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Unit G321 Foundation Portfolio in Media Photo-shoot PlanProject title:

The bold, clear and original font connotes the strength of how much it appeals and stands out in the magazine front cover. By this it will allow the masthead to be recognizable and iconic to the audience. The word KINGS identifies that the magazine is the best for the latest music news in the hip hop/ rap genre. At the top of the hierarchy reveals that this magazine is more superior to other competitors and that it rules the music magazine industry.

Project: Hip Hop/ Rap Magazine

Project Description:

The magazine issue will be based around the hip hop/ rap genre magazine, which I will be using to reflect on my music inspiration, which is XXL Magazine. Firstly on the front cover I will be taking a mid/ close shot to display to the reader what the model is wearing, as this will inspire social climbers who read the magazine. In the contents page I will use the same model but in a long shot to match the lengths of all the stories within the contents page. This will show more of what the model is wearing. For the DPS I will include a close up of the model with other pictures of other models with cover stories about them. Within the article I will place advertisement for clothing, food, drink and more to occupy the reader. These ideas have all been following my magazine of inspiration (XXL). The background colors will also remain the same to maintain the consistency throughout the whole magazine issue to keep its professionalism.


I will be the photographer of my own magazine I will take pictures of my model on my front cover and contents page looking straight at the camera as if they are addressing the audience. In the DPS the model will be looking away from the camera to show a different view of the model to the reader. For my front cover I will be using a low-key medium close up shot to show his upper body to reveal what the body language is being stated. In the contents page and DPS I will use a long shot of the model to identify their fashion brands for the social climbers. The shots will likely be low-key to reveal little of the article to therefore make the reader read on. The effect will also connote the dark and mysterious features of the magazine that reflects the hip hop/ rap genre. In the DPS I will likely have a high key shot to identify what the model is wearing. For the postproduction I will likely use a darker filter to surround the model and then use lighter tones to highlight in the background of the model.

Reference images and ideas:

The Front cover of Drake is effective due to his medium close shot with the artists name placed in front of his body to stand out and seem appealing to the audience. Although I would like my model to look to the camera so that it con notes that he is looking at the reader.

I would like to repeat the white wall in the background, which will run on to the next page. I might also use the full shot of the model to identify the fashion the model is wearing, which will attract more readers (social climbers).


I chose Shaune Hazlehurst because firstly his skin color meets the stereotypical appearance of the hip hop/ rap look as he is mixed race. His hairstyle complements his facial appearance and skin tone. Also his height will also assist me when I take a full shot which will allow him to look already tall which will intimidate the reader in the DPS. In terms of clothes I will dress in fashion that will meet the same criteria to what a urban/ skater would wear which is similar to stars like Drake would wear.

Model requirements:

Appearance-Height: Tall-Weight: Variable-Build: Strong, toned-Skin Color: Dark-Age: 16-30Here from the pictures the model I will be taking a picture of needs to look like a stereotypical rap/ hip hop artist in order to suit the magazine I am designing.

Wardrobe and Look:

-Tattoos -All black clothing-Branding: Supreme -Rings and chains-Dark and bright clothing-High end sneakers

Hair and Make up:

A lot of hip hop/ rappers tend to have new and fresh hairstyles usually involving an afro or short hair. Although I will not have make up for male models as this may display a weaker image of the model.

Where:I will conduct my photography at school, specifically the photography room, which will include good quality lighting, and a plain background, which will make my job easier to Photoshop. Here I will then use a urban and rough background to convey the genre of rap.

When:I will take photographs of my model during opening times of the school in a free period therefore I can spend multiple times in taking the perfect photograph. My model will use my own clothes to replicate the rap genre more as well as hip/hop.

Name: Maximilian StainerCandidate Number: 3138