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  • Brendan Davis and Hannah Sellers

  • To capture the attention of backpackers seeking a more authentic traveling experienceCreative Brief

    Why are we communicating? To capture the attention of backpackers seeking a more authentic traveling experience

    Who are we talking to? Young adults, with a wanderlust and global curiosity. These individ-uals are typically college students or young working professionals between the ages of 18 and 30. They feel the need to travel and explore while they are young and do not have the constraints of age, a family, a job or simply time. Airbnb wants to speak to those for whom traveling is not about the tangibles- the key chains and souvenirs brought back as proof of an experience- but to those who relish the memories and stories as the keepsakes of a meaningful journey. They are comfortable with the uncertainty and unfamiliarity of new places. These individuals are self-reliant, resourceful, outgoing, and open-minded.

    Whats the problem and opportunity? One problem is that airbnb is relatively new and still gaining notoriety. However, the main issue is that when people do know about it, airbnb is not necessarily their immediate choice because of uncertainty regarding the consistency of the service. The opportunity is to change the negative connotation of uncertainty, to a more positively con-noted word, like variety. Through our campaign we present the company as an outlet of exciting options for staying place all across the globe.

    What should our communication do? Our communication should illustrate options even in the most remote of places

    What is the strategic idea? Airbnb enables travellers to have an authentic and irreplaceable experience in the country theyre visiting.

    How will we support this idea? Airbnb is an amalgamation of the variety in abodes, hosts, and local surroundings that will never be identically experienced. Abodes: a spare room, an entire cottage, a boathouse, a yurt, a small city apartment etc. Hosts: young working professionals, retired couples, whole families, students etc.

    What are the mandatories? Show an abode that you would want to stay in (aka turn the graphic image into a real photograph of your own)

    What are the creative considerations? An image of where someone can be, can inspire them to go there, and the simplicity of that image can convey the simplicity of making that journey

    What are the deliverables? Three print posters for walls and video pieces.

  • Explore the global BnB community now at AIRBNB.COM

  • Explore the global BnB community now at AIRBNB.COM

  • Explore the global BnB community now at AIRBNB.COM

  • The three print ads are meant to inspire people in moments when they are stuck somewhere seemingly uninspiring like at a laundromat waiting for the washing cycle to end, DMVs across the country, sitting at an airport terminal waiting for your plane to land, inside a bus stop waiting for pub-lic transportation, or even on the back of bathroom stalls where people wait for...Well you know. During the holiday season when people flock to the post office we would also put up our posters there.

    Placement of Print Ads

  • Our wild-card video shows the exhilara-tion of traveling, and through the chaos of a train platform the footage builds to the initial interaction with the travellers airb-nb host. However, the ultimate revelation is the vision of the Italian mountains that they are granted because of their remote accommodations through airbnb.


    Our video will play on airplane seatbacks of the Ryanair and easyJet planes. These two companies offer extremely cheap, no frills flights across Europe, which cater to younger travellers on a budget. The footage will also be available on airbnbs channel, where travellers of the airbnb community can share their experiences in brief videos that inspire others to make similar journeys.

  • Trend BoardOur trend board was constructed at the beginning of the creative process and is very indicative of our initial positioning of airbnb in: as a part of the backpacking experience. Though we no longer are taking the brand in that direction, the free spiritedness of the imag-es is something we still referred to for inspiration.

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  • BrainStormingNegatives:-Security/Safety-Inconsistent service-Sometimes difficult to reach host/house-Image of taking business from hotels-Fraud

    Tag lines:-Welcome Home-Live like a local-Welcome mat-Travel like a local-Travel Free. Live locally.-Where will you wake up?-Mans house is your castle-Their home. Your community

    Positives:-Unique Space

    -Affordibility-Meet locals/other travelers

    -Get away from typical tourist style-Part of a community

    -Collect stories-Comfort

    Research: 94% of people surveyed said their reason to use airbnb was because they wanted to live like a local.Airbnb is an internationally used social networking service with over 800,000 listings in 192 countries. It has eight international offices in addition to its headquarters in San Fransisco. According to the World Economic Fo-rum, the company only has 600 employees. Their valua-tion is $10 billion.

    Trigger words:-Travel-Adventure-Wanderlust-Home-Community-Stories-Memories-Culture-Warmth-Curiosity-Humans-Discovery

    Primary research:Experience. Both Brendan Davis and Hannah Sellers have travelled extensively using airbnb. They have experienced the company as part of groups, partnerships, and as solo travel-lers. They have stayed in apartments, spare beds, sheds, cot-tages, and various other options.

    Conversation. Backpacking leads to interactions with other backpackers who shared with us their personal experiences with the airbnb service. For example, one friend stayed at a French familys apartment in Paris. Another couple we met stayed in a castle outside of Florence, Italy. All were equally

    enthused about sharing their experiences with the service.