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The IA in History

The IA in HistoryAlso known as the HI (just to make life confusing)

Some thoughts on Writing

So, what is this thing you call the IA?

The IA is one of the most important writing assignments in IB History25% of your history grade at SL20% of your history grade at HL

RequirementsCandidates will be required to: undertake a historical investigation provide a title for the historical investigation which, in order to give focus and direction, may be framed as a question produce a written account, of no more than 2200 words for HL and SL, which must consist of:An identification and evaluation of sourcesAn investigationA reflectionA bibliographyThe historical investigation will be internally assessed by the teacher and externally moderated by the IBO.

Written Account

A: Identification and evaluation of sourcesState your research question clearlyIdentify your appropriate and relevant sourcesClearly explain the relevance of the sources to your investigation

This section must alsoProvide a detailed analysis and evaluation of two sourcesExplicitly discuss the values & limitations of the two sources for the investigation, with reference to origins, purpose, and content

Things to discussHow did these two sources help you in your research. Your explanation should include:Origin who, or what, is responsible for the documentPurpose why was this document producedValue what makes this document useful for someone interested in your subject? How did this document help you?Limitation what about this document needs to be questioned? Why should someone use caution when looking at this document for evidence and analysis?Content What subject information, specifically, does this source contribute to your investigation?

This part should be 500 wordsThis part is worth 6 marksHint: The narrower the question, the easier that it will be to do well on the investigation

B. InvestigationMust be clear, coherent, and effectively organizedMust contain critical analysis focused clearly on the question being investigatedEvidence from a range of sources should be used to support the argumentEvaluation of different perspectivesMust contain a reasoned conclusion that draws from the analysis & is consistent with the evidence

This is the main portion of your internal assessmentThis section is 1,300 wordsThis section is worth 15 marks

C. ReflectionDiscusses what the investigation highlighted to the student about the methods used by the historianDemonstrates clear awareness of challenges facing historiansMay discuss limitations of the methods used by historiansConnects to the investigation

You might address things such asWhat constitutes a historical event?How can the reliability of sources be evaluated?What is the Is it possible to describe historical events in an unbiased way?What methods used by historians did you use in your investigation?What did your investigation highlight to you about the limitations of those methods?

You will be keeping a writing log with direct and open-ended prompts to help with this section.This section is 400 wordsIt is worth 4 marks

BibliographyYou must include a list of your sources.List of sources are all of the works that you have used in the investigation, even if you have not referenced them directly. These sources should be organized according to the Chicago Manual of Style. This part is not included in the word count

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