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JIA means Home ( 家), we hope to provide a "homy" to everyone!

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  • 1. Brand Introduction

2. JIA means home in ChineseChinese character for Home (pronouncing as jia) is a roof on the top and a pig,lovable animal in Chinese culture, inside, symbolizing food and wealth inside thehouse.This is where JIA starts from- we are from Chinese culture and from the passion forhome. 3. Across the boundariesStarting from Chinese culture, JIA invites designers with various culturalbackgrounds to create a new direction in the modern home ware market. 4. Across the boundariesBe true to unique design ideas,JIA challenges itself to overcome manufacturing obstacles and developproducts that explores the borderlines, stereotypes, prejudices andencourages meaningful difference. 5. AcrossCultural boundariesWhile based on Chinese Culture,JIA welcomes different points of viewsand creates objects that fit into bothEastern and Western lifestyles. 6. Across theboundaries ofTradition &ModernityThrough modern designtypologies and creativethinking, JIA re-interpretstraditional Chinesematerials andcraftsmanship. 7. AcrossLiving SpacesJIA believes that homeobjects should not bedefined by living spaces,but should satisfydifferent usages andoccasions. 8. Designersaround the worldJIA welcomes discussion and debate sparked by different points of views.Design talents with various cultural backgrounds, from Sweden, Scotland,Germany, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Beijing are invited. 9. Awards winning design 10. International Fairs participatingMAISON&OBJET Paris, Ambiente Frankfurt , Food & Hotel Asia(FHA)Singapore & Hotelex Shanghai, Cultural & Creative Industry ExpoHangzhou, etc.. 11. MAISON & OBJET ParisSelected into Trend Lab consecutively since 1st participation, 2008. 12. Ambiente FrankfurtSelected into Trend Lab & DESIGN PLUS consecutively since 1st participation, 2011 13. Marketing events 14. Marketing events 15. Worldwide Point of SaleParis, Milan, Madrid, Berlin, Zurich, Stockholm, Lisboa, Los Angeles, Sydney,Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong ,and Taiwan.Find JIA products at Printemps, Le Bon Marche, Merci, Sentou, NK,Lane Crawford and other renowned stores. 16. Point of Sale around the worldLe Bon Marche, the department store owned by the French conglomerate LVMH.JIA products featured in store catalogs 17. Point of Sale around the worldLane Crawford, Hong Kongs leading specialty store, offering the largestassortment of designer brands in Asia. 18. Point of Sale around the world Virtual stores:www.found4you.de www.madeindesign.fr www.fitzsu.com 19. Point of Sale around the worldIn-flight shopping & Home delivery program.DragonairEVA air 20. Praised by the professionalsJIA products are used in: (to name a few)Michelin-starred RestaurantsSketch, Gaya & BalzacPierre GagnaireSpoonAlain DucasseLAuberge de lIllMarc HaeberlinLe Petit NiceG rald Pass datMaison Troigros Pierre Gagnaire.Copyright: JACQUES GAVARDMichel Troisgros 21. Praised by the professionalsJIA products are used in:Shangri-la Hotel, ParisMandarin Oriental, Paris & Hong KongThe Langham Xintiandi, ShanghaiThe Swatch Art Peace Hotel, ShanghaiAndaz, ShanghaiLe Meridien, Taipei&Wisma Mulia, JakartaSun Resorts, MauritiusWhistling Rock Country Club, KoreaSkycity Casino, Australiaand More! 22. Crossover projects Merci X Paola NavoneInvited by MERCI, a limited edition of JIAs Emptiness plates withpatterns designed by Paola Navone was launched during SaloneInternzionale del Mobile Milano. 23. Crossover projects MerciXPaola Navone 24. Crossover projectsNational Palace Museum X JIA Inc.With modern design approaches, JIA Inc. attempts to across theboundaries between royal artifact and daily objects and offers analternative translation on classics from emperors house to itemsaccessible in modern days. 25. Crossover projects Wallpaper* X JIA Inc.Crossovers with Wallpaper* Handmade picnic set 26. International media coverageConstantly draw attention 27. Across the boundariesA meaningful difference. 28. Thank you!www.jia-inc.com