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Transcript of Instructional Content & Digital Rights Management 11/5/2015 Digital Rights Management 10 The...

  • Instructional Content & Digital

    Rights Management The Role of Digital Rights Management in


    Regina Hirn, Kentucky Accessible Materials Database

    Marlene Parish, Kentucky Accessible Materials Database

  • 11/5/2015 Digital Rights Management 2


    What does digital rights management involve?

    What are the roles and responsibilities of a Digital

    Rights Manager (DRM)?

    What are the federal eligibility regulations that impact

    the use of digital content?

    What does the future hold for digital instructional


  • What is Digital Content?

     Definition: Text, images, audio, and video that has

    been digitized; collection of reusable learning assets

     Purposes/Benefits

     Flexible (re-size; highlight; change font, color, style; read by

    screen/text reader; transform into alternate media)

     Reusable

     Dynamic

     Interactive

     Engaging

     Customizable

     Equitable access to the curriculum 11/5/2015 3 Digital Rights Management

  • Why is file format important?

     Assistive technology can “read” a limited

    number of file formats

     Text embedded in images is not accessible

     Some formats are proprietary (only work

    within one program)

    11/5/2015 4 Digital Rights Management

  • Readable text formats:

     Internet Explorer (.html)

     Word (.doc or .rtf)

     Adobe (.pdf)

     Text (.txt)

     Daisy 11/5/2015 5 Digital Rights Management

  • Other formats:

     Images - .jpeg .bmp .gif

     Audio/visual - .mp3 .mpeg

     Proprietary

    11/5/2015 6 Digital Rights Management

  • Digital Content vs. Accessible Digital Content

     Locked vs. Unlocked Files – study by the American Association of the Blind found that more than 50% of electronic book titles offered for digital sale were “locked” and therefore not available to common screen reader software

     Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998 – prevents the “circumvention of technological measures used by copyright owners to protect their works” and “tampering with copyright management information”; includes unauthorized access and unauthorized copying of copyrighted works

     Accessible Content - next generation digital content offering built in scaffolding (i.e. audio, maps, questioning, video, images, etc) that can be accessed by the student at any time and does not require the teacher to do extra work differentiating the material

    11/5/2015 7 Digital Rights Management

  • What does ‘accessible’ mean?

    Accessible Digital Curriculum

    11/5/2015 8 Digital Rights Management








    Section 508

    file:///D:/START.HTM ../My Documents/presentations/Local Settings/Local Settings/Temp/XPgrpwise/KY AIT Law.rtf

  • How Will This Help Students and

    Teachers?  Students with disabilities have increased access

    to the general curriculum

     Students can work more independently

     Less staff time needed to provide reading accommodations

     Supports student inclusion in general education settings

     Text-to-speech compliments traditional reading instruction

    11/5/2015 9 Digital Rights Management

  • What is Digital Rights Management?

    A system to protect digital assets and to control

    the distribution and usage of those digital assets.

    “DRM technology is to control access to, track

    and limit uses of digital works”

    - American Library Association 11/5/2015 10 Digital Rights Management

  • The Digital Rights Manager (DRM)

     Staff member designated annually by the

    school principal to request, receive, and

    track the usage of copyrighted accessible

    digital materials for students with print


    11/5/2015 11 Digital Rights Management

  • Who should be a DRM?

     Library Media Specialist,

     Special Ed Teacher,

     Regular Ed Teacher,

     School Technology Coordinator, or

     Principal

    11/5/2015 12 Digital Rights Management

  • Responsibilities of the DRM  Identify and request digital content from KAMD

     Receive and log requested content; maintain documentation regarding student eligibility

     Disseminate copyrighted digital content to teachers of qualifying student user on an “as needed” basis; unused files must be store in a secure location

     Maintain Digital Textbook Usage Tracking Form

     Ensure teacher and student copyright compliance

     Files are not being copied on computers

     Content is not being provided to students who are not qualified or being posted to the internet

    11/5/2015 13 Digital Rights Management

  • What are the issues?

     Copyright compliance

     Fair Use (using digital content for purposes such as research, teaching, criticism, review, or news

    reporting is not an infringement of copyright)

     Inventory Maintenance

     Access control

     IDEA 2004 and NIMAS

    11/5/2015 14 Digital Rights Management

  • Monitoring Copyright Compliance

     Electronic materials (CDs) only issued to

    authorized DRMs

     Each CD has a unique identifier embedded to

    track any unauthorized release or use

     Improper school use of KAMD material will

    result in termination of access to KAMD and

    possible penalties related to copyright


    11/5/2015 15 Digital Rights Management

  • Other copyright requirements in KY

     Copyrighted materials (i.e.,CDs) may not be reproduced or distributed to non-authorized users (i.e., students without disabilities)

     Only students with print disabilities covered under federal law may use copyrighted materials on CD from KAMD

     Use of CDs cannot replace purchase of textbooks

    11/5/2015 16 Digital Rights Management

  • IDEA 2004 and NIMAS

  • What is NIMAS?

     The National Instructional Materials Accessibility


     NIMAS outlines a set of consistent and valid XML-

    based source files created by K–12 curriculum

    publishers or other content producers.

     NIMAS is the standard that publishers now use when

    creating source files of digital content used for

    conversion into specialized formats, such as;

    Braille, Large Print, HTML, PDF, Audio/MP3

    11/5/2015 18 Digital Rights Management

  • What is the NIMAC?

    (Part D, Sec. 674)

    • Establish and support, through the APH, a center to be known as the 'National Instructional Materials Access Center' not later

    than 1 year after IDEA 2004 (OverDrive)

    • Receive and maintain a catalog of NIMAS print instructional


    • Provide access to print instructional materials in accessible

    media (source files)

    • Develop procedures to protect against copyright infringement.

    11/5/2015 19 Digital Rights Management

  • Why is the NIMAC important ?

     Supports copyright indemnification for publishers

     Helps to develop a national bank of source files

    More economical

    Reduces duplication of effort

    Improved quality of accessible student products

     Supports existing systems while improving timeliness

    11/5/2015 20 Digital Rights Management

  • The NIMAS Process


    SEAs &




    K-12 publishers

    submit file sets


    NIMAC does

    its magic!



    users prepare


    formats for

    children 5—





    Produced by NICHCY, 2007

  • The NIMAS Process


    SEAs &




    K-12 publishers

    submit file sets


    NIMAC does

    its magic!



    users prepare


    formats for


    Produced by NICHCY, 2007

  • 11/5/2015 23 Digital Rights Management

  • NIMAS Responsibilities

     SEA: textbook adoption process, Kentucky statute

    and regulations

     LEA: off-list adoption process, documentation of

    print disability

     Publisher: file upload to NIMAC

     CIIDL: file download and conversion to student-

    ready digital format; duplication and delivery to

    schools upon request

     KSB: assign conversion to AMP for braille and large

    print 11/5/2015 24 Digital Rights Management