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  • 1. Here are my photos from my first photo-shoot that I will choose from in order to put on my front cover and content page. During the process of completing the media products, I will be able to take some of the photos away and only select a few which I could potentially use. All of the photos show the model in a green t-shirt and chinos because this is fashionable in todays society meaning it can give readers ideas for clothing. Also, because the photos are taken in the sun, it makes them look summery which relates to the season in which the magazine will be distributed. The photos consist of the same, 10 year old, light brown haired boy making it professional because it shows a photo-shoot has been taken in order to produce the media product. In terms of mise-en-scene I placed the model in an outdoor area where the sun was shining because this makes the photos bright and eye-catching with the sun being bright, it also matches the season in which this season of the magazine will be distributed. The model also does not have any props making sure the whole focus for the reader is on the model.

2. These photos are all mid-shots and show the models upper body, meaning the model is the main focus in the photo. This is an approximation of how you would see a person "in the flesh" if you were having a conversation with the model, you wouldn't pay any attention to their lower body, so that part of the picture is unnecessary. All four photos are potential photos that could be the main image on the front cover of my media product. 3. These four photos were taken from a long shot perspective showing the whole of the models body allowing the reader to see the whole of the artists body and outfit. From research, I am able to see long-shots are not as popular on front covers therefore if I chose to use one of these photos, I will use it for the content page allowing the reader to see that this specific artist is included in this magazine issue. 4. These photos were taken using a close-up shot which fills a frame with the most important part of the scene, this case being the model. The shot includes only action of primary interest; the artist being portrayed for the cover of the magazine. These Close-up shots give the audience a detailed view of the model and can help to build audience interest in the magazine. They all show just the models face and in some of the photos the models shoulders which allow the reader to see the whole of the models face and that being the focus of the image. 5. I overall chose to use these two photos for the cover and the content page of the magazine. I chose these because I feel that both of the images show the model in a good position and can relate to a specific emotion that is portrayed by the model which could be reflected in the interview inside the magazine with the artist. The photos also show as little background as possible meaning the only focus for the images are on the model, allowing the reader to pay deep attention to the artist and only the model. 6. These images are taken using mid-shot angles allowing the reader to have a clear focus on the models showing only their upper body. The mid shot shows some part of the subject in more detail, whilst still showing enough for the reader to feel as if they were looking at the whole subject. This is an approximation of how you would see the models "in the flesh" if you were having a conversation with the artists . 7. All of these images from my photo shoot were taken using long-shots which allow the reader to see the background on the photo. These shots are good for establishing the relationship between the models. As they have equal prominence in the frame, the implication is that they will all provide equal input (girl group). In any case, this type of shot is a natural way to introduce the four people which is what the magazine double page spread is aiming to do, providing the reader with information about the artists. 8. I finally chose these 8 images for my magazine cover, TOC and DPS because I feel all the images show the models in a professional way because all the photos show each of them in a close bond which is what the magazine is trying to portray to the reader. The images of each of the models will be used in the DPS which allow the reader to be aware of the different members in the girl group that the interview is with. All the photos also show a clear photo of each of the models allowing the reader to see a clear photo attracting their attention.