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Transcript of Portfolio unit 1 costumer Diana Pinto 4to. CCLL "A"

Portfolio Costumer Service 4to. CCLL ADiana Mirella Pinto #16

PortfolioUnit I


Company: Yogen FruzReasons for choosing: Because sometimes the product is not well prepared You spend a lot of money in a little cup of the ice creamImprovement analysis: They need to clean the machine for a new ice cream, so the flavors wont mix, they need to make bigger the product for the same prices more promotions

Katherine MoralesAdriana OrtizDiana Pinto

Why is Taco Bells food so Cheap?Because its meat filling is only 36 percent beef and full of oat products!. To help conserve the seasoned beef juice they use oats. Taco Bell's meat filling looks like ground beef before and after cooking, but it has been augmented with fibers and other substances to keep the price low. Also in the United Kingdom horse meat found in beef at Taco Bell. Taco Bell employee licking photo explained.

Closed Poultry Lack of hygiene in San MiguelTo find facilities filled dirty utensils in deplorable state and even spoiled food conservation. The restaurant facilities La Granja San Miguel were full of dirt. Food was found in poor condition. Facilities filled dirty utensils in a deplorable state and even food in poor condition.

Hair in Ice-Cream one client was at the restaurant "La Crepe", and ordered a delicious ice cream, when they took the ice cream had a hair, asked the waiter to change the ice cream but she realized that he pulled the hair with a spoon and returned the same ice cream. she asked the book for of complaints, but in the restaurant didn't get it.One customer was in the restaurant La Crepe and ordered a delicious ice-cream, when she took the ice-cream had a hair!, asked the waiter to change the ice-cream but she realized that he pulled the hair with a spoon and returned the same ice-cream. She asked the book of complaints, but in the restaurant didnt get it.

Customer Service Reading Name: Diana Mirella Pinto Grade: 10th CCLLA Key: 16 Date:15-02-14You are going to read an article about customer service in banks. Six sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A-G the one which fits each gap. Write the letter in the space provided to complete the sentences. There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use.

AAlthough people do not expect much from the internet these days, this will change in the future. BThe managers recognise that customers find them impersonal and unnatural.CFirst National is also preparing to adopt this personal approach to its internet banking.DThey have the attitude that some skills, such as keyboard skills and so on, can be taught, but a member of staff cant be taught to be a nice person.ETelephones are very personal because staff are speaking to people on their own territory.FAnd if customers try to contact the bank by telephone, they are put through to a call centre in another country where they have to speak slowly in order to be understood.GNot everyone wants a chatty, friendly service.Customer Service in Banks

FThe banking profession doesnt have a very good reputation for customer service at the moment, and its not just due to loss of savings. High street branches are shutting down and where banks are available, their opening hours are inconvenient. Staff at the desks are surly, increasingly under-qualified and often unable to answer questions. . Astonishingly, however, 86% of the customers at one bank are either extremely satisfied or very satisfied with the service they receive. And what is even more surprising is that the bank in question has no High Street outlets at all.

DFirst National bank is run entirely through the telephone and the internet. And its success shows that customer service is just about face-to-face contact with clients. The primary concern of the bank is recruiting the right people. . So they only recruit people who already exhibit good communication skills.

GBAnd unlike other services that operate primarily over the telephone, the staff at First National do not use scripts. What this bank asks for is that staff be themselves and establish a rapport with their customers. Part of this is recognizing peoples needs. . Some want the process to be swift and efficient. The member of staff has to pick up on the callers mood and react accordingly.

AC. The idea that customer service can be improved on a medium where there is no actual contact with a member of staff may seem strange at first. However, the website designers at First National spend a great deal of time understanding their customers and offering services which meet their needs. First National is already taking steps to fill this demand. They already offer a service in which customers receive a text when funds are received or when their account falls below a certain level. In the future, online systems may pre-empt customers needs in even more sophisticated ways.Additional Instructions:Branches: a subdivision or subsidiary section of something larger or more complexShutting down: the closing of a factory, shop, etc.Staff: a group of people employed by a company, individual, etc., for executive, clerical, sales work, etc.Outlets: a market for a product or servicePrimary: fundamental; basicRecruiting: to enroll or obtain (members, support, etc.)Scripts: handwriting as distinguished from print, esp. cursive writingRapport: a sympathetic relationship or understandingDemand: to make a formal legal claim to (property, esp. realty)Pre-empt: to acquire in advance of or to the exclusion of others; appropriate

****Many Companies have been a failure, and many people have different points of view but I think that in many cases the service that the company offer to the costumer isnt appropriated, and when I refer to customer service it just not mean to smile every time to the costumer or have a good attitude, it is also the product that you are selling and the costumers are buying, because if you dont have a good quality of your services or your product many people would never going to buy it and do not will be important if you fix it later, the costumers already have an idea of what you are giving, also the costumers like to feel important, attended and special for receiving something extra or a good experience. At the end the costumer service is the soul of a business.

SummaryThe soul of a company is the costumers service, if the company offer and give a good customer service, the costumer will go out happy and will tell to her friends and family that they should buy or consume in your company (word of mouth), so now you gain more costumers, also if your costumers feel good and special in your company they will have loyalty to your product or service, it always will prefer you than other companies. But as your costumers can be loyalty and give good word of mouth of your company, it also can be a bad word of mouth and will never have loyalty to your business, so you need to learn and teach your workers to treat with respect and importance every costumer who enters to your business.

PictionaryUnit IWordDefinitionSentencePicture

Internal CostumerThe persons that work in the company and use the services of it.In some companies the internal costumers, have more cheaper things from the company

External CostumerThe regular costumers that not works in the company.The external costumers need to have a good customer service, so they will return to our company

Word of MouthIs an opinion based in an advertisingNowadays the word of mouth is very important for companies, sometime make them grow but sometimes isnt.

E- CommerceThe use of electronic media to spread the word of mouthFor companies the e-commerce bring them to many customers

Reliabilityable to be trusted; predictable or dependableIf the reliability of a company is very trusted by the costumers, they will buy the products very sure that what they are buying is a quality product.

Durabilitylong-lasting; enduringSometime the durability of the jeans are too bad, so they get old to early

Advertisingthe promotion of goods or services for sale through impersonal media, such as radio or televisionI saw the advertising of subway in the street, so I decide to launch there

Qualitya distinguishing characteristic, property, or attributeThe quality of the hamburgers from McDonalds is excellent

Customer ServiceThe way that a company treat or attend a costumerThe costumer service is the soul of a company

Personnelthe people employed in an organization or for a service or undertakingIn your own company you need to teach your personnel what a good customer service is and how to treat customers.

Goodwilla kind, helpful, or friendly feeling or attitudeCustomers like to be treat with goodwill

Globalizationthe development of an increasingly integratedglobaleconomy marked especially by free tradeThe Globalization can take many years and too much money, but the results are amazing.