SEO for Ecommerce - an overview

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SEO for ecommerce is all about technical efficiency, clean, crawlable sites and a great UX. These slides were presented at Fresh Business Thinking Live - June 11th 2014.

Transcript of SEO for Ecommerce - an overview

  • 1.common pitfalls SEO

2. Organic digital marketing G Global Campaigns G Creativity & Connection G Delight & Inform 3. Recent Credits Awards Credits 2. Best Use of Search - Wirehive 3. Fast Growth - Wirehive 2. Econsultancy: SEO Best Practise Guide 3. Co-Authored: Hit Me! Best Use of Search Retail* Econsultancy Buyers Guide *UK Search Awards 2013 4. Attention to detail 5. Almost doubled within one week period 6. Common Pitfall Dont plan the site around the product Start with how and why research x 7. Advanced Keyword Research GSite Search Logs G Google Keyword Planner G Market Research 8. Query Types INFORMATIONAL TRANSACTIONAL NAVIGATIONAL CONNECTIVITY 9. INFORMATIONAL TRANSACTIONAL NAVIGATIONAL 10. research informs information architecture, on-page SEO and content strategy... 11. Common Pitfall Messy Site Architecture Route Users, Crawlers and Equity x 12. Pick A Favourite 13. 301 Redirects humans & agents G Rel=canonical Preferred above others 14. funnels equity Retains any required functionality/security 15. Natural journey in file structure Succinct real words in URLs/files Home > Category > Sub-category > Product 16. Filters for options, sizes, styles not sub-pages 17. HOME FRAGRANCES P1 P2 P3 P1 P2 P3 P3P2P1 SOFT FURNISHINGS CANDLES 18. Common Pitfall Crawl Budget - Waste Clean, Efficient, Error Free x 19. Query URLs Currency Sort order 20. Pagination Category landing Search results 21. Search results Most cases (not all) 22. Parameter Handling Let Googlebot decide? Advanced feature be very sure 23. Keep It Clean G Fix All 404 GRe-Point 301 to link cleanly G Check all return 200 Screaming Frog SEO Spider (Crawling Tool) 24. Common Pitfall No strategy for maintenance or out of stock Header status codes x 25. 503 Maintenance 26. Out of Stock Stick a sign on it Pre-order/reserve DONT 404! 27. Discontinued 301 to Direct Equivalent 301 to Optimised Custom Landing page Consider 410 to reduce index wastage 28. Common Pitfall International Strategy Not One Size Fits All Business Resource Comes First x 29. Best Practise G Sub-domain G Domain G Top Level Domain 30. ccTLD Natural language translations and resource Content, mark-up, meta, URLs 31. Sub-domain Natural language translations and resource Content, mark-up, meta, URLs Leave folder for language 32. Hreflang=X Link element - header HTTP header Sitemaps 33. confers equity Right page, in right index increases conversion 34. Common Pitfall Making do for mobile Optimise mobile experience x 35. 17.4% global web traffic is mobile... Data source: Statcounter 36. Responsive Optimised App Mobile site Whatever resource constraint there are choices... 37. Common Pitfall Thin/duplicate content Clever use of tags + content x 38. 82% Average visibility drop from the TOP 100 losers when Panda rolled out to the UK Data: SearchMetrics 39. Never duplicate your entire database in a feed Never duplicate your entire database in a feed Never Give that feed to affiliates 40. hold back Keep optimised attributes, detailed descriptions, consider UGC... 41. Thank you for listening DOWNLOAD SLIDES 42. NEED HELP WITH YOUR SEO? Tel: +44(0)1256 384 890 E-mail: [email protected] Twitter: @NicholaStott Web: