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Quick slideshow listing some of my game/interactive projects.

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  • 1. Diana Hughes Portfolio Portfolio 10.10.2013 10.10.2013
  • 2. Designer/Producer
  • 3. Batonk! A life-size big game about shouting and pretending to be robots. Players assemble hands of cards to issue conflicting orders to confused people in robot hats. It is EXACTLY as fun as it sounds.
  • 4. Batonk! A multi-platform video game where your smart device is your controller. Send orders to robots on the TV by flinging commands from your smart device. Score goals on your friends to win! Due to hit alpha by end of December 2013.
  • 5. Producer
  • 6. FREEQ An audio adventure game about eavesdropping on the future. Released on iOS and Android, and adapted for blind and lowvision players. Featured at IndieCade 2013.
  • 7. Trojan Time Machine A prototype guided tour of the University of Southern California campus, for iPad and iPad Mini. Uses augmented reality, GPS location, and audiovisual content from the USC Archives to provide both historical and modern context.
  • 8. Re:Active A set of three interactive comic books designed to take full advantage of interactivity in storytelling to upgrade the current state of interactive comics. Released on iOS for iPad.
  • 9. US Military Training Programs NOTE: Most military projects I have been a part of are NOT available to the public, and I do not have clearance to show them. I can describe them in vague terms, explain in-person what makes them technically interesting, and that is about it. I cannot describe their content in any detail. Apologies.
  • 10. Situational Awareness Game A military training game that teaches situational awareness, with emphasis on spotting and preventing IED attacks. Networked FPS vs RTS. Game is NOT available for release. Designer/Producer
  • 11. Leadership Game A military training game that teaches conversational techniques for better leadership. Game is NOT available for release. Producer
  • 12. Negotiation Game A military training game that teaches players to put themselves in the role of another in order to gain understanding and better negotiation skills. Game is available for in-person demonstration. Designer/Writer
  • 13. Creator
  • 14. Pluff A game about empathy, played with a stuffed animal. Pluff was my MFA thesis at USC, and was exhibited at E3.
  • 15. Pluff Pluff is being adapted as a therapy game for children with autism spectrum disorders.
  • 16. Designer/Producer
  • 17. Project Nubby A care and breeding game about raising adorable monsters and then racing them against other adorable monsters.
  • 18. Cogs A puzzle game about making fanciful machines out of sliding tiles. An adaptation of Lazy 8 Studios' award-winning game.
  • 19. Clusterpuck A fast-paced arcade game about matching colored blocks, using sweet power-ups, and getting the high score.