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1. Music MagazineReadership Profile 2. Dynamite is a HOT new RnB and Hip Hop musicmagazine, issued monthly. Dynamite opens its pagesto success and individuality. Targeted at dedicatedRnB and Hip Hop fans wanting to keep updated with upcoming artists/ albums and events, Dynamite magazine enables consumers to find out the ins and outs of exclusive interviews with artists, allowingdedicated fans to take part in free music giveaways to die for, Sharing a mutual passion for good music. Key FactsPrice: 2.99Frequency: MonthlyLaunch Date: 1st May 2013Male: 49%Female: 51%Average Age: 20Target Market: 18-27 year oldsGenre: RnB and Hip Hop 3. Readers70% of readers listen to R&B and Hip Hop90% of readers are within the target market group of 18-27 year olds100% of readers have social networking sites including: Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram80% of readers use YouTube to stream music as well as for surveillance purposes95% of readers listen to music via mp3 and cd players.60% of readers have attended a gig or a concert.