Predicting Airbnb New User Bookings

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Transcript of Predicting Airbnb New User Bookings

Predicting New User BookingsAnaelia Ovalle, Michael Liston, Brent Rucker

Table of ContentsIntroduction to Project & GoalData Pre-ProcessingModelsResultsDiscussion

Data Sources


GoalUsing a dataset of 15 basic features, predict where the user will make their first booking

Country Destination

12 countries14 predictors possible

Data Pre-Processing

Observe all distributionsIdentify NAs and handle NAVaried Training and TestingDate Feature ExtractionOne-hot encode categoricals10/14 predictors categoricalBinning

Age Feature Imputed by Mean

Modeling with Multi-Class Classification

16 ModelsDecision TreesRandom ForestsAdaBoostQDAKNNXGBoostSVMNeural Network

How Many Trees?

Sample Code with Tuning Parameters

Feature Importances



Best Accuracy: Random Forest

Best Accuracy != Best Model

Best Precision: Gradient Boosting

ChallengesAccess to more structured dataMore sophisticated imputation methodsEvaluate more modelsMotives of AirbnbTime

Business ApplicationsPrecision vs RecallUse RecallIncrease FNIncrease SpamNegative impact on ReputationUse PrecisionDecrease SpamMore bang for buckSmarter Decisions

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