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Jordan Folkes

Social Media Strategy Jordan FolkesFeb. 19, 2016

Table of ContentsExecutive SummarySocial Media Audit -Social Media Assessment Website Audience Competitors Social Media ObjectivesOnline Brand Persona and VoiceStrategies and ToolsTiming and Key DatesSocial Media Roles and ResponsibilitiesSocial Media PolicyCritical Response PlanMeasurement and Reporting Results

Executive SummaryThe major social media priorities for 2017 will be growing the online following and community The primary focus will be to support revenue goals through driving more traffic to the website by sharing more engaging, relevant content and building deeper relationships with our customers. The company needs to increase following on smaller networked sites to create a broad base of social network communities.LinkedIn, YouTube Major social strategies will support this objective: A plan to increase the volume of content we publish to our social profiles. Develop more posts on niched social networksEncourage conversations and discoverability of content.

Social Media AuditThe following is an audit of Airbnb . social media presence to date. It includes an assessment of all social networks, web traffic, audience demographics, and a competitor analysis.

Social NetworkURLFollower Count Average Weekly ActivityAverage Engagement Ratewebsite million +viewsVaries on Deals27% engagement rateTwitter posts per week250 likes/tweetFacebook,235,3535-6 posts per week80% engagement rateGoogle +,190,520Last post Sep 28, 20150%LinkedIn,5541 post per month0%YouTube,7223 videos per weekVaries from 1000 to 1 millions views Instagram posts per monthUp to 25,000 likes/per

Social Media Audit Traffic SourceSocial NetworkVolume% of TrafficConversion Ratewebsite57.3 million unique visitsN/A27% (Bounce Rate)Twitter40,000 unique visits2.09%1.2%Facebook500,000 unique visits5%3.2%Google +N/AN/AN/ALinkedInN/AN/AN/AYouTube10,000 Unique views9.40%N/AInstagram800,000 unique visits3%1.5

Time Frame: Feb 10 - 17Summary: is the biggest traffic source

Age DistributionGender DistributionPrimary Social NetworkSecondary Social NetworkPrimary NeedSecondary Need40% (18-30)50& Female50% Instagram40% WebsiteAffordability and hipsterConvenience and adventure30% (31-40)50% Male40 & Website30% TwitterLow cost and feesAble to save and not go to a hotel while close to location20% (41-55)10% Twitter30% LinkedIn10% (56-80+)

Social Media Audit Audience Audience Demographic: People ages 18-30 use Airbnb the most due to affordability and hipster trend. The costs are more affordable than that of a hotel

Competitor NameMedia ProfileStrengthWeaknessesTripping.comFacebook: @TrippingTwitter: @TrippingInstagram: @TrippingUmbrella for multiple travel conglomerates. Strong brand displayNeeds to post more on all platformsFlipKeyFacebook: @FlipKeyInstagram: @Flipkey_vacationTwitter: @FlipkeyOffered through a top competitor, great postsLow following on platform WimduFacebook: @WimduTwitter: @WimduDaily tweets. Great display of brand across platformsNot a strong followingVRBOFacebook: @VRBOTwitter: @VRBOTop competitor, strong media followingDoes not post frequently

Social Media Audit Competitor

Social Media Objectives

After a strong outing in 2016, and the building of their brand to being the top competitor in a short amount of time, Airbnb has to develop content for all social media platforms that will increase there following and spread the name of the company. Airbnb can benefit from spreading their demographic across the spectrum. College students going to music festival or spring break vacations, to families travelling, and business men and women travelling. Demographics can be amplified by sharing messages that speak to everyone.

Social Media ObjectivesKey Performance Indicators (KPI)Number of unique visitors from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Followers on Twitter and InstagramPosts per platform Key Messages Unforgettable trips start here.Book unique homes and experience a city like a local.

Online Brand and Persona and Voice Adjectives that describe Airbnb:FunCommunity UnforgettableHomeExperience When interacting with customer we are:Friendly ResourcefulKind

Strategies and Tools Paid: Using paid promotions, such as those on Twitter and Facebook for example, to reach out to users and clients that would otherwise hear about Airbnb through word of mouth. Owned: Introduce new hashtags that promote a new message. These can be used to implement company policy or messages used to increase demographic or base of company following.Followers can use retweet messages which allows word of mouth spread.Earned: Use keywords to implement geotagging, partner with socialites that can influence the product of Airbnb.

Tools: Approved: N/ARejected: N/AExisting License: N/A

Timing and Key DatesHolidays New Years Day(January 1st)Martin Luther Kin, Jr. Day (January 16th)George Washington's Birthday (February 20th)Memorial day (May 29th)Independence Day (July 4th)Labor Day (September 4th)Columbus Day (October 9th)Veterans Day (November 10th)Thanksgiving Day (November 23rd)Christmas Day (December 25th)

Social Media Roles and ResponsibilitiesHead of Global Public Relations - Natalie Harrison Including global consumer, product & tech and international PRGlobal Head of Social Marketing and Content - Eric Toda Manage content and increase social standing of company, attract customersHead of Social/Social Media Manager Jasmine AthertonPublic voice of the company on all external sites. Create, curate, and manage all published content.

Social Media PolicySocial media is integral to the success of a growing company. A lot of companies find success through the influence of their customers who share, retweet, and re-gram posts that boost their brand. Airbnb, as a home and community based field, should strive to have customers spread positive word of mouth about the brand ad share ads, tweets, posts, etc. via social media platforms. Guidelines to follow: Be respectfulUse inclusive languageAsk before postingBe courteous to customer

Critical Response PlanScenario One-Inappropriate tweet sent from @Airbnb1. Tweet will be recorded2. Deleted immediately3. Contact Social Media Manager, action will be taken further on their behalf4. Have Social Media Team create and curate post with written apology.5. Social Media Manager will take action dependent of severity of post.

Pre- Approved Messaging: Messaging (on behalf of the company) will be dependent on the nature of the tweet developed by Social Media Team.

Critical Response Plan Scenario Two- Customer or Host Complaint1. Reach or to Customer and Host to understand situation2. Alert senior leadership team to any negative posts3. Contact PR department if media spreads story4. Monitor situation 5. Offer incentives such as discounts or reimbursements for any damages that may have been done

Pre-approved messaging Sorry to hear that! We love all of our customers, Please DM us so we can sort this out. (Sent to customer) Based on incident

Measurement and Reporting RulesSourceURLFollower CountAvg. Weekly ActivityEngagement RateLinkedIn,00010 posts per month5%YouTube,00010 videos per weekViews up 200%+

Social Network DataSourceVolume% of TrafficConversion RateInstagram900,000 unique visit5%3.2%

Website Traffic Source AssessmentTimeframe: N/A

Measurement and Reporting ResultsQuantitative KPIsSentiment AnalysisAn analysis of the interaction on our posts across all platforms have revealed the following: Positive sentiment from customers who have experience an Airbnb. Word of mouth has spread due to positive feedbackProposed Action ItemsContinue to use hashtags to spread company messageContinue to halt negative publicity by engaging with customer Create content that allows customers to interact and show personal experienceSocial Network Summary:Niched use of social sites are gaining an audience due an increase in posts. All previously used major platforms Increased followers due to regulations and creativity.