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Transcript of Readership Surveys

  • 1. Readership Surveys When No Means Yes
  • 2.
    • A research survey focused on habits, frequency and topics of a target audience
    • Get a true feel for what list members are interested in
    • Sent to a house list or an external targeted community
    What are They?
  • 3. Timing
    • Should not be sent out more than once a year
    • Find out the list members ideal frequency
      • How often do they receive your emails?
      • How often do they want to receive emails?
    • Find out what the best time for them to receive emails is (day, time, time of year, etc)
  • 4. Medium of Communication
    • Ask readers what their preferred form of communication is
    • Have them rate from 1-5 each option:
      • Email
      • Direct mail
      • Supporting voicemail
      • Supporting video
      • Fax
      • Web 2.0 features
  • 5.
    • Create a list of topics you think your prospect would be interested in
    • Have them rate each topic from 1-5
    • Dont ask too many questions (10-12 is best)
    • Ask about company pains and different solutions
    • Ask list members about:
      • When they take vacations
      • What trade shows they attend
      • Where they get their information (infographics)
    • Consider giving an offer to those who complete the survey
    Subject Matter
  • 6. What is Accomplished
    • Find out how you can effectively market to your house list
    • What goals are best for the company
    • Set marketing strategies and marketing calendar
  • 7. Call to Action
    • Full report
    • William Tincup
    • W:
    • E:
    • P: 817-204-0400