How to publish ZBrush 3D models online with Sketchfab

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This presentation shows you how to publish, share and embed ZBrush 3D models online using Sketchfab. You can get Sketchfab for Zbrush here:

Transcript of How to publish ZBrush 3D models online with Sketchfab

  • for August 2014 I [email protected] I I @sketchfab How to publish ZBrush models anywhere online with Sketchfab
  • intro August 2014 I [email protected] I I @sketchfab The Sketchfab for ZBrush exporter lets you publish 3D files directly from ZBrush to Sketchfab, in just a few clicks, and then share them and embed them anywhere online.
  • Step 1: signup to Sketchfab August 2014 I [email protected] I I @sketchfab Go to and create a free account. Youll receive an API key in your confirmation email, you can also find it in your settings under password. Download on the next slide >
  • Step 2: download and install August 2014 I [email protected] I I @sketchfab Open explorer on PC or finder on Mac, in ZBrushs installation folder. Enter the ZStartup folder, then the ZPlugs folder Download the Sketchfab for ZBrush exporter Open the appropriate zip archive and copy the Sketchfabdata folder and Sketchfab.zsc file into the ZPlugs folder. Run ZBrush, you will have a new SketchfabUploader sub-palette in the ZPlugin menu. Download Sketchfab for ZBrush
  • Step 3: link your account August 2014 I [email protected] I I @sketchfab If you havent done so already, create a free account on, and get your API key from your confirmation email, or from your dashboard, under password. Open the Sketchfab for ZBrush plugin, and enter your API key.
  • Step 4: prepare maps August 2014 I [email protected] I I @sketchfab Next, build your UVs and bake the textures. Painting, normal, and AO maps are all enabled by default, but you can turn them on or off at the bottom of this section. Between build UVs and Bake, you may want to Restore Visibility, so you can see your whole model again. These steps may take some time, depending on complexity of the textures and the number of subtools in your scene.
  • Step 5: decimate August 2014 I [email protected] I I @sketchfab Next, run Preprocess followed by the Decimate function. This can also take quite a while for big models. The default level of decimation is 25%, which you can change with the slider.
  • Step 6: upload options August 2014 I [email protected] I I @sketchfab Enter a model title (required), description, tags, and mark it as private if necessary (PRO accounts only). You can also set a maximum texture size here. This is especially useful for models with lots of big textures we like to avoid browsers crashing due to VRAM limits :P Finally, click Upload!
  • Result August 2014 I [email protected] I I @sketchfab
  • Share and embed August 2014 I [email protected] I I @sketchfab You can very easily share and embed your Sketchfab models. To embed a model, just grab the embed code below the viewer, and paste in on your web page. You can embed Sketchfab models on, Behance, Linkedin, deviantArt, Reddit and more! Check out our list of embed partners. Download Sketchfab for ZBrush
  • The place to be for 3D files August 2014 I [email protected] I I @sketchfab