Digital Rights And Digital Television

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Slide 1 Giant Steps Media Technology Strategies © 2007 1 Digital Rights and Digital TV Bill Rosenblatt GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies [email protected] (212) 956-1045
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Presentation at Digital TV: Beyond HD and HDTV conference, Columbia Institute for Tele-Information, Columbia Business School, November 2007, New York City.

Transcript of Digital Rights And Digital Television

  • 1. Slide 1 Digital Rights and Digital TV Bill Rosenblatt GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies [email protected] (212) 956-1045 2007 GiantSteps 1 Media Technology Strategies
  • 2. Slide 2 Purposes of DRM Curb misuse of content Enable new content business models Track content usage Lock consumers into technology platforms or content formats 2007 GiantSteps 2 Media Technology Strategies
  • 3. Slide 3 Perspectives on DRM DRM technologies keep honest people honest -- Fritz Attaway, MPAA Trying to make digital files uncopyable is like trying to make water not wet -- Bruce Schneier, BT Counterpane (noted cryptography expert) 2007 GiantSteps 3 Media Technology Strategies
  • 4. Slide 4 The DRM Conundrum Content owners require technical protection as condition of licensing try to fight the piracy battle on all fronts (law, technology, education) will not subsidize DRM Technology vendors want to sell new technologies that implement new content models see the Digital Home as the next huge opportunity see DRM as a necessary evil to get content licenses Consumers want to consume content in convenient ways may enjoy new business models (e.g. subscription services) generally dislike DRM 2007 GiantSteps 4 Media Technology Strategies
  • 5. Slide 5 Digital Rights Technologies Encryption Classic DRM Content Identification Watermarking Fingerprinting Rights Information Management B-to-B 2007 GiantSteps 5 Media Technology Strategies
  • 6. Slide 6 DRM Domains Head End to Gateway Device Personal Network 2007 6
  • 7. Slide 7 Head End to Gateway Device Successor technology to Conditional Access Encrypt the link Cable, satellite, IPTV Pass along rights information From offers in subscriber management system To gateway device, e.g. STB Minimize cost of incremental hardware in gateway device Encourage adoption by gateway device makers 2007 GiantSteps 7 Media Technology Strategies
  • 8. Slide 8 Gateway Device to Personal Network Allow reasonable use throughout personal networks Play on any monitor Store for playback later Transfer to portable device Content owners becoming comfortable with this Consumer electronics makers see next big market Consumers generally scratching their heads (so far) 2007 GiantSteps 8 Media Technology Strategies
  • 9. Slide 9 DRM Schemes for Personal Networks: The Axes of Power Goal: become the control center & gatekeeper Set-top box axis: NDS, Thomson, Humax, Pace Micro, Secure Video Processor (SVP) Alliance Media player axis: Sony, Philips, Samsung, Matsushita Marlin Mobile handset axis: Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Open Mobile Alliance DRM 2.0 Microsoft (axis unto itself): Windows Media DRM, Microsoft Media Transfer Protocol Apple Maybe, someday 2007 GiantSteps 9 Media Technology Strategies
  • 10. Slide 10 Interoperability Among existing DRMs Coral Consortium (standards group): everybody but service providers De facto standards See axes Escape to analog Domain of copyright law and Fair Use Hack Anticircumvention law 2007 GiantSteps 10 Media Technology Strategies
  • 11. Slide 11 Watermarking 2007 GiantSteps 11 Media Technology Strategies
  • 12. Slide 12 Video Fingerprinting Examining content in order to identify it Take its fingerprint Filter: block identified content from upload Or do something else serve a related ad, charge a fee, etc. Reasonably proven technology for music Less proven for video Bone of contention in Viacom v. Google litigation Attempt to extend Grokster and secondary liability law to include a duty to filter Focus of UCG Principles document CBS, DailyMotion, Disney, News Corp, NBCU, Veoh, Viacom, Microsoft Encompasses fingerprinting or watermarking 2007 GiantSteps 12 Media Technology Strategies
  • 13. Slide 13 Bill Rosenblatt [email protected] (212) 956-1045 2007 GiantSteps 13 Media Technology Strategies