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Unit 13 Planning and Pitching a Print based Media Product Photo-shoot Plan

Project title:

The images that I have used are to show the readers how the scene of the coats reflects on the on the genre of the music which is going to be known as Indie rock. The coast images and tropical images are supposed to show how the music is shown as being tropical, calm, casual and dance. The images are made to put you in a calm mood.


Project Description:

The shoot shows the tropical happiness, it takes you back to happy memories and holidays. The band that I am featuring called the Coasts shows friendship due to the band mates looking casual and happy on holiday. All the male models are wearing casual clothes which show how relaxing and fun the music is. I have the male models looking like they are on a typical mates holiday to show how the music is focused on a good time on holiday. They are also smiling to show how the tropical coast is making them feel relaxed and happy. The main focus on the band is to take all the worries and the problems away that they may have and focus on having a good time.


Harrison Cole using I phone 5c

Here I have taken a photo with the Coast; this is a source of inspiration because it shows the colures for the magazine that I am going to produce behind where me and my friend James are. You see the Blue, green and white which will set the tone of the front cover of the magazine. Rock is classed as being very wild so when I went to the coast I made sure that we was high enough to feel the wild wind. As you can see in the photo my friend James has the hair to prove it.

This is an image of me on the coast to show and express how I want my front cover to look like. Have the colures of the coast in the back ground with the singer in front. As you can see the coast background makes my face stand out. This will make a huge impact; this is due to the fact that my magazine of inspiration makes their front cover make the singers stand out by making sure that the back ground is the correct colure.

This is a photo that I took of my step dad Tim on the public coast pathway. This has been taken to express the genre of the music magazine being wild and free. This links to the magazine of inspiration due to the rock being wild, having a good time and being happy. The magazine shows the singers not really caring about anything. This is why I have made my step dad do this in the image.


Reasons behind WHY these people are suitable Who do they look like? This is my step dad Tim, I have used him because he is an adult and only adults can feature within my magazine due to it being rock. Unlike pop where you find artistes such as Justin Bibber starting music at the age of 13. I have given Tim a guitar and sunglasses to show the genre of the magazine which is in this case rock. This can be identified as Tim is holding a rock guitar which is most common in the world of rock. Tim in the world of rock looks like sting who performed with pink floyed.

Model requirements:

Here is the stereo type of who Tim is trying to look like in the photo shoot, as you can see the sunglasses and the adult look is within the picture. They have to be around 6 foot to be able to be in the magazine as most serotypes look like this within the rock world.

Wardrobe and Look:

I have chosen these items because they represent the rock that they produce. I have been inspired to use these images as they have them on in the photo shoot that I have shown at the top of the document. These items make the coasts look casual and cool. This makes the readers think that they are very cool and be looked at more. The items are the classic items that you would find within the rock world.

Hair and Make up:

As you can see from this image of the haircut this is the type of hair that I need to have within my phot shoot. This is because the hair looks causal and cool which what rock is mainly all about. This requires before the photo shoot long hair with a certain type of hair wax, this will make the photo shoot look cool and casual. A hair brush will also be needed to make the hair fall back over each other in straight lines which is shown within the image.


This photo shoot will be taken behind a white back ground so it can merge with the front cover of the magazine. The magazine will have the mixture of blue, green and white. This will then make the phot shoot look bold in front of the coast back ground. When:

Saturday, 27th November