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  • 1. The person who would read my magazines would be males who love rap music.This is because I am doing a rap magazine called Rap Realism. The gender ofmy target audience would be male. This is because males are generally moreinto rap than females. Girls are more into pop, love or fashion magazineswhereas boys are more into hip-hop, rap or sports magazines. The typical readerwould generally be between the age of 16-25 as it is a rap magazine and that agegroup would understand rap more than the older generation.

2. Another reason why I am targeting teenagers and young adults is because of theprice. However, this may also be an issue as my target audience are teenagersand young adults they may or may not have money to spend on my magazine,especially teenagers. This is a bad thing, but my magazine would be low pricethat I think that they would be able to afford. The price of my magazine is2.50. In addition, my magazine would be released every month instead of everyweek to ensure my target market has the correct amount of money to buy mymagazine at the end of the month. 3. The main interests of my target audience would be people who like to playfootball in their spare time, go on social networking sites such as Facebook, goto the cinemas and watch movies which may or may not include rap. Anexample of a movie which has rap in it is 8 Mile with Eminem or Get Rich andDie Tryin with 50 Cent. These are the films in which my target audience wouldlie to see as it does include rap artists and they do rap in that movie. 4. In addition, the main interests of my target audience is they would listen to rapon a daily basis, they would like going to rap concerts and festivals, playconsoles such as PS3 or Xbox as the majority of my target audience is teenagers. 5. Another interest that they would acquire is their love of technology. This isbecause they are teenagers and young adults who are into technology in thismodern day and age. They would have technology such as Beats headphones byDr Dre plus they would also have playing consoles and smartphones. Theyprobably got all of these latest technologies through their parents income. 6. In any given magazine the adverts would normally take around half of themagazine. So my advertisements should relate to my target audience in someway. My advertisements would include some sports equipment, grooming foryoung adults, sports matches or festivals, music festivals, new phoneadvertisements and new technology adverts. 7. By Mahfuzur Rahman