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Charlie Haffey Norwood Elementary Science
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Quick Access Toolbar. Charlie Haffey Norwood Elementary Science. Where Is It?. What Is It?. Store your favorite commands Extremely convenient location Single best improvement in Office. Add Commands. Locate command to be copied Right Click Select > A dd to Quick Access Toolbar. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Charlie Haffey

    Norwood Elementary Science

  • Store your favorite commandsExtremely convenient locationSingle best improvement in Office

  • Locate command to be copiedRight ClickSelect > Add to Quick Access Toolbar

  • Right Click

  • Icon Added To Quick Access Toolbar

  • Click On Arrow To Right Of Quick Access Toolbar

  • Find, Select CommandsAdd To Right SideBudda Bing, Budda Bang, Budda Boom!

  • Charlie Haffey

    Norwood Elementary Science