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for GS Mains 2021 in 60 hours ONE YEAR CURRENT AFFAIRS +91 8468022022 [email protected] LIVE/ONLINE CLASSES ALSO AVAILABLE ` ` ` 3 5 6 M S AIN

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1. Mains 365 Brochures_2021 (Eng Med).cdrONE YEAR CURRENT AFFAIRS
Yojana, Economic Survey, Budget,
Specific targeted
content: oriented
towards Mains
students & who prefers flexibility
and mentoring
The Mains-365 program is a 20–day course that will help civil service aspirants
to be part of a unique, comprehensive coverage of current aairs for ONE YEAR
GS Mains from . This ambitious curriculum features daily plenary Vision IAS
sessions on specific topics on subjects important for Mains examination.
When you join as a student of Mains-365, you’ll be connected with a mentor
who will support you for the current aairs coverage for Mains. The other
support services include, but are not limited to:
Topic wise