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ISTC 201Laksamee Research & Instruction LibrarianSlides: Please login to your computer and go to this link!FirstLaksamee Putnamlputnam@towson.eduCook Library Reference:410.704.2462.IM/emailPhone: 410.704.3746.Twitter: @CookLibraryofTUAlbert S. Cook Facebook profile!Slides: A quick plugThe Big ReadFree copies of the book!Kick off event Tuesday, February 24th, 5-6:30 PM Potomac Lounge, University UnionBook DiscussionMarch 11th, 12:30-1:30 PM, Cook Library 507

AgendaReading DiscussionBackground reading/Internet searchingKeywordsEvaluating Resources

Wikipedia Woes and Google Gaffs

What are the pros and cons of so much information being online?

What do you do to be sure youre finding credible resources?How do you evaluate the information you find while researching?

Why is it important to support your argument with valid sources?

New York Times (2013) If a Story Is Viral, Truth May Be Taking a Beating

The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center (n.d.) Cancer Update Email Its a Hoax! Dickson, E. (2014) I accidentally started a Wikipedia hoax. The Daily Dot.

Web Pre-SearchingWhy start your search online?

Find background informationHelp solidify research topicFind new terminology to use as keywordsFind links and/or citations to other sources

Aka its a good starting point

You can read the wikipedia article just dont cite it

6Improve Google

internet and bullyAdvanced Google searching

Duck Duck Gobody image and girlsCook Librarys Guide to the Web

Keywords are critical!Sample topic:Which age is childhood obesity in the United States the highest?First, break the question down into concepts:Which age is childhood obesity in the United States the highest?More on keywordsExpand your list to include synonyms then add to it once you have done some background reading.

Which age is childhood obesity in the United States the highest?

childhoodobesityUnited Statesadolescentover weightUSAchild*obeseNorth AmericayoungBMI

Create keywords Write your topic on the worksheet

Pass the worksheet to a partner

Partners enter key concepts/synonyms

Return the worksheet to the original ownerSearch Tip #1Boolean search connectorsAND OR NOTinternet AND childrenCombining >1 topic

instruct OR teachCombining synonymous terms

Search Tip #2Use truncation!

Educat* findsEducateEducationEducatingEducator

EtcSearch Tip #3Phrase SearchingUse quotations to keep a keyword phrase intact (words will be searched in the specific order)

Examples:No Child Left Behindschool reform

Putting it all togetherWhich age is childhood obesity in the United States the highest?

childhoodchild*adolescentyoungobesityover weightBMIUnited StatesUSANorth Americachild* OR adolescent OR youngANDobesity OR overweight OR BMI ANDUnited States OR USA OR North AmericaGo back to your keywordsFill in the Search Strategy boxes

Insert AND, OR, NOTCan you truncate any of your words? Can you use phrase searching?

Evaluate what you findGo to one of the websites below and analyze it

Check for CRAPCurrencyReliabilityAuthorityPurpose/Point of ViewCheck for CRAPCurrencyHow recent is the information? Can you locate a date when the resource was written/created/updated? Based on your topic, is this current enough? Why might the date matter for your topic?

Guidelines for CRAP provided by the Jean and Alexander Heard Library for CRAPReliabilityWhat kind of information is included in the resource?Does the author provide citations & references for quotations & data Where am I accessing this information?

Guidelines for CRAP provided by the Jean and Alexander Heard Library for CRAPAuthorityCan you determine who the author/creator is? What are their credentials (education, affiliation, experience, etc.)? Who is the publisher or sponsor of the work/site? Is this publisher/sponsor reputable

Guidelines for CRAP provided by the Jean and Alexander Heard Library for CRAPPurpose/Point of ViewIs the content primarily opinion? Is the information balanced or biased? What is the purpose of the information? Is it to inform, teach, sell, entertain or persuade

Guidelines for CRAP provided by the Jean and Alexander Heard Library your WebsiteUse your search strategy in GoogleUse your search strategy in Cook Librarys Guide to the WebPick the most interesting result from bothEnter your results here: Enter your name, search string, and a link to the website

You need 3 scholarly web resources for your paper. Take this time to try to find at least one website you can use!

Thanks for listening!Next class:Watch 2 more video and prepare for discussionUse your keywords to find books/articles

Questions?Feel free to contact me:Laksamee Putnamlputnam@towson.edu410.704.3746.Twitter: @CookLibraryofTU

Or any reference librarian:Visit Cook Library Reference Desk410.704.2462.IM tucookchat