Regionalism “The Outcasts of Poker Flat” Bret Harte

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Transcript of Regionalism “The Outcasts of Poker Flat” Bret Harte

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  • Regionalism The Outcasts of Poker Flat Bret Harte
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  • BIG IDEA - Regionalism (1880) After the Civil War Also known as the local color movement Portrayed the traits of particular areas of the United States Attempted to describe the landscape, speech, customs, and other cultural details of their chosen region
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  • Bret Harte Born in New York but went west when he was 18 One of the best paid writers of his time $10,000 for 12 stories Moved to Boston to write Died of throat cancer at 66 The characters in Western films are modeled after Hartes stereotypes
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  • Hartes Stories Told stories of the rude, lawless life of the California gold-mining country Authors focused on real people, small towns, and regional lifestyles in order to remember the country before the Civil War
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  • Important Literary Elements in Regionalism Dialect (Why blame my cats, if he dont weigh five pound!) The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County Setting Page 469 Characterization
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  • LITERARY ELEMENT - Characterization The methods a writer uses to reveal the personality of a character -Direct characterization -Indirect characterization -Round character -Flat character -Dynamic character -Static character
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  • Direct characterization writer makes clear statements about a character
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  • Indirect characterization the writer reveals a character through what other characters think or say or what that character says or thinks
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  • Round Character Characters who show varied and sometimes contradictory traits
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  • Flat Character Characters who reveal only one personality trait
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  • Dynamic Character Grows and changes during the story
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  • Static Character Remains basically the same throughout the story
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  • READING STRATEGY Making Generalizations A broad statement based on a few facts, descriptions, or examples
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  • VOCABULARY Impropriety Malevolence Equanimity Hypothesis Seclusion
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  • Impropriety The quality of being improper; inappropriate behavior EX: Newspapers accused the mayor of impropriety when he hired his relatives.
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  • Malevolence A disposition to wish harm to others; ill will EX: The bullys malevolence caused other children to fear him.
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  • Equanimity Evenness of temper; calmness The teacher became known for her equanimity during disruptions.
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  • Hypothesis An unproved explanation or assumption Sharons hypothesis was that a tree branch was causing the tapping sound.
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  • Seclusion Separation from others; isolation Seeking seclusion, the famous movie star shunned fans and reporters.
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  • Outcasts To be outcast is to be driven out or rejected In this story, the outcasts are forced out of town with the threat of death if they return
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  • Outcast John Oakhurst -gambler
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  • Outcast Uncle Billy -suspected sluice-robber -drunkard
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  • Outcast The Duchess -younger escort
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  • Outcast Mother Shipton -older escort
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  • Innocent Tom Simson
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  • Innocent Piney Woods
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  • QUESTIONS to Discuss Why might a person be outcast from society? Can a person be an outcast without physically going somewhere else? Explain.
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