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  • 8/14/2019 Sh ENews Feb2009


  • 8/14/2019 Sh ENews Feb2009


    YuLus Thoughts on Shelton

    Shelton College International

    I am Yu Lu, a student of the GCE O Level class in Shelton College International in 2008. When I heard I had obtained goodresults in the GCE O Level Examinations, I was very delighted and excited. I remember the colourful days I had spent in theschool. They were unforgettable. When I first joined the school in early 2008, I was full of uncertainty. My broken English andpoor academic record, the prospect of a completely new environment and the short time I would have to prepare for theexaminations, all weighed heavily on me. Would I succeed after only a few months? I thought to myself.

    After studying in this school for a few weeks, I found my worries disappearing. First of all, I was impressed with the quiet andserene atmosphere. The campus is located in a beautiful place. The quiet environment is conducive to learning. The facilitiesare also good: the classrooms are all air-conditioned; the basketball court and football field are open to all students. I oftenwent to the library or to the computer room to look for learning materials.

    During the time I studied there, I felt the school had not only enough wonderful physical resources but also an excellentgroup of teachers. As the soul of the college, they make Shelton a school of high quality. They were patient and pleased to

    teach me. Sometimes they even gave up their rest time. With their help I progressed rapidly. I could soon write and speakEnglish fluently. I even managed to deal with some courses which I had never learnt before, such as Calculus and Principlesof Accounts.

    I also met a lot of clever and helpful classmates. I still remember the happy days we spent in the school. We studied together,went out for lunch, played basketball after class and went home in sweat-soaked clothes. My classmates selflessly helped mewhenever I had any difficulties in my studies and even when I had personal problems. We might not study together any longerbut I think that our friendship will last forever.

    I will not deny the efforts I made. However, I must say I was rather fortunate to study in the school, to be taught by the teach-ers I had and to become friends with my classmates. Without them, I believe I would not have obtained such good results.The time they spent with me will forever remain a part of my precious memories.

    Please let me express my appreciation to all the people who had helped me during thate. hank you very much.

    A Parents Gratitude Towards Shelton


    Dear school teachers and management,

    would like to take this opportunity to express our tremendous gratitude to you and yourschool for your great effort on educating and guiding my child, Wang Rui, in his studiesor the past years.

    As a foreign student from China, the lessons and environment were both brand new, Hecould not adopt to all the changes immediately. It was the school's care and support thatenabled Wang Rui to overcome the various difficulties while staying at Shelton. I wouldike to give my thanks to all the teachers for their patienece and personal care of WangRui from the bottom of my heart. Wang Rui has made great progress from your excellentprograms. He also obtained a good score in the 2008 GCE "O" Level Examination. Ieally appreciate your efforts as this is not only our success, but yours as well.

    Lastly, I believe that Shelton has become our family's milestone school. I will remembereveryone and Shelton for such dedication to my son's education forever.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Richard Xiaogang Wang Ph.D


  • 8/14/2019 Sh ENews Feb2009


    The badminton tournament is open to all classes.Semi-finals will be on Tuesday and Wednesday, 17-18 February 2009. Finals will be on the 19th.

    9 March: International Women's Day

    20 March: Talk on Healthy Lifestyle

    21 March: Picnic at Sentosa (Students' and Teachers' Rest and Recreational Activity aimed atresting from the demands and pressures of academic work.)

    February ActivitiesComing Up

    Shelton College International

    Learning Journey: Singapores NeWater

    SCIs commitment to holistic education for its major stakeholders has developed its CCAs Character Develop-ment Program. Part of the program is its Learning Journeys. It is designed to widen the educational horizon ofthe students, who are primarily Non-Singaporeans, to aclimatise with Singapore. The entire program affects thestudents cognitive abilities as it enriches their understanding of Singapores Rich Cultural traditions andtechnologies.

    Singapore, being top of the world in terms of innovation, has earned international awards and recognitions forits water-related projects. Singapores daily water consumption, both domestic and industrial, has exceeded thecapacity of its reservoir. Thanks to its engineers for its ingenuity they have taken advantage of state-of-the-art-technologies in solving its lack of water sources.

    The NeWater Plant in Tanah Merah supplies a portion of Singapores potable water. This plant exceeds WHOs

    strict requirement for safe potable water.

    The Learning Journey, which commenced last 9th January, had 124 students participants who visited one ofSingapores bests, the NeWater plant in Tanah Merah. The journey began with instructions and birds eye viewof the trip by Mr. Adli, CCA Master, at the School Hall. Upon arrival, the staff gave the participants a warmwelcome and brief introduction of the whole experience. They also gave the students key information on howthe water is processed from used water to NeWater. First hand information on the countrys water history aswell as the entire process was thoroughly discussed in different interesting approaches.

    Singapore has earned international awardsan recogn ons or s wa er-re a e projects.




    Congratulations to our top 5 students!Top scorer: Yu Lu (Shang Hai, China)

    In second place: Huang Tan (He Nan, China)

    Third: Wang Rui (Guang Dong, China)

    Fourth: Chen Xi (Si Chuan, China)

    Fifth: Han Wei (Jiang Su, China)


  • 8/14/2019 Sh ENews Feb2009



    Singapore Police Force: Crime Prevention

    Shelton College International

    SCI Bags 2nd Place in the Terrarium-Making Contest

    Mention Singapore, and one almost immediately thinks of the country as a safe andsecure place. There are almost no cases of mugging and shootings-- problems thatare part of daily life in some countries, and one does not see hordes of drug addictswho are always ready to commit petty crimes to fund their craving. In fact, one couldsafely walk the streets at night without fear of becoming a victim to crime.

    However, one must not be lulled into a false sense of security. Just because theincidence of crime is low does not mean that crime does not occur--- this is themessage which the police wishes to impress on the students in Shelton CollegeInternational.

    On the 8th of January, the police was invited to come down to give a talk cum exhibiton crime prevention. Staff Sergeant Juay from the Bukit Merah NeighbourhoodPolice Post and Mr Chan from the National Crime Prevention Council were present to

    give our students and staff various tips on ways to prevent becoming the victim of acriminal. An interesting video was shown which detailed the modus operandi of thecriminals committing certain offences such as pick pocketing and ride-by snatchtheft.

    This was followed by an interesting and interactive Question and Answer Session,which our students participated most actively in. Information was also shared on thelatest scams, which involved tricksters posing as law enforcement officers demandingthe potential victim remit a certain amount of money into a designated account toaid investigations. It was most surprising that a large part of our students and theirparents had at one time or another received calls of such a nature. Unfortunately forthe crooks, we are too smart and discerning to fall for that. Try harder next time!

    The finale of the talk was a tour of the exhibits that were set up.

    It was indeed an eye opener to get to see so manyinteresting gadgets devoted to securing ones house andpersonal belongings.

    By Mark Li

    By Roja

    Shelton College International (SCI) goes green as the students joined the Terrarium Making Contest initiated together by SingaporeEnvironment Council and the Radin Mas Citizen Consultative Committee. All the participants were given training in two different sessionbefore the actual competition which was held on last January 18, 2009. The first training session was held on 12 January at Blk89 Redhill Close#01-448, Redhill Moral Senior Activities Centre along with the senior citizens. The second session was held on the same day at Radin Mas

    Community Center for our students exclusively.

    The awarding for the best terrarium was held last January 18, 2009 at Harbourfront Level 1. There were a lot of entries and one of SCI's student,Tracy, from O level Einstein, won 2nd place. The said event was attended by students and senior citizens as well. The guest of honor Mr. SamTan also graced the awarding ceremony. There were also performances from Chinese students which was one of the highlights of the event.

    CONSTRUCTING A TERRARIUM A BOTTLED GARDENTerrariums are miniature gardens enclosed in clear glass or plastic. It has also cometo mean an open, transparent container for growing and displaying plants. Terrari-

    ums require a minimum amount of care if they are kept sealed. The moisture thatplants absorb from the soil is given off through the leaves by the process of