2 ve aia aie'm xay du'na tram bien an.TBA 990 KV Binh Trieu va hu'6na tuyen 3^ 990KV - lO0KV- aau noi va.e tram(trona dui an Khu ao thi Hiep Binh Phu'6c tai .hu'dng hiep Binh Phu'oc theo Phi'0n2an 2 ifinh kem ban ve TR-02-96.lE)N-0l Lh2na 3 namn 2004 cua Con~ Ty Ti' \:anXaly Di'na Die~n2 ). De nghi C6 ng Ty Tuf Vn Xav Du'na Dien 2 lien he~ cac riChnhh


    * -~~~SaQuy Hoach - Ki' Trc(d, z- UBND P. Hiep Binh Phiric) ( de' i eo doiij',-/Na Lu 11, 'V XD l):2n 2

    S 1v X7 L 111LT7 {;

    Ti-I~utheo (phL~O!z Li ) clHi ke'\

    th6a thu-~~n c~,a- Nhu'; D&:nq .i 7 -E

  • ;1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--1e'/r '~

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    UY B.AN N-HA?N DA\>N' CO.N-G HOA XA HOI CHO .NGHLA vr1T NAPvITHiA'NH PHO HO CHI MPH Doc lap - Tlr do - Hanh phucS6: 4'i g / 2041/QD-LB T

    00- C'W-l i rilm 2004

    QUYET DINH CUA IY IL.W:N H DANTHANH PHO..- lrte~~~~~~~~~~I ban hanh baing,gia cFiilu5F~tlthieu trjgiaulila --- :va cac loai ki6ri truc kh{ic dc tLfnh le phi trur6c batruhi dia bfin thanh ph6 Ho Cihi Nlinh


    ! - Cin cu- Lut To chu-c H-{Oi dona nhan cln va lia-rin arh!n dn nciiv 2 6_hinc 11 nmr-n 2 00 3;_ - Ca cC Nhidi dinh s50 i76/199 9/ND-CP I- t 1 t!in 1 2 I9C, c , _CLmn DlI 12 chf i -rUc ba 'ii >cbi C so" R /Th /\D C? '- *-' . -

    z.vz, s: -. ~ E -,D';'~ iUj~ CJC \z:!gLS' \- i_C Ss- (>t! ')L sCO n 5 i002 6~' Xat c U) ( >3) 1, r'Xtr)( .) *.'|'N 7 1 J"no 12 Cr 1999 a Cda i I,,(,

    - CLi cUi ThOnCg ur s 62S/2000iTT-BTC IC IS :IiTho 4 ol 2000 cua Bo-r i cilnhI huc,2 din [huc hiiTh NLhi dirih sd 17//l I9N)D-CP no2v 21 ihainh 12r2io 19 9 Ctia ChTunh phu va Tnonn ur s6 550'N. /3,` -T 3-lC' nciv 041 ui,ns 6 na7LX903 ciLCa Bb Thi chirih hiking dan sua ddi, s l oincy Lu s2 o2S/200/TT-BTC[c1-y 1S hnholi 4 nlin 2000 cia Bo Tai chinlilE hr'a11 cLan thuc ImEl nT C dnh 50i7i/1?9?/dO-CP naiv 21 clangi 172 PrL 1990 C; ' iii

    - Xirc de n=hi cuaa Sa Xity duing -a: Tax Li'h s6 427/XD-KSiK nzy 1!riinig 3 LuLn 2004 vd viec rinhi banG =ia chUiL tI hiiu tri _ai nha va cac va: khentrunc klhic cie tinhi 1L, ptii tru6c ba;

    QUYET DINH. D)ieu 1 Nav ban hanh bbng gia churn t6i thieu ii gid nha xva c2c loai ki6nii-c khAc theo b5ngi ohu luc dinh k;d km ca sol tinh phi cinndc ba khi kythu Luc ir-rdc ba rha. nha xuo&aa raon cija bin thinh ph6 Ho Clu ind

    DEicu 2. Can cu- quy dcin cua Trdnaa Lruo v_ cii yLrng ahariai cc ciot i va bi-n cd5ug lii ca trn thii ':rio; S'a Xfy dumag cOng S& I-i chiinl, Cunc ThuEhnrih PhM rghhia cCru trLhn Uy ban ahan din LUiab phr cie-u chinh, b6 suns bangth chualn cho phi hc;p chu-c t'.

  • Dieu 3. Quyet dinh nriy c6 hieu lIuc thi hLanh sau 15 ngcv kle tir n-Ay kl v,thay the cic Quyet dinh s6 5184/QD-IB-KT nc;av 09 th6ng 11 narn 1996, Quy6tdiah s6 5675/QD-UB-KT ng,y 24 thana .10 nam 1998, Quyet dinih s6 15/2001/QD-UB nugy 23 thang 02 nan 2001 ciia UJy ban nhin dan thahh pho vt viec ban hlnhmhbang gi,= chuLn t6i thieu tii gii nha d-' tfnh 16 phi tr-u6c ba tr(n dia ban th,nh phoH6 CL Mlianh. -

    Di6u 4. Clianh Van phon-, Hoi dong nhi_n dan va U-y ban rihan dan chLanJhph6, Cuc tru&nc Cuc -fiu- Lhahri ph6, Giaim d6c cAc S&: Tai chinb'h, Xav dungva C11i ticil Uy ban nlhan dan cac quan-hiuvxn chiu trach nli_.n tili hiinh Quy5 t iy./.

    A'ui n/ilt TiM. JY BAtN NH,N D TN ''llANlH P11f(- Nhu dieu 4 , CHU TICH- UBN\DMT: CT. c c PC I r I Ir

    ' PH'-'B CE-c PVP ,' - DT, C TN. *- TM i 4 'j - L.J-. (CN;>-r->;2

    --, \u- ' --

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    . . . | O~~~~~~~~~~dn arid tinh tren s2n XLoai K~~~~~~e't c a'u DOVT cldfnE ( d6nz )

    1. Cot, 1a, mi ban_ BTCT, ufdng c-ach, m.2 2 3OO 000 I G00 0u'1

    nn lat ScPcn xi-ma-ng ca-c loai

    .... 2. Cot, cla BTCT, tW6dn a ach jndai go'i 'no-ac ,,) 21000.1 'C

    to!c ,c6 cF2.+ nl flat c-ach \!, mclGn- CG ICZ lc'

    L K. .u, ni sa ma i BTCT, it-dn- aach, 2m' 2 000 000 I CC

    t _ | | - . 3 1 CT, 6 Jf s c, _ G o r l0C00 .hc1Gc ;0 ,r;rl, ncen IGc- !;:! n,A

    rvt;lC ac loa _____ ls . San *ayc r

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    c'/S -C6 tnr eLIn I_. nI -LNha cou2g ctf ii uno6 02c ooo 1 400 000

    2-NhA ChUnDu Cuf' di2 b'a-n~ rn2 2 400 000 1 700 000Nhji 1n i,.cnu, > tTv t I c: !n - 7o;0 I0J 000 I 200 000, [ .i > .an L-,ng cu ,o2i san1 r -j 12 00 000 1 550 000

    ,~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - !-----,~~~~I ll A 1) 8CU vi.} n .> 5z n lta r f t

    IS I Nhn caa *eo ahu. MsA2 rn 000 000 1 400 000. c .

    3.NK ch sco cu rnai 2 sa | 3 000 000 2 100 000

    ,''la CaA ic>5t I C a1 cLC ;. 102 sn m? A0 000 0 30 000___ ______________________o__0_.

    ,c ,chsnfotu c 1 sac 5J 300 000 S 00 OC0

    _I^C- : '~~~~~~~~C ion [iel cti5x n S0 | iJi7| 6DO O0 '0OC-*c; ;.1. - t a ' 2 - ,; i 3

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    l~~~~~~~~~~~~T (- P _j _;_,, ch,' _ 6_ ii ., 00 - 65 0- Lb V 6J 0 20 10 030 001

    l~ ~ ~- _______________________ ____ _______ I_

    l ~I tYIQn-, cot, dz BTC1, nen g-aoL xi eilng m2 p0(0 000 1 400 0r0* . raIo

    | Nha ca c loa i ,ma i to n

    -~ " 2K6tc nhLr IrOn rni 'c >S ' 100 X36O0 000 15z 00 000)

    _~~ ~ _ A

  • Dunc tic h < 5 m0 m _3 140 ___|___00 |__ 000__IO.Dun7 cic-:, >' 5C m3OG. I 0. ^0 |n- rn12 005 | 155 000 i_ m2~~~~00. 2400000 140 000- |.Dun~tic; >5Om3100,3 n m.2 220000 | 1550000

    .3.Dung Lch > 100 m m2.

    , Be tono cot thep: .I

    t.Dun, tich 50 m3-l OOm-3 m2 1 200 000 850 000

    3.Dun, tich > 100 m3 300r.3 m2 1 300 000 900 000

    4.Dun2 Lich > 300 mr 3 500Sm3 [m2 1 400 000 980 000

    Nh n ko Lhp__ _____.

    + Lop tole hcoac -Fib,o vach gach m2 1 000 000 700 000Lt - Lc o e hoac Fibro, vach tole , van m2 600 000 420 000L LoD iole h,cJc Fibro kh6nE Ivch m2 400 000 980 00&

    MM xNha :cudn2 ko (o: _. Lc?D ;- .c -irro, vlch z Ch 2 /e70 000 500 0(CC

    D c- i v h6n v ! ;ch i -n -2 7 0,0 10 OCc; - i s

  • _ Bc ba ng (hlP Cilu a x ang, d-u du tihhcluLa, tn 'n( c!uCJdn ong ndj (chura trih: nna van m3 2 700000 1 900 : 0o.LG flph6ng, san dLrdng, h&ng rao)

    1 KLa.MI tole, nr,g6, v! keo go, tcan .vdn f, t4cng.

    __ gach, 6hltgachrnen o . m2 900 000 650 000xdy rdiXngOor.i 2. Mai tole, ng6o, vYi k&o g6, tran van ep, ttng 0Ouch m2 800 000 560 000

    tich 3.Cot aa BTCT, mai b2lag, tng gach, op nla, la. gach men', nen gach xi rang c2iC io2i mQ2 1 000 000 700 000

    Gli ch6 - Cac mdc gia tren chufa bao gorn rthue- VAT 10% ,


    Al ~ ~ AN

    ! IY



    IL.; . ....... - r> ..... ;_... .. :.,. ;"':--:- -

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