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The Neighborhood News covers the Mid-City and West Adams communities in Los Angeles's Council District 10. IN THIS ISSUE: The History of the Clark Library, Backyard Dogs and Illegal Tethering, Brent Green, Neighbors in Love, The Hawkins Residence, Helping the Library, Artist Mark Dutcher and much much more.

Transcript of TNN ISSUE # 4 Feb2009

  • Issue 4 February - March 2009






    Happy Valentines

    Community Events


    Greening the Neighborhood

  • 2Editors Note

    Hi Neighbors!The joint is jumpin! Its really Jumpin! Fats Waller could have been talking about our neighborhood! The TNN and the neighborhood is growing and we have some (as Steve Wallis would say) OUTSTANDING contributers this issue. Bob Ferber is the Deputy City Attorney who prosecutes animal abuse issues and is an avidanimal activist. He writes about backyard dogs and the legal requirements for their care. Bruce Whiteman is Head librarian for the Clark Library, that mysterious building behind those walls along Adams by Gramercy. The grounds are open to the public during the day and they are incredibly peaceful with lovely statuary. He gives us some history about this rare books library. We also welcome Gavin Glynn, West Coast consultant to George Stephanopoulis. Gavin will be writ-ing a regular column on the local political scene, giving you the lowdown on whats up. And of course we cant forget all the wonderful neighbors who have sent in reports and written articles...Bernie Oliver reports on a communitys push to help the library get a camera security system and the strange push back from authorities. Dessie Reese writes about Brent Green the man responsible for planting alot of the new trees in the area. Carla Weber is starting a new feature that focuses on local artists and Judith Hawkins writes about her beautiful home.

    Some great new businesses have joined us. We have local affordable or free computer classes so no excuses to be afraid of that computer anymore. We also discovered the friendliest 24/7 plumber in town and a home repairman that has been fixing anything and everything for 40 years. The beautiful new Royal Thai Massage has a Valentines Special and I review two local places that serve first class sweets so you dont need to leave the neighborhood to get the treats your sweetie deserves. We also picked up the amazing Vintage Hollywood a local theater that is presenting an incredible FREE FILM FESTIVAL as well as performances about Billie Holiday and Josephine Baker.

    I get 10 lashes with a wet noodle for errors in last months publication.... Judith HAWKINS wrote the wonderful piece of history about Kinney and Western Heights not Judith Walker. I mashed up Carla Webers story (whoops!) and apologies to Joy Williams for forgetting her report on the Alsace Block club! Livin and learnin.

    So sit back, grab a coffee, put your feet up and take a walk around your neighborhood!

    SPECIAL THANKS to: Peeta Torokvei, Todd Hunter, Quesi and all the distributors!!

  • 34 Community Events

    5 Astronomy Martin Ross Professor of Astronomy and Physics

    6 Brent Green Dessie Reese

    7 Apple Fairfax Cactus Garden

    8 History of the Clark Library Bruce Whiteman Head Librarian

    9 Hawkins Residence

    10 Neighbors in Love

    11 Origin of Valentines and Neighbor Love Poems

    12 Helping the Library Bernie Oliver

    13 Politics as Usual Gavin Glynn, West Coast

    16 Reviews: Gelaco, Rictoria

    17 The Backyard Dog, Illegal Tethering Bob Ferber, Deputy City Attorney. animal abuse issues.

    18 Natriliart Recipe: Beans n Rice

    19 Mark Dutcher, artist Carla Weber

    21 Retailer Locater Map


  • 2951 West 15th StreetLos Angeles, CA 90006323.373.9483

    FEBRUARYOpening Of Newly Constructed

    Basketball Courtsat Benny H. Potter Park.

    When construction of the brand new outdoor Basketball Courts is completed South Seas House will kick off the celebration with a Community Basketball Tournament and bar-b-que for all entrants.

    The Tom Bradley Youth and Family Center

    5213 W. Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019

    The Tom Bradley Youth and Family Center is a comprehensive information and referral service center, servicing the Mid-City and West Los Angeles communities. The Center offers an array of services which deal with the immediate needs of the surrounding community.

    For those community organizations and businesses that need a place to host meetings, the TBYFC offers free use of its conference room. Usage is based on availability. Please contact the Center for detailed information and scheduling.

    The Hodari After-Schooland Mentoring Program

    has collaborated with Alternative Services for Youth (Foster Care) Program providing

    services to adolescents ages 14-18 in the foster care system

    CAHSEE-California High School Exit Exam Stepping into your future, offered at the Tom Bradley Youth and Family Center beginning January 12, 2009 on Tuesdays to Thursday afternoons from 3:00pm 6:00pm. This program is especially for teens ages 17 19.

    The Alternative Services for Youth program is a countywide effort to prepare adolescents to meet the challenges of becoming responsible, produc-tive and healthy adults by assisting them through the transition from childhood to adulthood. Activities include Assessment of the needs of youth, Orientation for caregiver and youth, Mentoring, Life Skill Workshops, GED Prep, Sup-port Services and Field Trips. For further questions please contact Candis Rayfield at (323) 934-9159.


  • Washington Irving Library4117 W. Washington Blvd.

    Los Angeles 90018323.734.6303

    Saturday, Feb 07How to Publish Your Book Seminar 11am-4pm.

    Pre-Registration required.Friday, Feb

    13 Valentines Day Family Program 4pm.Saturday, Feb 21

    African American Heritage Family Program 4pm.Saturday, Mar 07

    How to Publish Your Book Seminar 11am-4pm.Pre-Registration required.

    Saturday, Mar 21 Book Club 10am.

    Soldier by June Jordan will be discussed.Book available for check-out.

    Saturday, Mar 21 Hire LAs Youth.

    Job Skills Workshop for ages 16-24.

    All adults welcome to participate.

    Mondays @ 11am Pre-school Storytime.Thursdays @ 4pm Family Storytime.

    Westside Jewish Community CenterAnnual Tu BShevat Festival

    Free AdmissionSunday, February 8, 2009

    Noon- 4 pmActivities include: Silent Auction, Family Art,

    Games, Food,Entertainment, and a Moon Bounce. All proceeds benefit WJCC educational programs.

    5870 W. Olympic Blvd., 90036Contact: 323-938-2531 ext. 2250

    less than the historical average so we tend to forget what a historicaly normal February and March is like.more rainy days than not! Something we have not experienced for some time. During February you will notice days getting longer again and by mid-March we will notice several minutes more sunlight than the day before. The Spring Equinox - one of the two days in the year when sunlight equals darkness - is on March 20. After this, daylight once again becomes longer than darkness. For a few days around February 22 if you happen to be out-side about 30 minutes before sunrise (which is at 6:30 AM) look to the east and you will see a grouping of three bright stars that are really the planets Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury! Finally during early and mid March the planet Saturn will be a very bright yellowish star in the eastern night sky all evening long.

    February and March is the rainy season for Los Angeles. The average rainfall during these two months used to be about 4 inches, one third of the annual rainfall. However, rainfall in southern California during the last decade or so has been much


  • Brent Green is Vice-president of 20th St. Neighborhood Block Club in the area between La Brea Ave and Hauser Ave. south of Washington Blvd. He is also responsible for the greening of Mid-City. Very seldom do you meet someone whose love for nature matches his heart, intellect and soul. Brent Greens love for plants began at the tender age of 6 when his mother cut the branch off of a philodendron plant from a pot in the kitchen window, to demonstrate to her son how nature takes its course and would soon produce another. She would pay him 25 cents take care of it. The philodendron plant did indeed produce another, and another, and so Brent took it upon himself to produce even more plants through cuttings. He thought it was a good idea to put them in Dixie cups and give them to the older women in his neighborhood as Christmas gifts. The accolades and support he received from his friends, family and neighbors inspired him to continue his devotion to plants and even-tually obtained a degree in Horticulture from Cal Poly Santa Luis Obispo College. Brents adventures through life and nature always centered around his love for plants. Brent continued to beautify his entire childhood neighborhood everychance he got. After high school football

    His generosity has now led him to renew the Mid-City area with bountiful trees along every street from La Brea Ave to Hauser Avenue. In addition he will be designing and landscaping the La Brea Median project this Spring 2009 near the 10 Fwy. Eventually all the streets throughout Region 7 will be lined with beautiful and lavish California Peppers; Elm, California Sycamore, Tipu, Purple Plums, Jacaranda, and Eucalyptus Trees. Brent, along with wife Cheryl Green and daughter Grace, has built an outstanding landscaping and design company, known as Green Art Landscaping and Design. His client list includes neighborhoods such as Hancock Park, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Hollywood Hills, Hombly Hills, Greenstone Mansion, West Adams Historical District and the Venice Canals to