Horror movie poster research

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Horror Movie Poster Research

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Page 1: Horror movie poster research

Horror Movie Poster Research

Page 2: Horror movie poster research

Wrong Turn 3 : Left For Dead

The picture of the horror poster is set in the woods, this is a typical horror setting, the sunset timing of the poster makes it easily visible but shows he film lasts through the night.The picture shows two characters, a woman on the floor and the antagonist, it shows her fleeing for her life whilst he is about to gruesomely kill her with an axe.

The text shows the name of the movie which is wrong turn it is in white text with unrated and the series number in red to give an effect of it being gory. There’s also more text which says “what you don’t see will kill you” with kill highlighted in red.The poster also has typical credits at the bottom of it.

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Texas Chainsaw 3D

The poster has a picture of the main antagonist of the film which is leather face, he is the face of the film so people will identify that he will scare them in this film. He is also carrying a weapon which is a chainsaw which corresponds with the name of “Texas chainsaw”. Furthermore there is a black background which gives a dark setting to the film from just looking at the poster.

The text for the film is in big red font, it is easily read and attracts the audience as it is more visible with the black background.Underneath there are typical film credits on there and under that there is the release date.At the top it has a saying which says “in 1974 one movie changed the face of horror, in 2013 a dark new chapter begins” this tells the audience it is a sequel to a famous horror movie.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street

The picture on the poster is the main antagonist of the film which is the famous horror movie character of Freddie Krueger. He appears to be very deformed and sinister which instantly tells the audience that the film is horror. The poster is relatively dark which is typical for horror movies.

The text is in red on a dark background which is easier to read, the words “nightmare” and “elm street” on the cover are larger which emphasises that there will be a nightmare on that street in the film. Furthermore there is a saying above the text which reads “welcome to your new nightmare” this is sinister. Furthermore, there is typical credits at the bottom aswell as a release date.