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  1. 1. Useful SEO Link Building Strategy - Keyword Research
  2. 2. SEO is a common word for those who already know how the industry of internet works. But this is not just a simple work that is done by most marketers. This is a very huge industry wherein you have to know all its elements before you can even make a strategy of your own. You can think of this as a computer and its parts. Even though you know all its hardware, it doesnt mean you know how it works on the inside. Usually you wont know how the processor works and how it distributes it use to other parts. Just like SEO, you may know how SEO works or what SEO is but usually there are people who dont understand how it works. You can usually look for someone who has expertise on this field by looking at the internet. The most popular in Sydney is Dogulin Digital which offers impressive SEO service and has a great portfolio on what they do.
  3. 3. Anyway, there are also many forms of SEO wherein you can use as an advantage for your business, one of this is the link building. But what is Link Building? This is like an art in SEO wherein you do your own way to build links to your website. Its aims are to increase the number and quality of the link that is linked back to the website. Basically what you do here is to acquire links from other websites that can give a link back to you. There more quality links they gave to your site then the higher the chances of making your website to the top.
  5. 5. Keyword Research We all know how research can impact your success. Actually research is the very foundation you build for every strategy you will be using. You need to consider the page where you want to build links or where you want them to be linked back. How can you do that? You can only do that by researching the right keyword. You need to create a keyword for your page and use that as an anchor text for your link build. Keyword research is a fundamental part of your SEO success. What are keywords? This is the one that the researcher type on different search engines. You can notice that most articles have an anchor text within the body; this anchor text can be the keyword they used for that certain topic. That anchor text will contain the links that directs to the page where you want the researcher to be.
  6. 6. Keyword Research How can keyword affect your website? By experience, keywords can actually break or make your website. We all know how a visitor can go to your site; it is either by direct visit or by organic visit. What is a direct visit? Basically this is the people who already know your website; they dont need any search engines to get to your website. They just have to type your domain to their browser. What are organic visits? This are visits from people who used search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find your website and go there.
  7. 7. Keyword Research Another important thing while you need to research for keywords are about the customers or visitors you can have. By having the right keyword for your website also means having the right customer who you want to visit your website. Example, lets say that you manage to get a keyword that most people use and that it can be link in your website. The tendency is that they will visit your site, but there are disadvantage in that. They might not be happy with the result they found and might close the browser immediately or worst is that they might give a negative feedback. But managing to get a keyword where people can be happy about the links result is much better and might give you plus points to the search engines.
  8. 8. Keyword Research How can you determine the value of a certain keyword? Basically a keyword can be useful if it answers the following question: Would they find what they are looking for with that keyword? Will they be happy on what they find? Will the traffic given by this keyword be of any use or reward?
  9. 9. Keyword ResearchIf your answer is YES, then you can use that keyword because more likely it will give you benefits and will be useful in the near future. The most common problem by marketers is how to look or search for certain keywords.
  10. 10. Tool #1: Google Suggest Have you ever experience typing some keywords using Google? You can notice that Google suggest different topics even if you are not yet done typing. This is called Google Suggest which basically is an auto completion feature of Google in search while typing to give popular searches. Basically Google wont suggest a keyword that is not search by most people. So what is the point? The point is that by using Google Suggest, you can already have an idea on what most people are searching. Since Google only suggest the keyword that most people type in the search bar, then you know what keyword you can use.
  11. 11. Tool #2: Google Keyword Planner Are you familiar with keyword tool? This is a feature of google wherein you can view on how many searches are made by a certain keyword. But that feature has been replaced which is now called the Google Keyword Planner. This is an improved version of it, it actually a combined feature of Google Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator. What is the advantage of this? You can now view keyword volume on a hyper-local basis which is a good thing for businesses that do local SEO.
  12. 12. Tool #3: Wordtracker Wordtracker is also a good way to do keyword research. This is a web based service that can give you idea for additional keywords that might work for your business. Not only that it helps you with planning your keyword, it will also tell you how competitive the keyword is and how many people actually search for the keyword.