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This is a presentation on collaborative consumption for our course "New Consumer Trends". Department of Communication, Media and Culture Instructor: assistant professor Betty Tsakarestou Team members: Greveniti Panagiota, Kouboura Georgia, Synadinou Elisa, Theodoropoulos Panagiotis, Vergopoulos Giorgos, Xypolitos Nikos

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2. Collaborative Consumption New economic model which enables people to share products/services rather than own them. New meetings Personal contentment Increase income Comfort2 3. A website that: 1. connects people who want to rent a boat while they are on vacation 2. with owners who want to offer not only it but also their services3 4. About the site Clear and understandable steps Visible material Insurance Direct payment Reviews Social Media4 5. Hosts Make a profile Insert photos and details about the boat Possibility to deny a request Communication via Skype Security for payments Insurance New meetings Increase income5 6. Guests Make a request Have a profile Boat of their preference Pay exactly of what they see New meetings Skipper if needed Secure transactions Communication with owners 6 7. A website which give travelers the ability to hiresomeone else's place even more a castle, a tree house etc instead of staying in a hotel.7 8. Hosts Have a profile Description of the place Photos of it Possibility of denial a request Communication via Voice Contact Increase their income Follow hospitality rules Security with payments Insurance up to 700000 $ Reviews 8 9. Guests Have a profile Privacy of personal details by Airbnb Visible material Communication with hosts Place of their preference Possible offers Comforts Guidance by owners Insurance 9 10. Incrediblue VS Airbnb Similarities Idea of Collaborative Consumption Resembling website model Income from the feesDifferences Different kind of services Different way of communication between hosts and guests 10 11. Thank You! The Mixed Up team: Greveniti Panagiota Kouboura Georgia Synadinou Elisa Theodoropoulos Panagiotis Vergopoulos Giorgos Xipolitos Nikos11