Target Audience & Audience Profiling

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Transcript of Target Audience & Audience Profiling

Target audience

Target audience& Audience Profiling

Target audienceWe have chosen the target audience of 16-24, this is because we as a group belong to this audience and could share the same demographic status, allowing us to have more of an insight into their interests and preferences. Obviously I am aware that people outside of this age group enjoy watching horror films, meaning they are a part of the informal target audience. Also, in recent years, films have been rated 15, whereas they used to be 18, this broadens the target audience.

Audience profilingName: Mia DinnAge: 16Mia is in the demographic of 16-19 year olds which is the main age range we are aiming our production at. Mia is the ideal member of our target audience as her interest is mainly in psychological horrors. This means se has a large knowledge of the horror genre conventions and knows what to look for within a good horror movie.

Audience profilingMias psychographic factors include watching horror films with friends, she also enjoys going out but she also enjoys spending time at home. Mia believes that the ideology of horror films is that evil always prevails and some way or another defeats the hero. In recent films, evil is usually a dark spirit or a demon whereas, in older, traditional films, other humans were the enemy usually involving murder. Her favourite films are Insidious, The Amytyville Horror and The Conjuring, which are within the sub genre of psychological horror Others like Hush she enjoys which have elements of slasher and psychological.

Audience profilingWithin a horror film, Mia enjoys more of a realistic feel to it as she thinks it makes the audience feel more on edge. She also likes props such as knives, because they are traditional and make watching it even more scary and makes it feel more real. She thinks that guns are not a good prop to use in a horror because it feels less sinister and makes deaths quick. I will be including some of these conventions that she enjoys to cater to her group of audience.