Digital rights and copyright

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it is presentation about Global Digital Trends in our Society (on medibarcamp event)

Transcript of Digital rights and copyright

  • 1. opyright and digital rightsChallenges for information societyMichael

2. Copyright 3. LandscapeBooks, films, music, software, games, photos,pictures, clips, advertisementScience, medicineMedia is everywhere 4. Right of property Expresses property (possesion, arrangement,usage) 5. Licenses Authors, rightholders, users 6. History 1491 - Venice 1710 - England 1787 - United States 1828 - The Russian Empire 1886 - The Berne Convention 1989 - United States 1990 - China 1994 - TRIPS 7. Interests 50-100 years in Belarus - 50 years, in Europe - 70, in Russia -70, in USA - 100 Protection of huge investments 8. Copyright nature centralization 9. Analog and digital signals 10. Digit Mobile connection Internet 11. Digital features Copy Modify Use Distribute Participation in decision making Create Self expression Privacy and Anonymity Association - community, socnetwork 12. Digital Communication 13. Digital rights 14. ?! The universal human right (The Decalration) 15. In the rest world Iceland Estonia Finland Spain Greece Internet is as right 16. State communicates with citizens through Internet"state services" 17. State gathers and holds information about citizenswith Internet services providers (including hosting domain) or legislative evidence 18. State regulates the Internet, it means considerInternet as object of right Decrees, resolutions 19. State accepts cryptography defence tools as right i.e. electronic digital signature 20. Content: trends Content is everywhere Copyright effects on it Liquid forms (synthesis) Anonimity of content Multiple author Privatisation of Public Domain 21. CommonCopyright extends its effect on the universalhuman rights 22. Problem 1 Article 12 Invasion on privacy, confidentialityof correspondence. The right to privacy and anonymity. 23. Problem 2 Article 19 Freedom to receive and distributeinformation and ideas through any media andregardless of frontiers - to copy, to distribute 24. Problem 3 Article 26 The right to education, to copy, to modify, to use to research 25. Problem 4 Article 27.1 Participate in the cultural life... to participate in thescience-technicalprogress and get its benefits self expression, right to development, creation to copy, to modify 26. Problem 5 Article 27.2 Protection of the moral andmaterial interests of the author 27. Internet future as a tool (state institutions) - partly copyright as the environment (public) - no copyright the scope of the market (commercialinterests) - copyright 28. Contacts skype: fannrmus