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my research ancillary task which is about the cods and convention in film magazine cover and film posters

Transcript of Research on ancillary task -Minoo

  • 1. Minoo MirzaeiSilver screen entertainment

2. There are several aspects ofmovie posters which follow thesame codes and conventions:Writing languageTypographyCamera angle and shotsColour schemes 3. Usually they have short headings and titles to makethe poster easier to understand and the focus is mostlyon the image and body of the protagonistIn almost every romantic drama movie posters the nameof the two main lovers is written in a different fontcomparing to other characters and it is placed at the topeof the posterother actors names are running along the top of thepage, which is a way of trying to entice people to watchthe film as if they like one of these actors they may wantto see them performThe production company logo and the names of othercrews of this movie and also the link to the movie website iswritten in a smaller size font at the bottom 4. Usually there is a colour change in the title or subheading whichmakes the word or phrase purposely to stand out from the rest ofthe sentence . For example in this poster the word now has beenwritten in light blue which one of the main colour scheme of thisposter as this movie is all about the limited time that the girl has tofind her lover.Also the size of the title is big and it is usually bold to makes it easierto readMost of the romantic movie has a slogan either at the top orbottom of the poster written in a different style and colourfont and giving clue or a hint about the storyline of the moviewhich encourage the audience to go and watch the movie inorder to find out the meaning behind the sloganThe text underneath the title gives a brief information that themovie is based on a book. It is smaller than the rest as thisinformation may entice people who have enjoyed the other filmsto watch it, but is not the most important part of this particularfilm.same colour is used for this subheading as it is used in the wordnow which makes it linked the title and the bright blue makes itto stand out from the rest of the poster. 5. Usually in every romantic movie poster there is a use of twoperson shot , in order to express the story and also symbolisingthe love between the two protagonists.The shot is usually taken from one of the scenes in the moviewhere there is a chemistry or emotions between the twocharacters.Usually there is a use of close up angle in the poster inorder to show action which is taking place between thetwo main characters in more detail and also as we can seein this poster often the focus is on the male character , forexample in this poster we can see more of the bodylanguage of the male character compare to the femalecharacter and typically the male character is the one whosupports the girl in the shot either by hugging her orholding her hand. 6. The colour scheme usually links with the colourused in the title and subheadings.For example the colour scheme in this poster isred and orange which perfectly match colour ofthe title of the movie .The use of colour red in this poster signifieslove and passion which the audience expect tosee in a romantic movie .Also the use of different props in this case flowersindicate love and romance and establish a romanticgenreThe fact that the female character is wearing thecolour white and the male is wearing a black t-shirthints , they are opposites , which could relate to theromantic saying that opposites attract. 7. There are several aspects of magazinecover which follow the same codes andconventions:Camera angle and shotsColour schemes and typographyWriting language 8. The stars of the movies image generally used asa focal pointImage on the front cover usually target a certainaudience in this case teen female are the targetedaudienceThere is a use of medium shot to show the maincharacter of the movie , for example in this case theimage of Kristen Stewart , the protagonist of themovie Twilight , is placed in the middle of the frontcover by the use of medium shot to establish herbody language and attract the audience and herfans to read the magazineUsually the actor / actress looks directly to thecamera and her / his picture is either fromwhen they were in the movie with their propsor its just a glamorous picture either taken inthe movie premier or in the studio 9. The mast head is clearly displayed using a different colour fromthe background and different size and style for example in thismagazine front cover the white colour perfectly stands out fromthe dark blue background and its big and bold style makes iteasier to be seen and become more eye catchingThe colour scheme in this front cover is yellow and white andcolour of the movie character costume contrast with thecolour scheme which helps the image to stand out and attractthe audienceOnly three/ four colours maximum are used on the front coverto maintain the simplicity of the magazineGraphics and colours are interchangeable, depending on thefeatured film. For example the movie featured on thismagazine cover is a fantasy and the use of dark blue makesthe character mysterious and the place which the movie tookplace exotic and strange Font size, shape and colour are used creatively to suggest different ideas 10. Writing the word mind blowing in red makes the wordto stand out and also this word has been repeated againin the subheading which attracts the target audienceimmediatelyAlong the top of the front cover, additional informationthat could determine that the audience will buy thismagazine is featured. E.g. free posters, entry intocompetitions and so on. This technique attracts morenumber of audience to buy the magazineThe few sell lines that are actually featured on thefront cover of a film magazine indicate the informationthat the audience will be able to find inside.The name of the featured film is always the secondlargest piece of text, after the mast head, which is on thefront cover of the magazine and it also uses the similarcolour to mast headThe names of actors, actresses and famous directorsare featured on the front to draw in all kinds ofdifferent target audiences