Link Building Strategies (John Straw)

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Transcript of Link Building Strategies (John Straw)

  • 1. Identifying Potential Online PartnershipsJohn Straw CEO Linkdex

2. Decide the Partnership Type

  • Search partnership
    • Designed to get better placements on search engines
  • PR partnership
    • Designed for brand and product exposure
    • But also has clear search engine benefits
  • Commercial partnership
    • Turning partners web site visitors into your clients

3. Finding New Partners 1

  • Identify top search engine performers
  • Use theYahooSite Explorercommand to find out whos linking to themand then addSEOQuake

4. Finding New Partners -2

  • Use the free
  • Touchgraph
  • application to
  • identify sites that
  • are similar in content
  • to your own

5. Finding New Partners - 3

  • Use Google allintitle:
  • command to
  • identify sites
  • carrying specific
  • editorial
  • But there are other sitesthat are morehelpful

6. Screening Potential Partners

  • Pagerank indicates how well a site is regarded by Google
  • Alexa checks site popularity
  • Content density indicates what a search spider sees in the site
  • Age Google prefers older sites
  • Inbound links indicates how popular content is
  • Outbound links the less the better

7. Pagerank Screening

  • Pagerankis an indicator of how well Google regards a specific page
  • On an logarithmic scale of 1:10, 10 best
  • Pagerank indicator comes with the Googletoolbar

8. Popularity Screening

  • UseAlexato find relative popularity of sites

9. Online PR Finds its Own Partnerships 10. Keyword Density Analysis

  • What a search spider thinks this page is about
  • Clickherefor the tool

11. Dont forget to leverage your suppliers 12. Or

  • Linkdex