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  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Pre-Roll 100 million internet users watch an online video every day 94% of pre-roll adverts are skipped The Opportunity Captchas Over 300m brand engagement opportunities every day 1 in 4 people fail
  • 3. The Solution Game changing advertising Guarantee your audience engages with your brand Click here for live demoClick here for live demo PlayCaptcha PlayUnlock
  • 4. PlayCaptcha Highlights Over 2,000,000 engagements Average success rate of 96%
  • 5. What does this mean for your brand?
  • 6. Methodology N=500 Exposed Demographics & Attitudes Brand Equity Metrics N=500 Non-Exposed Demographics & Attitudes Brand Equity Metrics N=1,000
  • 7. Building Brand Favourability Brand & Product 90% Don't Know 4% Alternative product 3% Other 3% 90% brand and product recall* Brand Perception 75% thought that the brand was trying to be helpful* *Source: Vizeum Independent Research, 2013 | **Source: OnDevice Independent Research, 2014 91%Agreed that PlayCaptcha is more engaging than banner ads** Consideration 82% likely to purchase
  • 8. ` So much easier than the normal ones which drive me mad with frustration as they are difficult to read Makes life easier, makes me happier Fun and interactive I like that they're making something mundane but necessary a bit less irritating! Ian McCarthy, Marketing Head at Heinz, explained: "We aim to deliver a fun and engaging experience for our consumers, while also increasing brand sentiment (Marketing Magazine, 9 October 2013) Source: Vizeum Independent Research, 2013
  • 9. Target Engagement
  • 10. Target by age, social demographic and gender Target by publisher channel Target by location Target by device across mobile, desktop and tablet Target by time of day
  • 11. Stephen Molloy, SVP Juliette Gilligan, Account Manager More Information
  • 12. Over 50 publications across 12