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Movie TitlesBy Ciara Ferreira

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3) The Exorcist’s titles are consistent throughput which

helps with the continuity. The red text is effective as red

connotes blood, death and danger and due to its genre,

horror, it is topical.

The text is in capitals and the font makes the letters look long. Similar to blood

dripping. The red text contrasts well with the black background, it makes the text stand out and draws the audiences attention in to

the words. The titles cut in between the clips of


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013) The Conjuring uses editing to create their title

sequence. It incorporates real life images which the film is based on. The text is subtle.

The small text next to the image (on the left) is effective as it means the audience is more

drawn to the image. The use of real life imagery, builds tension for the audience as they can see that what they are watching is

based on a true story.

In the screenshot (on the right), the title looks like it is written on the newspaper. It doesn’t look out of place, and has a very subtle

look. The title sequence is very monochrome. The darkness expresses the horror genre and makes the audience aware of the

‘dark’ events that will occur in the film.

The actual title of the film is used within a image is a scene that is later in

the film. The use of subtle text, foreshadows the slow progression of

the possession on the character.

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The title sequence for Halloween, is very simplistic, yet very effective. It starts off with a singular pumpkin on the left of the screen. The orange of the text reflects the title and mirrors the colour of a pumpkin.

The camera zooms slowly

into the pumpkin.

The orange text, almost glows, again mirroring a pumpkin on Halloween. The text is capitalised.

Normally orange connotes happiness, however in this sequence, the orange is sinister,

foreshadowing future gruesome events. The black of the background is dark, making the audience

focus on the pumpkin.

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0) Scary movie is parody of a combination of horror movies. So for the title sequence for the film, they have used text that isn’t understandable, as they’ve used a combination of text, number and symbols. This creates an atmosphere of suspense as the audience don’t know who is in the film and are confused by the lettering.

They use dark backgrounds which are typical settings in horror movies as they are mocking horror movies and their conventions. By using rhe dark eerie backgrounds it foreshadows the horror that will come in the film. They use a comniation of different images editing together one after each other.