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  • AirbnbMorganMilzaFebruary18th,2017

  • TableofContents

    1. Executive Summary2. Social Media Audit

    a. Social Media Assessmentb. Traffic Sources Assessmentc. Customer Demographics

    Assessmentd. Competitor Assessment

    3. Social Media Objectives4. Online Brand Persona and

    Voice5. Strategies and Tools6. Timing and Key Dates7. Social Media Roles and

    Responsibilities8. Social Media Policy9. Critical Response Plan10. Measurement and Reporting


  • Executive Summary

    Facebook and Instagram are Airbnbs most followed social networks, but Instagram

    drives less traffic to the website than platforms with less followers and engagement.

    Therefore, one of our goals will be to improve the website traffic from Instagram.

    Another primary focus will be building a community and relationship with customers

    on LinkedIn.

    Two major social strategies will support this objective:

    Encourage movement from Instagram to Airbnb website.

    A plan to increase the volume and quality of content published on LinkedIn.

  • Social Media Audit

    The following is an audit of Airbnbs social media presence to date. It includes an assessment of all social networks, web traffic, audience demographics, and a competitor analysis.

  • Social Media Assessment

    SocialNetwork URL FollowerCount AverageWeeklyActivity


    Twitter 573,000 6postsperweek 3.1%

    Facebook 5,203,981 5postsperweek 2.1%

    Instagram 1,600,000 15postsperweek Averageinteractionsperpost=21,237


    332,021 9postsper 6months


    Data as of February 17, 2017

    Social Media Assessment:At present time, the highest interactions per post occurs on Instagram. Very little interaction occurs on LinkedIn, so the closing or strategizing of this channel should be considered moving forward.

  • Website Traffic Sources Assessment

    Source Volume PercentageofOverallTraffic


    Twitter 40,000UniqueVisits 2.09% 1.2%

    Facebook 550,000Unique Visits 5% 3.2%

    Instagram 800,000UniqueVisits 3% 1.5%

    LinkedIn 10,000 UniqueVisits 1.07% 0.2%

    Traffic Summary:

    Facebook drives the most traffic to the website, while Instagram has more

    engagement and unique viewers.

    Timeframe: Monthly Average, September 2016 to February 2017

  • Audience Demographics Assessment





    PrimaryNeed SecondaryNeed

    50% 18- 30 52%Female 65%Facebook 50%Instagram Housing whiletraveling


    30% 31- 40 48%Male 20%Instagram 25%Twitter

    10%41- 55 10%Twitter 15%Facebook

    10%56- 80 5%LinkedIn 10%LinkedIn

    Survey distributed in November/December via email and upon visitor registration.

    Audience Demographics Summary:

    According to the survey, half the customer base using Airbnb are in the 18 to 30 age

    range. Their most popular social networks are Facebook and Instagram. Travel,

    adventure, and cultural experience are major motivators for using Airbnb.

  • Competitor AssessmentCompetitorName SocialMediaProfile Strengths WeaknessesHomeAway FB:HomeAway Frequentlyposts withquality


    Oneway communication isnotrespondingtocommentsonposts.ShouldhavePinterestlinkinbioinsteadoftellingcustomerstofindyouthere.

    Tripping Instagram:Tripping Postsquality graphicsanduseshashtags.

    Doesnotpostfrequentlyenough andlogoonbottomrightofeveryphotodistractsfromcontent.

    VRBO TW:VRBO Postsoften,primarilywithphotos. Retweetspositivetweetsfromcustomers

    Doesnotcommunicate withcustomers.Postsdonotgetalotofengagement.

    Competitor Assessment Summary:Above are three major Airbnb competitors with a strong social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter respectively. All competitors focus on high quality visual content across their channels. Competition has room for improvement with 2 way communication and creation of content.

  • Social Media Objectives

    Some specific objectives include:

    1. Increase unique visitors from Instagram by 30% in the next 6 months.

    2. Increase LinkedIn followers by 5,000 in 6 months.

    3. Increase volume of creative articles with visual content on LinkedIn by 50% in the next 6


    In 2017, the primary focus of our social media strategy will be to support revenue goals

    by increasing traffic to the website from our social media channels; specifically

    Instagram and LinkedIn. We will encourage viewers to move to our website through on

    Instagram posts, and we will grow our following by increasing volume of posts on


  • Online Brand Personal and Voice

    Adjectives that describe our brand: Adventurous






    When interacting with customers we

    are: Encouraging



  • AirbnbSocialVoiceExamples

  • StrategiesandTools

    Paid: Utilize Instagrams advertising tool once a month, especially around key dates.

    Owned: Add a link to Airbnbs website to at least one Instagram post a week. Share most popular posts across all social media channels each week in one article posted to LinkedIn.

    Earned: Monitor Instagram for keywords such as travel, explore,

    vacation, hotel. Offer discount codes to promising customers.

    Continue partnering with actors, actresses, and musicians to influence audience. Offer them discounts to encourage them to post about Airbnb on their own channels.

    Approved Tools: Hootsuite Buffer

  • Timing and Key Dates

    Holiday Dates

    Valentines Day

    Presidents Day

    (Long Weekend)

    Spring Break

    Memorial Day

    (Long Weekend)

    4th of July

    Lead Times

    Start content sharing a month

    before holiday.

    Reporting Times

    Reporting will occur once a

    quarter om the last Friday in

    February, May, August and


  • SocialMediaRolesandResponsibilitiesMarketing Director Francesca Allen Final approval of content Budgeting for social campaigns Highest level of planning

    Social Media Manager Harris Brown Manage campaigns Make sure daily social goals are met

    Social Media Coordinator Dorothy Kilroy Publish Posts Monitor engagement Respond to customers questions and comments

  • Social Media Policy

    Our social media channels are essential in developing a brand persona. How we present ourselves online is how our customers are going to view our company. With that in mind, we expect our employees to be attentive, respectful, and polite when engaging online.

    Employees are encouraged to post photos, talk about their travel experiences, and help promote Airbnbs advertising campaigns on their personal social channels. Employees are not permitted to post about upcoming policy changes, events, promotions, or any company news that has not been made public. Any mention of Airbnb should be kept professional. If your online biography mentions our company name than you are expected to follow our social media etiquette requirements.

    Our employees are an extension of our company, so violation of our social media policy will not be taken lightly. Employees will be subject to possible termination and legal action.

    Questions about appropriate social media conduct can be directed to your superiors or our HR department.

  • Critical Response PlanScenario One Inappropriate tweet sent from @airbnb

    1. Tweet is to be screenshot

    2. Tweet is to be deleted

    3. Alert the social media manager of the incident. If the social media manager is not

    available, alert the marketing director.

    4. Social media manager and marketing director are to evaluate situation and

    develop an appropriate follow up tweet

    5. If media has picked up the tweet, marketing director is to sync with PR department

    and manage all direct contact with the public.

    6. Social media manager and marketing director are to talk with the employee

    responsible for publishing the tweet to see if disciplinary action is required.

    Pre- approved Messaging:Is to include an apology on behalf of the company.

  • Critical Response Plan (Continued)Scenario 2 Complaint from customer or host

    1. Social listening protocol of Airbnbs name with negative key words and phrases2. Alert superior of any negative posts3. Personnel to alert social media manager of incident4. Social media manager is to evaluate incident and determine level of severity5. If news outlets have picked up the post, contact all social media personnel and the PR

    department. 6. Continue monitoring the issue.7. Post a response within a 48 hour window to reassure the party that they have been heard and

    investigation is taking place.

    Pre-approved MessagingTo posting account Oh no, were sorry to hear that! Please DM (private message) us, so we can look into this issue.On our account We are currently conducting an investigation into the event. If anyone has any further information, we encourage you to DM us, so we can sort this out. We apologize for the inconvenience!

  • Measurement and Reporting ResultsQuantitative KPIsReporting Period: 3 monthsData as of May 1, 2017

    Source Volume PercentageofOverallTraffic


    Twitter 42,000UniqueVisits 2.07% 1.5%