Photo Shoot Images – Constructing The Photo Shoot

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Transcript of Photo Shoot Images – Constructing The Photo Shoot

  • 1. Photo shoot images constructing the photo shoot In order to create a magazine I had to keep aware of the conventions of a magazine layout, from the images, colours, fonts etc Therefore, I had to consider the mise-en scene, camera angles, make-up etc of the images that I am to include in the magazine. Below, are the images showing proof that I took the pictures for the images in the magazine and make-up, hair. By Sarah Gaffey - 0854 Centre Number - 33751
  • 2. Again, in order to create the specific angle and message I want to convey, I have purposely moved around, to capture both different angles and positions to play around with.
  • 3. In order to convey the right messages of the magazine I am constructing and in order to portray the genre of the magazine through the images so the audience doesnt interpret the wrong signals, I had to make sure the costume and the make-up linked together. Here, is a contrast between her costume and her make-up as her jacket is a dark colour and make-up bright colours, portraying this pop star doesnt care about making a fashion statement.
  • 4. Here, you can see that I know exactly how I want the images to appear and look like. As you can see I am personally taking charge in directing the model where I want her positioned, giving her pointers and moving her how the image on camera would look better.
  • 5. Using the furniture around the room to achieve the best angles and positions of how specifically want to look like. Here, I am standing on the bed to get a high angle, showing her inferiority, as she is in the magazine, she is allowing the audience read about her and her personal life, almost, like an invitation.