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Enhancing Car Owners User ExperienceConfidential & All Rights Are Reserved 2015 Koushal M (Rao)

Founder Cars I CareMob: +91 9739512323Email:

2nd PUC, Sindhi College,Bangalore, India

Introduction Current ChallengesCar owners DONOT own their Car info...

No details about the spent money at any given time

Dealer records are not accessible for personal use like,assessing car real valuenegotiating insurance premiumsdisposing the carones prized & precious asset!

No auto calendar information to advise Car owner about the renewals of insurance, pollution control certificate, road tax (for commercial) etc.,

No information about the drivers details, tagging to car


Current ChallengesCab service for IT/ITES/BFS employees is provided through outsourced vehicles

Four layers of service support from Client to FMS to Aggregator to Drivers complicate the surveillance at bottom layerimpacting drivers & their compliance/regulatory norms

Fleets in multiples of hundreds will always make the fleet management difficult with out technology

Traffic violation information do not reach transport admin immediately

Regulatory norms like insurances, road taxes, pollution control certificates, driver license, driver person info... Etc., is difficult to track at the time of emergency


Carsicare Web-appCar/Fleet OwnersCars iCare (CiC) is a web-based startup company to help car owners / fleet owners to,

create their own data (Car info, Driver info, Maintenance info, Regulatory info etc.,)

manage the car / personal data in cloud

track traffic violations & penalty tickets from time to time

give periodical reminders about their car traffic violations, life cycle maintenance, insurance renewals and pollution certificates etc.,

connect with car manufacturers / dealers / other car owners in the forum

CarsiCare (CiC) Value PropositionCreating Car Owners e-Valet diary with all regulatory & compliance info, on-Cloud, to track the data / car with minimum effortObtain traffic / other regulatory violation data, in real timeTrack Car running Kilometers, Manually / through web-apps (free for life)Automatically with GPS / GPRS device (paid model) and get reminders on exact maintenance datesEnsure healthiness of car at any given timeEnsure drivers compliance with regards to regulatory frame workBuild car data, to Negotiate a better deal with insurance companiesDo not miss the maintenance at the right time, which will improve the car life time by 8% - 14%Reach out to car service company through forums for quick supportGet the best resale value for car Get much needed re-call correction done on cars from manufacturers to improve safety / efficiencyCIC is built with a forum for users to share their experiences and connect with company service engineers and also an e-com portal for auto vendors to reach to the clients on the same platform.

CarsiCareBack Ground16 year old Bangaloreans Award winning social enterprise concept (Awards from Silicon India & Tata-Elixsir). Currently studying 2nd PUC at Sindhi College, Bangalore.

Designed as web-app on open source framework using php-bb with help from IIT-Kharagpur Alumni.

Designed for big-data and multiple log-ins to ensure stability of application. App hosted in Amazon Cloud

Highest level of safety & security as practiced in the Social Networking Industry

Currently equipped with more than 10 lac cars database from South India and is growing rapidly

Current Status

Beta version is ready and is test launched

Mobile ready Can be accessed on any mobile phone

Two member development team is based out of Bangalore at Banaswadi Office

Partnership discussions with Yatis Telematics for GPS based OBD-II (Vehicle On-Board Diagnosis port) devices, for paid versions.

Founder is in active discussions with Bangalore Police Dept (Commissioner & DCPs), to get necessary approvals for e-Valet Diary.

Product OfferingService OfferingProcessIndiv. OwnersCar FleetsProduct Offering Basic ServicesWeb-based Auto / ManualaaFree ServiceMobile AppsAutoaaFree Service Traffic & Regulatory ViolationsAutoaaFree Service (communication through emails)Car RecallsAutoaaFree Service (Information sharing) Second RegistrationsManualaaFree Service (From used car new owners)Forum SupportManualaaFree Service (To reach to manufacturer)Value Added Services24x7 Desk Manualaa* Paid SubscriptionSMSManualaa* Paid Subscription GPS/GPRS (OBD-II)**Autoaa* Paid Subscription + Device cost

* Paid Subscription is optional and can only be chosen if needed.** OBD-II device helps tracking driving behavior in addition to cab & car features tracking and also helps enhancing the fuel mileage for car owners

Screenshot Cars I Care Website

Screenshot Addition of car

Screenshot - Dashboard

Screenshot - Dashboard

Screenshot - Forums

Thank You!

Thanks & I look forward to hear from you!Koushal Rao Founder, Bangalore 560043Email Mob: +91 9739512323