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2. Indie Rock is a niche musicmagazine, with a large focuson indie rock music. It ispublished monthly and aimsto provide readers with up todate information on bandswithin that genre as well asinterviews with them andreviews of new releases/liveshows. It also aims to featurenew bands and artists of thisgenre that the audience wouldalso be interested in.Audience Statistics:Male ------- 38%Female ---- 62%Average age: 19Circulation: 4500,762Target audience: Femaleand male, 15-23.Majority would be studentswith little income to spend,but with high interests inmusic and new bands tolisten to. 3. Products and brands used by IndieRock readers 4. Key bands and artists Indie Rocklisteners might be interested in 5. Audience facts and figures 87% of readers feel that music is an important part of theirlives. 42% of readers can play a musical instrument. 84% of readers regularly attend live music concerts. 82% of readers download music from the internet i.e. throughiTunes. 54% prefer physical CDs to internet downloads. 92% of readers have a Facebook account. 83% have a Twitter account. 81% of readers use social networking sites regularly. 97% of readers state that they enjoy finding out about newbands to listen to. On average, Indie Rock readers will spend about 15 on musica month.