Target Audience/ Typical audience members

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Transcript of Target Audience/ Typical audience members

  1. 1. Typical Audience Members
  2. 2. Jessica Above is Jessica she is aged 17 and is in college studying music. I think that she would be a typical audience member, as she shares similar values as my artist such as being true to herself and she enjoys listening to music that have a message. Jessica feels that lyrics are important in music as it the way that the artist expresses their emotions, this way she feels that she can connect to not only the song but to the artist as they could have gone through a similar experience to Jessica.
  3. 3. Tyrone Above is Tyrone he is 19 and is in his last year of college studying Media Studies. He would be a typical audience member as he enjoys watching music videos in his spare time. Tyrone listens to both mainstream and alternative music. He feels that the music video should represent what the artist is mentioning in the lyrics. Like my artist Monett, Tyrone is strong, independent and is not afraid of standing up for what he believes in even if it is going against the crowd.
  4. 4. Jake Above is a picture of Jake aged 20, he is likes to listen to music in his free time. He listens to different genres of music but he tends to listen to mainstream music. Jake likes a song that has a distinctive beat because he likes to dance. He would be a typical audience member because he so versatile when it comes to music.
  5. 5. Ashley Ashley is in college studying fashion, she is 18 years old. She likes alternative music/ music videos. Ashley is a typical audience member because she likes listening to songs which are based on a past experience as she feels its more relatable. She likes to think of herself as a role model for girls and like my artist she grew up in West London.