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  • KBA Metal Decorating


    Steps ahead in Metal DecoratingInnovative systems for printing, coating and drying of metal sheetsmade of tinplate, aluminium or steel

  • KBA Innovative Systems | 3

    The new Mailnder 280 combines two successful press concepts into oneWindows-based ErgoTronic console with wallscreen

    Designed for tinplate and aluminium Large sheet format up to

    1 000 x 1 200 mm Flat sheet travel Sheet thickness up to 0.50 mm High performance feeder Fast-reacting and stable inking unit SAPC Semi-automatic plate change Automatic blanket washing Windows-based ErgoTronic central

    operator control Long service life German engineering, manufacturing

    and support

    With the new Mailnder 280, KBA-MetalPrint presents a further milestone for metal decorating. The best of two internationally successful concepts has been united in a single press: The high-tech automation of the MetalStar in combination with the universal applicability of the proven Mailnder series. That guarantees ultimate performance and outstanding print quality with all types and thicknesses of metal sheet.Like all previous Mailnder metal decorating presses, the new Mailnder 280 is designed on a modular basis, allowing you to extend your line and install additional equipment with a bare minimum of disruption at a later stage.

    The name MetalStar stands like no other for high performance and high-quality printing. The press has been designed for fast production speeds, but at the same time also the shortest possible makeready times. That guarantees maximum efficiency. With the MetalStar 3, KBA-MetalPrint is presenting the next generation of its globally successful high-speed multicolour metal decorating press. Based on the technologies of KBAs latest large-format presses for printing on paper and board, the MetalStar 3 is characterised by ultimate automation, unbeatable productivity and robust engineering made in Germany.

    Speeds up to 10 000 sph Large sheet format up to

    1 000 x 1 200 mm Sheet thickness down to 0.100 mm DriveTronic feeder designed to handle

    scroll and rectangular sheets High-precision KunziMatic registra-

    tion system FAPC Fully Automatic plate change or

    DriveTronic SPC simultaneous plate change

    DriveTronic Plate Ident CleanTronic Synchro simultaneous

    blanket and impression cylinder washing

    DriveTronic SRW simultaneous roller washing

    Windows-based ErgoTronic central operator control

    The peak performance class in metal decoratingMetalStar 3

    The best of both worldsMailnder 280

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  • KBA Innovative Systems | 5

    Dynamic Sheet Stripper/Unloader Sheet inspection module of the SMS system

    Additional quality features MetalCoat 480 Individual roller drive system 25% reduction in changeover incl. 2 min. coating cylinder change laser-assisted zero setting cylinder Intuitive operation and user guidance Electro-pneumatic cylinder setting Built-in coating head extraction Prepared for closed loop control

    Quality features Maximum sheet size 1 000 x 1 220 mm Fast format change Fast wash-up

    Dynamic Sheet Stripper/UnloaderThe vacuum dynamic sheet stripper unloads the cured sheets at highest speeds safely without relative movement between the belts and the sheets. By this the sheets will be transferred to the follow-on stacker in perfect position for optimal stacking.

    Sheet Inspection SystemThe safe ejection of sheets for inspec-tion purposes from the flow of sheets will be achieved by an SMS module. This device is also available with automatic reinsertion of the inspected sheets into the sheet flow.

    Dynamic Sheet ControlThe vacuum dynamic sheet control at the oven infeed developed by KBA-MetalPrint, offers precise and controlled stopping of the sheet at a predetermined position enabling damage-free sheet transfer into the wickets at highest speeds.

    KBA-MetalPrint coating machines are designed to match the increasing demand for higher speed, larger sheet size and faster changeover. Excellent coating results at highest speeds. Available as free standing machine with fully automatic feeder for internal and

    exterior coating applications as well as inline coater for clear varnish after printing Available with VacuMatic front register infeed table for high precision cross, longi-

    tudinal stenciling and spot coating or with a plain belt infeed table for solid coating

    Stacker in modular design Magnetic or vacuum overhead dynamic

    sheet control stacker in modular design with virtual stops for high speeds and low noise damage-free stacking. Available as single, double or triple box version.

    Low budget standard stacker for alu-minium or tinplate with or without dynamic sheet control. Available only as single box version.

    High performance coatingMetalCoat 480 / MetalCoat 470

    Integrated or off-line KBA-MetalPrint offers a convenient solution

    Sheet Handling

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  • KBA Innovative Systems | 7

    Scheme of the HighEcon TNV with enlarged main heat exchanger, the centerpiece of the HighEcon drying oven

    KBA-MetalPrint has developed a new generation of drying ovens which guarantees even greater energy savings and efficiency. Key features of the new HighEcon drying oven concept are the automatically controlled exhaust air volume, a reduction of approx. 70% in gas consumption compared to an oven without air purification, modified air flows within the oven, and the use of frequency controllers for all fans. Together, these features enable the handling of extremely thin metal sheets down to a thickness of just 0.100 mm.

    Cabin front displayAll system-relevant settings and consumption data are presented to the customer at a glance on the display of the redesigned extraction cabin.

    KXB the new burner generationThe new developed burner type KXB (in cooperation with Karlsruher Institute for Technology KIT) provides sufficient cooling due to its flow-optimised design, resulting in longer lifetime and achieves emission limits at lower combustion temperatures.

    HighEcon flow diagrammSimulation program visualising the gas savings depending on different jobs and changeover sequences.

    New design meets high tech HighEcon drying oven

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  • KBA Innovative Systems | 9

    Illustration 1: Air circulation within the ovenIllustration 2: Metal temperature curve

    a b c


    200 C



    Touch panel view of the oven process










    Step [-]Temp. [C] V Length [mm]

    V xSh

    eet l


    hSheet width

    V y

    Temperature distribution on the sheet

    Surface temperature curve along the sheet after leaving cooling zone

    Optimised air circulation and temperature controlQuick and consistent heating of the metal sheets in the oven is achieved by a special injection nozzle system (illustration 1).Once the drying temperature is reached, the metal sheets are consistently baked at the temperature within +/- 1.5 % (illustration 2).

    Effective cooling by means of high cooling air volumeThe effectiveness of the cooling zone depends on different parameters such as length of the cooling zone, direction of air flow, specific air volume, temperature of the cooling air, sheet gauge and size, speed etc. KBA-MetalPrint uses specially developed simulation software based on a large range of gathered data to obtain the most effective possible cooling in real production situations.

    Optional extras for cooling Frequency controlled fans Outside temperature controlled

    cooling capacity performance Louver damper system Active cooling (air conditioning

    supported) Silencers The DigiVent Control System provides many

    additional features to improve efficiency, maintenance and quality by means of: Total visualisation of drying process PLC temperature control and monitoring Fault logging and archiving function Capture and recall of product coating

    programmes Digital temperature recording Automatic start and shutdown

    sequences Remote service via VPN router through


    DigiVent S7 Control

    Total curing times

    Speed Tunnel length

    18 m 21 m 24 m 27 m 30 m 33 m 36 m 39 m 42 m

    5 000 sheets/hour 8,6 10,0 11,5 13,0 14,4 15,8 17,3 18,7 20,1 [min.]

    6 000 sheets/hour 7,2 8,4 9,6 10,8 12,0 13,2 14,4 15,6 16,8 [min.]

    7 000 sheets/hour 6,1 7,2 8,2 9,2 10,2 11,3 12,3 13,3 14,4 [min.]

    8 000 sheets/hour 5,3 6,2 7,1 8,0 8,8 9,7 10,6 11,5 12,4 [min.]

    Thermal dryingDrying technology

    CoolingCooling / Control

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  • Gas savings HighEcon / EcoTNV







    Gas c




    % HighEconDrying oven with EcoTNVDrying oven without TNVDrying oven with TRADrying oven with

    integrated TNV

    6 000 operation hours/year20 % set-up time80 % productionTNV 10 000 Nm3/h

    Speed 7 000 sheets/hAverage solvent load 60 kg/hFresh air heat exchangerAverage sheet weight 1,2 kg

    Comparison gas consumption

    The HighEcon and EcoTNV systems are by far the most economical air purification sys-tems for use on coating lines for metal packaging. Even when compared to installations with no air pollution control equipment, both systems achieve a dramatic reduction in gas consumption under normal production conditions with typical changeover patterns. This means that, in addition to purification of the solvent