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Presentation from BlueglassX "Link Building Strategies That Actually Work" session from Tampa, Florida. Follow me on Twitter:

Transcript of Link Building Strategies: 2013 Edition

  • 1. Link Building Strategies: 2013 EditionRoss Hudgens, Founder, Siege Media @RossHudgens

2. PART ONE:NEW LINK BUILDING TOOLS@ROSSHUDGENS 3. @ROSSHUDGENS 4. E-Mail Guesser@ROSSHUDGENS 5. Scrape Similar @ROSSHUDGENS 6. TinEye @ROSSHUDGENS 7. 8. PART TWO:LINK BUILDING BY EXECUTINGSTRATEGY MORE EFFECTIVELY@ROSSHUDGENS 9. Generate More CommentsReduce Visual Distance Between Post-End & Comment Area 10. Generate More CommentsCreate Visual Annotation of # of Comments in Post Snippet 11. Generate More Comments Highlight the Author in Post Comments 12. Generate More CommentsNotify Posters by E-Mail of Replies to Their Comments 13. Generate More CommentsAlgorithmically Lift Popular Comments to the Top 14. Optimize Post-Conversion for Links Things to Optimize: Conversion Page Post-Conversion E-Mail Shipment Collateral 15. 20,000+ CitationsReceived Online! 16. Generate Influencer Awareness W/ Tweets on HomepageCreate Analytics Referrals with Homepage Feeds 17. Synchronized Influencer NurturingMass Overlap: Homepage Tweets + TweetMentions + Email + Link Roundups 18. Build A Bigger E-Mail ListUse Scrolling Ads to Funnel to E-Mail Signup 19. Build A Bigger E-Mail List Ask For E-Mail Signup in the CommentsAsk For E-Mail Signup in the Comments 20. Build A Bigger E-Mail ListCreate Multi-Step Registration Funnels W/ E-Mail Up Front 21. Build A Bigger E-Mail ListCreate New Interest Initiative Pages With Launchrock 22. Build A Bigger E-Mail List Follow/Subscribe CTAs Near Visual Stop Areas 23. Bring A/B Testing to Social Sharing @ROSSHUDGENS 24. Get More Attention Post Links Between Text 25. Get More AttentionUse Stats in Blog Posts.. Everywhere. It Works 100% of the Time 26. PART THREE:LINK BUILDING WITHAUTHOR RANK IN MIND@ROSSHUDGENS 27. Hire/Engage W/ Writers Authoritativeon a Subject on Google+ @ROSSHUDGENS 28. Use Company Accounts as NodesFor Personal Account Growth@ROSSHUDGENS 29. Build A Reusable, Authoritative Guest Author It doesnt matter if you have a footprint if you dont suck.@ROSSHUDGENS 30. PART FOUR:LINK BUILDING WITHMISCELLANEOUS STUFF@ROSSHUDGENS 31. Build Fake Products Targetedat Passionate Fictional Communities 32. Build Fake Products Targetedat Passionate Fictional Communities 33. Time With Movie Release For Extra Points! 34. Find The RoundUp Postslinks of the weeklinks of the daydaily recappost rounduplinks roundupblog roundupposts of the day of the week@ROSSHUDGENS 35. Create a Public, Sharable Wishlist 36. Submit Your Sweet Office for Links 37. Google Webmaster Tool Crawl Errors Fix the 404 Errors.. Build Links. 38. Do the Business Development Yourself. 39. Non-Competitive Link FinderUse competitive linkfinder analysis foradjacent but similarverticals, not justyour own. 40. Mine The New SERPsRevisit OldSearches..Today. @ROSSHUDGENS 41. Capitalize on FailureEvaluate link growth of 3rd to 5th page sites using Offer to buy when sitevalue has receded. @ROSSHUDGENS 42. Google The Employee Roster Search your employeesand/or the employees of your clients. Locate missing link opportunities. @ROSSHUDGENS 43. Local Links for National SitesEx. Directory SearchesEx. Blog/Forum/Comment SearchesLOCATION directoryLOCATION blog LOCATION forumLOCATION business directory Intitle:blog LOCATION LOCATION forumlist of LOCATION sitesInurl:blog LOCATIONLOCATION joinLOCATION websites Tags: LOCATION LOCATION groupLOCATION sitesFiled Under: LOCATIONLOCATION sitesLOCATION add commentLOCATION websitesfavorite links LOCATIONrecommended linksLOCATION 44. Find Love On Bing Do your normal keyword searches on Bing. They have unique (see: bad) results that you may find new opportunities on.@ROSSHUDGENS 45. Build Content With High Search Link IntentKEYWORD FACTS KEYWORD INFORMATION KEYWORD DATA@ROSSHUDGENS 46. Guest Post W/ Your Payroll.Who Do You Pay? Guest Post There. 47. Ross Hudgens, Founder, Siege Media SEO Blog: http://rosshudgens.comTwitter: @RossHudgens E-Mail: