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2. DATA Planning Process:Creates 3 YearReviews data, Vision for HE/ALcommunityassets, tidentifies gaps HEAL staff reviews community d t it data, risk and protectiveCommunityfactors, andmembers shareliteratureconditions for a ditifhealthycommunity 3. Given limited funds and personnel, how will wechoose the most important issues in ourcommunity on which to focus limited resources? 4. DATA PROCESS TODAYREVIEW COMMUNITY INPUT AND STATISTICS ASSESS WHERE DISPARITIESEXIST ASSESS CURRENT ASSETS AND GAPSWHAT COMMUNITY ENVIRONMENTCHANGES ARE NEEDED UPSTREAM FOCUS 5. BARHII UPSTREAM FRAMEWORK POLICY COMMUNITY INDIVIDUALHEALTHOPPORTUNITIESFACTORS FACTORS OUTCOMES Land Use WELL PAYING JOBSPhysical Overweight/ActivityA ti itObesity Ob it Food AFFORDABLE Policies HOUSING Diet High Cholesterol HousingAFFORDABLEStress High Blood Policies HEALTHY FOODSPressure EducationCOMMUNITYArthritis Policies GARDENSCancers Transpor Transpor-TRANSPORTATION Coronary Coronar Heart tationDiseasePHYSICAL ACTIVITYFOR ALL/YOUTHOsteoporosisCOMMUNITY COMING StrokeTOGETHER DiabetesWALKING / BIKINGROUTES 6. CONDENSED UPSTREAM FRAMEWORKCommunityIndividualHealth FactorsFactors OutcomesWALKINGOVERWEIGHT OVERWEIGHTPATHSDIETOR OBESITYCOMMUNITY PHYSICALHEARTGARDENSACTIVITY DISEASEFOODSTRESSDIABETESACCESS 7. Why is Jason Sick?INTENTIONAL HOUSINGINJURYISEXPENSIVE PARNETSUN PLAYINRUN CANTCANT MOTHERCUTONAFFORDJUNKDOWN OFTENINTENTIONALLEGYARDNEIGHBORNICERSICK HOODPLACEFATHERWORKSTWOJOBS PHYSICAL/ PHYSICAL/PHYSICAL/ INSTITUTIONAL SOCIALBEHAVIORLIVING ENVIORNMNETECONOMIC ECONOMICCONDITIONS POWERINEQUITIESENVIORNMNET ENVIORNMNET 8. WHY UPSTREAM? We now know that the community where we live, work, play and learn strongly influences our behavior how we live our lives and our behavior, health. 90% of our HEAL work has focused on educating individuals to change their behavior. Need interventions that will affect an entire community, not just individuals. As a community, in addition to encouraging individuals or groups to adopt healthy behaviors, we must move beyond to creating an environment th t makes it EASY for individuals to make the healthyi t thatk f i di id l tk th h lth choice. The community needs to move toward more innovative, broadly focused strategies for prevention. 9. TOBACCO SUCCESS Educational Strategies / Management of NicotineAddictionAddi ti Regulatory Efforts Advertising and Promotion Product Regulation Clean Indoor Air Regulation MinorsMinors Access to TobaccoIn the 1990s, it became increasingly apparent that a public healthsuccess in reducing tobacco use requires activity on all fronts. Acomprehensive approach---one th t optimizes synergy fh i hthat ti ifrom amix of strategies---has emerged as the guiding principle forfuture efforts to reduce tobacco use. 10. TOBACCO SUCCESS Community IndividualHealthFactors Factors OutcomesRegulatory EffortsffLung CancerAdvertising and IndividualOther RespiratoryPromotionEducationIssuesProduct Regulation ProductClean Indoor AirManagement ofRegulation Nicotine AddictionMinors Access toTobaccoT bEconomic ApproachesTaxes, supply, pricingSuccess in reducing tobacco use requires activity on all fronts. A comprehensiveapproach---one that optimizes synergy from a mix of strategies---has emerged asthe guiding principle for future efforts to reduce tobacco use. 11. CommunityIndividualHealth FactorsFactors Outcomes Healthy Food Not H lth F d N t30% Eat Fast Food 1 in 2 overweightAvailable50%48%Percent ofAdults48%46%44%42%40% 42%38%2001 2003 2005 2007 2009Year 12. CommunityIndividualHealth FactorsFactors OutcomesCommunity notC itt HALF of kids get f kidt Less th HALFLthan Safe little or no exercisephysically FIT MarinCounty5th,7thand9thGradeStudentsItsnot 52% Some or Meetingall6FitnessCriteriaalwayssafe No Exercise 60% 5thGrade 55%P e r c e n to f S tu d e n tstowalkt lk 50% 54% 46% 7thGrade 7th Grade 9thGradearoundthe45% 40% 44% 45% 42%community48% Daily 35% 35%EiExercise 30% 20052006 20062007 20072008 20082009 20092010 20102011 Years 13. STRATEGIC PLAN FOCUSED UPSTREAMUPSTREAMCommunity Poor Diet and High Factors No ExerciseCholesterolCreate policiesto improveWork with Educateaccess to largeEducateadults withhealthy foods,organizationsIndividuals to highcreate food in Marin tobuying clubs, eat healthycholesterolbuild healthyreduce costs ofand exercise to preventworkkhealthy foods environmentsheart attacks 14. What does the data tell us about community changes that can stimulate HEAL? Look at the Data to see what story the data is telling usabout our Make sense of the data from your experience in Think about how we can improve where we live, work,play and learn, so our community is designed to learnsupport healthy lives. 15. HEAL STAFFReview DATADATA Reflects Needs/AssetsHundreds ofRisk and ProtectiveHEALPieces ofFactorsInformationLiteratureVISION onAVAILABLE Health of Local Community VoiceCommunityCitHEAL Planning GroupReview Assetsand Gaps