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  • 1. Photo shoot Plan Lara Kester

2. These are some of the images from the photo shoot.I ended up choosing the second picture because I liked the unconventional way the model was not looking at the camera or to a certain side.If I had used the first picture the eye contact would be so the model is signifying to look to the right where the writing would be however I wanted to change this and show the picture to be more as a representation of the character of the new artist and the no eye contact in the picture making it seem quite different to other magazines.I also preferred the second picture because the placing of the model was a little better, she is standing higher up in the second photo and also the background is not as dark or see able as the first one.There is also slightly more space and I ended up mirroring the background across the double page spread to make it like there was a wall next to her I then cloned stamped some of the background onto the area where the shadow was to create more space to be able to write the article on. 3. The background of this picture was not thought out enough because it is of a window and its not very attractive to see in a magazine. These images would have been nice to use.However there is not really enough space to write the article and it would be harder to see the font when there is not much space or clear background. I considered including the two last pictures as smaller images either at the bottom of the page or on the side but decided against because I didnt want too many pictures on the article instead I chose just the one as the background.