SEO Planning for eCommerce

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My approach to SEO for eCommerce websites. Take aways? Learn what you need, develop a plan, execute it, and adjust as necessary.

Transcript of SEO Planning for eCommerce

  • 1. SEO Planning for eCommercePresented by: Gregg Banse 7th Pixel
  • 2. Search Engine OptimizationThe adjustment of html page entitiesand content for the express purpose ofranking higher on search engines. Brett Tabke - 2001
  • 3. My Approach to SEO Its like Chinese cooking Several key ingredients Many variations yield many results No one way is correct Assess and Adjust as you go
  • 4. The Basic Ingredients Theme Pyramid Keywords Content & Function Outline Internal & External Links Keyword to Content Map Copywriting
  • 5. Theme Pyramid Structure
  • 6. Ex: RoadRunner Sports1. Home Page2. Mens Shoes, Womens Shoes3. Road Running, Trail Running, Tennis4. Nike, Brooks, New Balance, Asics5. New Balance 1260
  • 7. Level 1Home Page
  • 8. Level 2Mens Shoes
  • 9. Level 5Product Page
  • 10. Notes Home Page has little SEO value it will take care of itself Make a good impression to your buyer Provide spider food (deep links) Levels 2 4 Accommodate multiple click paths May actually be filtered results
  • 11. Keywords Keyword tools (including PPC) Existing stats Trade mags, discussion boards, meet ups, social media, etc. Gather, distill, & vet for quality
  • 12. Content & Function Outline Identify all the parts and pieces Explain what theyre for and how they function If there are rules explain them Be mindful of the pyramid, link opportunities, and user experience
  • 13. Content &Function
  • 14. Internal & External Links Develop a strategy/recipe for internal links. Make the links useful and natural External links from on-topic or tangential topics are the best. Ex. Manufacturer or trade magazine Spreadsheets are very helpful
  • 15. ExampleCategoryLevelInternal LinkStrategy
  • 16. ExampleProductLevelInternal LinkStrategy
  • 17. Keyword to Content Maps Page Title URL Content Description Meta Title, Meta KW, Meta Desc Hyperlink KWs
  • 18. Copywriting Use the Keyword to Content Map Use the Content & Function Outline Add hyperlinks Develop a consistent personality
  • 19. ExampleProductCopywriting
  • 20. Summary1. There are no rules only guidelines2. Develop something that works for you3. Easy to understand4. Easy to use5. Measurable
  • 21. Thank you.