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2. Vie Musique ( which means LiveMusic is a newand innovativemagazine. Focusing on the Rockgenre, it devotesits pages to the newEuropean bandsespecially in Englandand France. This mixof culture makes Vie Musique beunique andforerunner among theother magazines.Key Facts Price .. 2.00Male/Female..58%-42%Frequency..WeeklyAverage Age21Circulation.25,163 Target Market..15-30Launch Date02/07/11 GenrePop Rock/Rock/Indie 3. Musical Readers 87 % listen to music everyday62 % have over 400 songs on their MP3 players49 % can play an instrument, and 52 % of them can play the guitar91 % consider music to be an important part of their life 4. Technological Readers 96 % of readers have a Facebook account43 % of readers write a blog71 % of readers listen to music on Youtube92 % of readers use social networking sites to talk with their friends and meet new ones.69 % of readers have an Ipod or an Iphone 5. Concert Readers 89 % of readers have been to a gig75 % of them have been to a festival92 % prefer live music21 % of readers have performed in front of a crowd