Link Building Strategies that Move the Needle

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Transcript of Link Building Strategies that Move the Needle

  1. 1. LINK BUILDING STRATEGIES THAT MOVE THE NEEDLE Presenter: Kaila Strong Senior Director of SEO Services @cliquekaila
  2. 2. @cliquekaila Sr. Director of SEO Services 5 years at Vertical Measures Career link builder Avid blogger ABOUT YOUR PRESENTER
  3. 3. @cliquekaila Much of what weve been doing DOESNT work anymore!
  4. 4. Guest blogging Comment links Forums Article marketing Press releases Social media profiles Automated links Link wheels Reciprocal links Exact match anchor text Black hat tactics Paid links Blogroll links Paid reviews SCALABILITY > QUALITY @cliquekaila
  5. 5. Build links youd want even if Google didnt exist! ~ Eric Ward If you have to argue about whether the link is good or bad the link is bad! ~ Eric Enge LISTEN TO THE TWO ERICS! @cliquekaila
  6. 6. Time or money? Content or leverageable assets? Great product? Engagement with customers? Link building that moves the needle isnt right for you. @cliquekaila DONT HAVE
  8. 8. Traffic Conversions Branding Its not just about rankings anymore. WHAT NEEDLE DO YOU WANT TO MOVE? @cliquekaila
  9. 9. 1.Brand mentions 2.Resource pages 3.Associations 4.Broken links MOVE THE NEEDLE & DONT PENALIZE @cliquekaila
  10. 10. @cliquekaila BRAND MENTIONS Tactic Brand Mention w/o Link DA 55 PR 6 Live in 3 Days @AndreWillis Marketing Arsenal: Traditional PR
  11. 11. @cliquekaila LISTS & RESOURCE PAGES Tactic Resource Pages Advanced search commands DA 72 PR 5 Blair Crawford
  12. 12. @cliquekaila ADVANCED SEARCH COMMANDS INURL:Links SITE:ORG ALLINTITLE:Resource Association Society OR Association Did you know social sites like Twitter allow advanced search commands? Marketing Arsenal: Social Media
  13. 13. @cliquekaila TEST IT OUT YOURSELF! Site:gov general industry phrase here Site:edu general industry phrase here Site:org general industry phrase here Find out why authoritative sites link out to sites like yours.
  14. 14. @cliquekaila TEST IT OUT YOURSELF!
  15. 15. @cliquekaila LINKS FOR CONVERSIONS Associations This site drives conversions & rankings! DA 59 PR 7 Zack Jones Marketing Arsenal: Direct Marketing Criminal Justice keywords
  16. 16. Tactic Links to 404 Pages & Link Checker 27 Broken Links DA 75 PR 7 Live in 1 Week @cliquekaila BROKEN LINKS
  17. 17. Use a link checker such as Check My Links on a page to see if there are broken links. BROKEN LINK CHECKER @cliquekaila
  18. 18. @cliquekaila LINKS FOR TRAFFIC Scholarships This site drives traffic! DA 83 PR 5 Andy Franco
  19. 19. Measure referral traffic Look at conversion data too Multiple date ranges Review quarterly Look for patterns MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE! @cliquekaila
  20. 20. TOOLS @cliquekaila
  21. 21. TOOLS @cliquekaila Regular ol Google search Link Clump Google Alerts Authority Labs Raven Tools HARO Link Prospector (Citation Labs) Netpeak Checker
  23. 23. QUESTIONS? Contact: 888.476.1881
  24. 24. NEXT WEBINAR 5 Crucial Content Steps in the Buyers Journey that Matter Learn about: Optimizing content for prospects at different stages of the sales funnel Identifying and filling content gaps Leveraging the potential of satisfied, repeat customers to earn links Real world case studies Tools and resources Register: 8May 11am PDT 2pm EDT Paul Gustafson President, TDA Group