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  • STUDIES: PhD Polytechnic University of Catalonia 2012 - Barcelona - Architect National University of Colombia 1994 -

    Bogot - EXPERIENCE: PhD Research ILEK Institute Stuttgart - Lightweight Structures: Freelance with Ramn Sastre and La Velera. C97 arquitectos: Design projects for hotels,

    houses, gyms and rehabilitation, etc. Rp Grup Installations - UPC Collaborator Dpt. of

    Architectural Construction - New Buildings National University - AWARDS: 2 Place

    TechTextil Frankfurt Textile structures for new building 2011 - PUBLICATIONS: IASS - IJSS

    Cimne - Tensinet - SEWC.

  • fashionshowroom

    Colombia - 2013

  • fashionshowroom

    Colombia - 2013

  • tensegritydome

    Stuttgart - 2012

  • origamistructures

    Stuttgart - 2012

  • phdthesis

    Barcelona - 2012


  • techtextilaward

    Frankfurt - 2011

    This design features a cladding structure for a sports arena, which consist of a ring-shaped outer section and a central roof structure. The ring-shaped outer section of the stadium consists of a

    tensegrity structure, which uses textile membranes in a place of conventional tension cables to bear the tensile forces occurring between the pressure elements. The supporting framework and spatial enclosure therefore become one an extension to the tension integrity principle. The central area of

    the roof is covered over by a Geiger dome, which in turn is a specific version of the tensegrity principle. The jury particularly praised the fact that the designer has succeeded in combining the

    design principles of the tensegrity frame - which are not doubt difficult for a student to handle - with dynamic architectural design which has exceptional visual appeal.

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Sobek and Dipl.-Ing. Clemens Freitag.

  • Barcelona - 2010


  • restaurant

    Castelldefel - 2009


    For much of human history, structures have tended to be heavy and static. Recently new paradigms have emerged where structures have become more versatile through the use of lightweight materials. These structures are adaptable and flexible in that they can take up less space and even be packed up and transported. Because of these characteristics, the use of cable networks, membrane, and pneumatic structures are some of the most innovative and economical solutions for covering large, open areas. The use of these lightweight structures allows the overall weight of the building to be reduced even while covering large spans. This is an advantage over standard structures. My professional development in the field of standard structures in design and construction began in Colombia. Later, in Spain and Germany, I took the opportunity to specialize and work on new projects in the exciting area of lightweight structures.

  • interiordesign

    Barcelona - 2009

  • bonmonthotel

    Tarragona - 2008

  • lorentehomeBarcelona - 2002

    Barcelona - 2002

  • lightweightstructures

    Colombia - 2007

  • apartmentcomplex

    Colombia - 2000

  • nationaluniversity

    Arauca - 2000

  • nationaluniversity

    Arauca - 2000

  • nationaluniversity

    Arauca - 2000

  • Bogot - 1995


  • urbandesign

    Bogot - 1999

  • historicpreservation

    Bogot - 1995

  • sernahome

    Bogot - 1995

  • handdrawing

    Colombia - 1994

  • curriculum vitae

  • architect

    DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION Phd Polytechnic University of Catalonia University of Stuttgart - ILEK Institute. National University of Colombia.