Artist photo shoot

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  • 1. Artist photo for use in Digipak

2. A photo shoot was arranged with the artists.As a group we took pictures of the artist onthe day of our filming of the music video. These pictures could then be used as part ofour artists Digipak. 3. Explanation for the location of the pictureThe location for the picture isoutside Saint Andrews towerin the golf links estate in westLondon. One reason why Iused this location was tocreate continuity betweenthe music video and theartists Digipak. The musicvideo contains action set inthe golf links estate, by usingthe same location for thepicture (that I will put in theDigipak ) it creates continuitybetween the music video andalbum cover. 4. Explanation for the location of the pictureAnother reason why I used this locationwas to allow fans of the artist toidentify with him. From my researchand personal knowledge of hip hop Iknow that hip hop artists, such as myartist, often use inner city neglectedareas, such as the golf links estate, aslocations for their photo shoots. Theydo this because hip hop fans are oftenyoung people who come from innercity neglected areas, therefore byshowing that the artist has a personalconnection to the types of areas wherethe fans live it allows the fans toidentify with the artist. Thisidentification with the artist can thenbe used to sell the album to the fans. 5. Explanation for the costume used inthe pictureThe artist is wearing ahoodie in the picture. Useof hoodies as costume is agenre convention amongsthip hop music as most hiphop artist wear hoodies.This makes the artist seemand look familiar to otherhip hop artist and thereforethe audience will be morecomfortable and familiararound the artist and willbe more likely to buy hisproducts such as his album. 6. Explanation for the costume used inthe pictureThe use of a hoody alsocreates continuity betweenthe music video and thealbum Digipak. This isbecause the artist iswearing the same hoody inthe picture, that will beused in the Digipak, as hedid in the music video. Thiscreates further linksbetween the music videoand the album Digipak anddo create continuity. 7. Explanation for the type of camera shot used in the picture The camera shot I chose to use was a close up. I chose to use a close up to create a greater sense of intimacy between the audience and the artist. As the picture is a close up it allows the audience to see the artists facial expressions and mood clearly and this will make the audience able to emote with the artist and this will make them feel as if they have a closer relationship with the artist. This will make the fans feel as if they have a friendship with the artist and therefore make the fans loyal to the artist. This will therefore increase the likelihood that the fans will buy the artists album as the more loyal they are to him the more likely they are to buy his products, like his album.